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Embed Google Docs Viewer Plugin

The Google Drive Embed Plugin allows you to embed Documents from Google Drive into your Joomla! Content Articles.
The Content Plugin is accompanied by an Editor-Extension Plugin, which let's you browse your documents and inserts the correct embed Tag into any Article.

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Reviews: 1
I would like to say that this is a great extension and does exactly what it advertises. Unfortunately, it doesn't work at all. It's not clear if the lack of functionality is due to software bugs or changes in the way Google handles its documents. The developer may or may not know, but s/he appears to have abandoned the project. Just look at the support forums on the deveoper's site, and you'll see dozens of unanswered questions. Don't waste your time. I wish I hadn't.
Owner's reply

The extension has been Updated and works!
You can get support at the JoomlaCode project page.

Reviews: 6
This plugin works great, but I work with joomla 1.5, so this version is incompatible.

Where can I get the version for 1.5?

Owner's reply

You can use this version for Joomla! 1.5:
It has the same functionality as the version for J! 1.6/1.7.

Reviews: 4
if you follow the instructions.

I do not want the documents I create to be public in Google Docs. My work around was to generate the link to the document, publish it in the article in Joomla and then reset the access to 'whoever has the link' in google Docs.

Nice job.
Reviews: 3
Well I guess the thanks also has to go to the Google Docs service but I wouldn't have realised how simple it was to embed without this plug in.

You have saved me hours thank you.
Reviews: 1
It was hard to understand how to make it work because it lacks instructions. You have to download and activate the google_docs_editor plugin and the google_docs_content plugin. When you create a presentation through google docs, the embed option spits out a copy code link like:

All you need out of this code is to copy the code after embed?id= which in my case above is:dgtmxt44_116c5qp9fhd

Go to the article you are going to imbed the code; click on the GoogleDocs icon(next to the "image" icon or "readmore" icon)

Paste the code into the space labeled
Document ID: dgtmxt44_116c5qp9fhd

Hit insert google tag
Then save.... should look like this below: "paste url"

good luck
Reviews: 3
First I have little problem to undestand the plugin syntax but if you pay attention on the settings you'll discover a nice plugin for your joomla site. You could display easily documents , presentation and spreadsheet from your google docs account.

There are two plugins to download from the download link and be sure to install those two. One is the plugin an other is a button to easily add your docs to your articles. Nice Job.