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KA Facebook Fanbox Pro Module

KA Facebook Fanbox Pro will take details of people from your Facebook and display them on your Joomla web site.

When the user clicks the like button on your site, a story appears in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website. People who visit their Facebook page will see they liked your website. Some of them will want to come over and check your site out. This means they will be sending traffic to your site from their Facebook page. As a result you get more visitors to your site.

These visitors from Facebook will come to your site because someone they know likes your site. This kind of recommendation is valuable. These visitors often spend more time on your site because they trust the opinion of their FB friends and contacts.

KA FB Fanbox Pro is a great way to stream your posts onto your website from FB. Letting visitors to your site know what’s going on. This saves you time because you don’t have to update your Joomla site. This module will do it automatically for you.

I’ve made this module as flexible as possible. So you can decide what you want to show and what you want to hide. How and where on your site you want to show it. Check out some samples on the demo page to see some example of how it looks.

Link your Joomla site to FB today with FB Fanbox Pro. Buy it today and start enjoying more social interaction with your site visitors.

Some Features and Benefits

-Display as many fans as you like. You choose how many fans you want to display in your fan box.
-Configure width and height. Lets you decide how big or small you want FB Fanbox Pro to be on your website page. Letting you make better use of the space on your site.
-Customisable link You can add a link at the bottom of the FB Fanbox to send user to another relevant interesting location of your choice
-You control the connection to FB. This gives you the option to Enable/Disable connection as you choose. Useful for developers.
-Supports all major browsersMaking it more attractive to visitors who use different browsers.
-Language supportIt can display all the major world languages, including right to left text.
-Choose your own font styleThis will let you match the font to the rest of your website giving you a consistent look to your website.
-Customise boarder and background colourMaking your fan box blend in more attractively with the rest of you webpage.
-No advertising and no links to the developer’s site. You decide if you want to put a link to the developer’s site at the bottom of the module, or to some other site.

Click the images bellow to view enlarge screen shots or try out the demo by clicking the demo button above.

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Reviews: 3
After many tests is decided to buy this commercial module , it has many features, and you can style easy.
Reviews: 6
I used this module for a client and it worked good right away.

One day, it stopped working. I posted to the support forum and fairly quickly, I got a response. The problem was that they client had switched between her personal fb page and the fan page - so thus, it stopped working as this module doesn't work on a personal fb page.

The client switched back and presto - all good.

I didn't use any of the css settings - it was fine with the client so I just left it. It took longer to find the module than it did to set it up.

jenn ;)
Reviews: 1
Really great extension but the best is their attention for their customers! reaaly nice.! thanks for your help!
Reviews: 11
Sorry to say but this module ain't working at all as expected. The main reason why I purchased this module was because of the custom styling options. But whatever setting I do. It's not working at all. I can't disable the facebook stream. Facebook fans don't show at all (that is what I want to show). And custom styling doesn't do anything. So.. that's just another 10 euros down the drain.
Owner's reply

Seems this user does not know how to configure a simple Joomla module. You can see various variations possible and working at following demo:

Reviews: 3
The concept of the module is brilliant and it really needs to be fixed before anyone else spends their money on it.

The Facebook Fanbox Pro module has an error in it when dealing with the FaceBook API (modes 3 and 4 of the module). The error will take an entire site offline. The support for this modlue is non-existent. Nothing. Nada. Occasionally they'll check in on their forums, ask another question, then disappear for several weeks - at least that is true when dealing with this one issue (which is a huge issue).

Bottom Line:
Would you install a program that could take your entire site offline? Then don't install this! Hopefully the author can report back here when the bugs have been fixed.
Owner's reply

We provided free support to this user for several weeks and had a look in the issue. We told the user the issue is not being caused by Module but most like it is because of the way server is configured. We tried to replicate the issue on our server but we did not have any problem.

Testing and replicating the issue on test servers takes time and that's why there was delay in replies. Long story short we in the end issued a full refund.

Module works perfectly as shown in demo and you can contact us if you would like to see it working on other live websites too.

Reviews: 8
The component and done well and allows for many functions. The problem is practically non-existent support. I bought 50 dollars of modules and components for tried and tested. When the new update came out they told me that I could not download it to upgrade and I had to buy back the new form. I had problems with the form Fanbox Pro, I have left messages in the forum, in the form for help but no reply .....
Owner's reply

Sorry that you had problems, we go through every single post on out forum and make sure to reply and provide support for any issues. All support provided in forum is free of charge, see for yourself:

Reviews: 2
This is the best Fanbox out there for configuration options. You can change the colors of everything to match your website, adjust the height and width, borders, and options to display # of Fans, Feed, Like button and more!

Love it. The only difficult thing for me was to find the Facebook page ID since I have a vanity Facebook page. If you right click on your profile picture and select properties, you can view your page ID.

Works good in Joomla 1.6 with no conflicts discover on my site.
Reviews: 6
Very good extension which has plenty of customisation.

It's commercial, so I feel some slightly better installation instructions are in order, especially for novice Joomla users. Redirecting them to reams of generic Joomla instructions (not all of which work) is just confusing.

New users: FTP the contents of the zip file to a subfolder (of your making) in tmp.

Then login to site backend as admin. Go to Extensions - Install/Uninstall - Install from Directory (adding the subfolder you created to the end of the string).

Reviews: 3
This is a great extension. Had it up and running in minutes and it just looks good. What else I can say, its worth paying for the Pro version.
Reviews: 2
Really great and usefull tool! Do exactly what was described. Didn't meet any bugs or mismatches in functionality. Really appreciate such a great job, thank you guys!
Reviews: 1
This module is perfect for what I was looking for. I had a question about the module, and within a few hours I had a response that had the module working perfectly. It is also super customizable, which was a must for what I wanted to use the module for. A top notch product plus top notch support make this a bargain.
Reviews: 4
The module does what he promise and does it good.
I like this module very much and I believe that everyone who has a site and want to connect it to Facebook must use it.

I had some problems with the installation and Ahmed help me with kindness and patience.

I also believe that a commercial product MUST have a good tutorial and manual for us to understand.
I have this module and I really don't know much about it because of that.
The manual on the site is simple, too much...

I must say again, Ahmed did help me and the module works, but I depend on him.

Another tip for Ahmed, I believe that a module that could have also the "share to a friend" option on the site and the Fanbox on one product could be great!

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
I installed the module and 10 minutes later it was up and running on my website. Interface with your currently existing FB page is peanuts (links via page-id).

Documentation of the module can improve, but the support is excellent!
Reviews: 1
I like this module a lot, all the colors can be changed, finally the facebook colors are gone from my site. On top I need to mention, that I had troubles setting the module up - I used a wrong API key - Ahmed found out in no time and now it works perfectly. Thanks to Ahmed.
Reviews: 1
this is a very nice module, a loooot of customization options, good documentation, really worth to pay to have all the options this module offers... i tried other facebook modules but they gave me error on my site and didn't have all the options this one does... this one is just straight forward to install and is working on my site perfectly...! i'd love to see more work and updates from this developer in the future!! :)
Reviews: 19
I had to enter a review for this plugin after struggling for several days trying to find the right extension that would allow readers to share this website with their Facebook friends. This worked right out of the box, and now I can go back and tweak it to work exactly the way I need it.

I added this to a client's website who didn't have a clue what I meant when I asked himm to get me an API key for his Facebook page. Then I asked him to set up a Page for his business. That didn't seem to work either. So finally I tried to log in as him on his Facebook page, and discovered that the version of Facebook he was using (in Spain/UK) didn't have that option. (I am in US.) He had set up a Group, and there was no way to even add another Administrator.

But this plugin was simple, worked exactly the way I needed it to. Thanks! Well worth the nominal fee for the extension. And highly recommended.

Pat Vanden Bosche
Reviews: 1
Best FB fanbox module! Easy to install, so many ways to customize it for your needs. Great support. After sending my request i get an answer hour later and few days later i got updated version module with extra features like picture size, padding, font size etc. Recommend this to all who want's to customize FB fanbox from admin to your needs. Excellent!