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Facebook Slide Likebox Module

Editor's Note
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Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are the power of virtual world. Take advantage of this and combine them with your website.

Using Facebook Likebox Slider you can gain new fans, show off your popularity without the need of rebuilding the whole site. You place the bookmarks anywhere and they do not block users only bring benefits.

Features included

- Facebook and Twitter display
- Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0 Compatible
- All browser working
- Easy to install and Configure
- Handle each function dynamic from Admin screen.

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Reviews: 3
Very simple to configure and work well.
I like this extension
Reviews: 1
Thank you for creating this module. It is easy to configure and works great!

However I found some minor bug, already email you regarding the bug. Hope you can fix it.
Reviews: 6
first, that was one of the easiest set ups ever! install, click on choices, and voila!

I was done in 10 minutes. looks awesome. gives access to the Facebook and Twitter feeds in the way I wanted: on the side and at the choice of the viewer.

thanks guys!
Reviews: 18
This extension is wonderful I really, Recommend it!
Reviews: 2
Just installed this extension on one of our website and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to install and configure. We have used many many different modules for displaying FB and this is by far the best. Plus the documentation was spot-on! Thank you for a great extension!
Reviews: 3
Works nicely. Versatile option for streaming the Facebook wall. Allows changes easily in the CSS and the developer keeps it updated as needed.

Nice work!
Reviews: 1
Fabulous software; fabulous support. Makes the competition look bad! One of the best Joomla extension developers today.
Reviews: 3
Very easy to use! and also allows you to turn off jQuery to avoid conflicts with other modules. Awesome guys! Thank you so much!
Reviews: 3
This is my first review of a component, i think this one really deserves a review. So easy to use and set up, interface looks fantastic and the support is brilliant.

If you are looking to add Facebook to your Joomla site, this module is perfect.
Reviews: 2
At last a module that works perfect. Very easy to install and has fancy design.
Reviews: 2
Fast, easy to configure as described. The best Facebook module for Joomla!
Reviews: 3
en excellent module
unfortunaly it doesnt display fans' list well
Owner's reply


From some days it is a new version, which has been fixed. You need only change the size of the likebox and everything works properly. Therefore, I am disappointed with such a low rating.

But thx anyway.

Reviews: 3
Easy to install and configure. Also support was very fast to respond. Great job!
Reviews: 8
Simply amazing. Simple to install and configure. An excellent work of the developers! Congratulations!
Reviews: 3
i like the interactive funtions of the module. for those commenting on the language deal, you can change to your locale if it's not set on install. there's a option in the back end to do that. on buying it, when it takes you to paypal, in the address field right you will see /pl/ just change pl to us and voila u have english. buyer beware pro version not working for me at all currently. download came in htm format i had to change to zip and it wouldn't install in joomla.
Reviews: 1
Simply go to helper.php located in the module's folder. Find this string: &locale=da_DK&logobar=true& and change da_DK to en_Gb and after that save. Done !
Reviews: 1
This is the best I've seen and I really want to buy this extension but the paypal is in Polish. I don't understand Polish. Please tell me how can I buy this extension in Paypal English. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Great Module, thank's. The only problem is, the face are not visible.
Reviews: 6
Great Facebook Like Extension. The only problem is the language since I'm using the free version. Would be great even the free version could offer English language in default since most of the extensions and Joomla itself language is in English.

Cameo, would you mind to share how you tweaked? :-)
Reviews: 2
Nice module, but you have to pay 10€ (not 5 as he reports here) for a language != polnish and you have to choose between joomla 1.5 or 1.6! Doesn't work on any browser i.e. no slide with firefox under lion
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