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ITPFacebookLikeBox Module

Simple and easy to use module that adds Facebook Like Box on your website. It uses a native Facebook code. Fast and easy for configuration.

* responsive
* show or hide the faces of people in the box;
* select renderer - iframe, xfbml, HTML5;
* select color scheme - light or dark;
* set width and height;
* show and hide border;
* display or not the header of the plugin;
* list the wall stream and last postings;
* select language;
* turn on/off auto language detecting;

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Reviews: 6
Thank you Todor Iliev for bringing to us such a nice extension!
Reviews: 2
One more time, another great contibution for all the joomla community around the world
Reviews: 2
This plugin has everything to connect your web-site with a facebook page.
You need nothing more.
Reviews: 1
I love, love this plugin but might need to replace it because there is not way to track when a comment or like is made. We post hundreds of articles a month and it would be great to have some sort of feed or notification that tells you when someone makes a comment or tweets about the page.

Reviews: 5
It couldn't be easier to use and it work perfectly. I just needed a simple Facebook like box on my site's homepage and this provided it perfectly.
Reviews: 8
Easy to setup, easy to customize. Does its job as promised!
Reviews: 6
I love this module, especially because it does a good job and it's free.

The only annoyance for me is that it displays the words 'Facebook Social Plugin' at the bottom of the module with a link. I don't like linkbacks to anything as I feel it detracts from a site's branding.

Is this a Facebook enforced thing?
Reviews: 1
Great job! Perfect for me that I don't have much experience with Jomla.
It is easy to install and configure and works 100%.
I have much appreciate your work! Thank you very much.
Reviews: 6
used this on a joomla 1.5.23 site. worked great. perfect. had the whole thing downloaded, installed, configured, perfected in 5 minutes with the client on the phone clicking refresh with me the whole short time. everyone is happy. THANK YOU FOR THIS AND THE OTHER PLUGINS TOO!

i'm an intermediate-advanced joomla user - this could easily be used by a beginner.

i used it on an online news site. won't be the last site to use it on though. and stoked there's a 1.6 version of it as well. one less module to look for.
Reviews: 3
Install it and have it up in less than a minute! Joomla 1.6.3.

Thank you once more
Reviews: 15
This modules looks nice and works fine however it gives like 10 W3C errors and this is a big issue, please look in to it for future versions.
Owner's reply

manuxx2, thank you for the review, but that's not true.
It might a problem in your template code. You can send me a link to your site and I will help you to find a decision.
Contact me from my website.

Thank you! :-)

Reviews: 1
Quite nice extension. It fits like a glove on my new web site. Easy to setup, easy to use.
I'd recommend it to anyone especially to users with less joomla experience.
Reviews: 8
Works as promised, simple and quick to install. Plus a few nice extra config options in the backend.

A must have for anyone who wants their Facebook feed on their Joomla website!
Reviews: 15
It is easy to install and configure and works 100%. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Perfect for me. Congratulations, simple, easier and work perfectly.
Reviews: 1
Very easy to integrate, had it running in no time at all but would be nice to have the option to state how many stream posts and people's faces to display.
other than that, it is fantastic :) great job!
Reviews: 5
One of the best in this category.
Good work. Nice, discreet and effective.
Very easy to configure.
Thank you for this module !
Reviews: 13
Excellent module and the best is the ease of installation and selection of language, is just what I was looking for hope in the future have something to communicate our website at jommla with facebook and twitter
Reviews: 1
No hoops to jump through, just download configure and it's up!

5 minute install! Great extension!
Reviews: 15
Really like it!

Good looking, easy to install: thanks!
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