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Facebook Event Module

Facebook Event: Facebook event module will grab your facebook events and diplay it in your website. You just need to put the facebook profile id or fanpage id, facebook app and key that's it


1. All browser compatible(IE7+,FF,Chrome etc)
2. Graph API usage
3. Fast Loading and Sleek
4. Option to set the height
5. option to change the background color and hover color

Version 1.1

6. Added multilingual support
7. Show/Hide past event
8. Change Date/Time Format
9. Show upcoming event first (by default it will show the order which gets from facebook api)

Version 1.2

10. Show/Hide Event description.

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Reviews: 2
The module does exactly as advertised and works great! Had a slight issue with the module when it was first installed, it was showing a blank page once clicked on in the back end of Joomla 3. Submitted a ticket and Atul was right on it. Thank You for the excellent and fast support response! Keep up the fabulous work.
Reviews: 3
I was looking for simple a way to display events from facebook to our website. Perfect!
Reviews: 4
A true professional. Module works great and Atul had always been there to help me get it to work the way I'd want to! top notch guy!
Reviews: 3
Bought this event module a few days ago. Didn´t have any problems with installation and configuring facebook cause there is also a pdf-guideline insode for the facebook settings.

The only issue I discovered was if you have enabled the picture of the event then the link didn´t open in new window.

So I wrote to the support and got a very qick answer from sundeep. He fixed this in less an hour. :-)

The next I did was to write suggestions for the next versions of this fast and excellent module. Sundeep implemented the most of them in the last two days at my website.

This wasn´t my first component or module I bought but it was the first time I got quick, friendly and professionell support. Keep on the good work :-)

Thank´s a lot
Karl Stöckl
(Austria - Europe)
Reviews: 1
I can not stress enough the superb level of support I received while installing this module. Prakash not only answered my questions quickly but also went in and fixed them for me.
Reviews: 1
I will admit, I had to play a little with it to get it exactly like I wanted it. However, within 20 minutes, I had it up and going! We have a community FB page so I was not sure how to do this. I eventually figured it out and it worked flawlessly. I actually had to gather the FQL query number from the "See your ad here" for our community page. Once I did that, it was easy peasy doing the rest.

Thanks for a great app!
Reviews: 1
The product was exactly what our church website needed. Although the procedures to getting it working were beyond my knowledge. Support worked quickly to get it up and running. AWESOME!!!!
Reviews: 1
Neat little Module! Worth every Penny! And when i ran into some Problems i got all the help i could wish for and i got it FAST! Do not think about bying this modul, just buy it. ;-)
Reviews: 1
This works great! Because of my own fault (I didn't read the manual very well) my events dissapeared after an hour. I send an email to support and after one hour my problem was solved!

Thanx a lot!
Reviews: 2
I had a bit of a problem installing the module with a band page instead of a person.
I did sent a mail and had a response in no time. After helping me out with the settings they even helped me with an other problem.

Great module with even better support.
Reviews: 1
It was not easy for me to get the module running due to the lack of knowledge I have about facebook. Thanks to the support the problem has been solved within 2 days.

The documentation I received contained 1 error. In the Facebook App the Time zone has to be Enabled.

The module is great. It saves me extra work and the chance of inconsistencies between the websites events and Facebook Events
Reviews: 1
"You just need to put the facebook profile id or fanpage id that's it"

Far from true.
Followed the lacking instructions but still unable to get working.
Owner's reply

We already documented that how to create the facebook app if still you face difficulty then we are here for support. You already contacted us and we are ready to provide the support but we think you believe in writing the bad reviews rather taking the support.

Reviews: 6
Im coding Joomla sites for five years and have many experiences with paid extensions and support. I would like to say that Webkul provided me with the best support ever. They were really kind and patient and gave a lot of effort to solve the issue immediately, even if it was a really tricky issue.
Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 1
I love this module... super easy to use and configure. Developer was very receptive to my questions and implemented a feature suggestion literally within hours. 5 stars!!!
Reviews: 4
It has a nice design, it can be customized with colours etc and it is the only extention that allows you to display a simple list of upcoming events from your facebook page.

I just don't give it 5 stars because the documentation is kinda lacking and because of that it took me some time to figure out how it worked.
Reviews: 1
The module is working very well! I like it a lot. Very good support from the developer, even customized it for me, great job!
Reviews: 2
Great extension, great developers, plus great fast custom work. Looking forward to working with them more!
Reviews: 7
While it works, it posts upcoming and past events, which is not customizable. In order to have this feature, you are directed to " put the paid customization request..." per their forums.
Owner's reply

We hope that you have check the existing feature and backend parameter screenshot in existing feature list. We have not mention that you can customize the upcoming and past events then why your are expecting it from the developer to do that in free support?. While we are making our module more customizable and try to updating the feature in next build but it will take time. so if you are in hurry and want to put that feature immediate then obviously you have to pay the customization cost which is done for you only. Its very disappointing for developer to putting the bad review rather discuss in our forum. Please put the review if you feel any issue with the existing functionality, not for your own feature. for other things you can discuss in our forum

Reviews: 1
Works great and brilliant support from the developer!
Reviews: 3
Placed phishing links on my website and apparently allowed access to hackers.

I could kick myself for not running on a test server first. Lesson learned.

Avoid like the plague.
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