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Facebook Like Box Enter Logic Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
Facebook Like Box is enables you to display your facebook box in your page. The pmodule is very flexible and it doesn't requires facebook api key. This makes the module extra simple.
You simply install the plugin to your joomla site and insert the full url of your facebook page and api (optional) and you're ready!

Facebook Like Box enables you to:
Set the width of the facebook like box
Set the height of the facebook like box
Set the display language of your facebook like box
Change the color of border facebook like box
Show/hide stream
Show/hide faces
Show/hide header
Choose between light or dark color scheme.

Supported Display Languages for Facebook Like Box:
en_GB - English (UK) -
en_PI - English (Pirate)
en_UD - English (Upside Down)
en_US - English (US)
af_ZA - Afrikaans
sq_AL - Albanian
ar_AR - Arabic
az_AZ - Azerbaijani
be_BY - Belarusian
bg_BG - Bulgarian
bn_IN - Bengali
bs_BA - Bosnian
ca_ES - Catalan
cs_CZ - Czech
cy_GB - Welsh
da_DK - Danish
de_DE - German
el_GR - Greek
eo_EO - Esperanto
es_ES - Spanish (Spain)
es_LA - Spanish
et_EE - Estonian
eu_ES - Basque
fa_IR - Persian
fb_LT - Leet Speak
fo_FO - Faroese
fi_FI - Finnish
tl_PH - Filipino
fr_CA - French (Canada)
fr_FR - French (France)
fy_NL - Frisian -
ga_IE - Irish
gl_ES - Galician
he_IL - Hebrew
hi_IN - Hindi
hr_HR - Croatian
hu_HU - Hungarian
hy_AM - Armenian
id_ID - Indonesian
is_IS - Icelandic
it_IT - Italian
ja_JP - Japanese
ka_GE - Georgian
km_KH - Khmer
ko_KR - Korean
ku_TR - Kurdish
la_VA - Latin
lt_LT - Lithuanian
lv_LV - Latvian
mk_MK - Macedonian
ml_IN - Malayalam
ms_MY - Malay
nb_NO - Norwegian (bokmal)
ne_NP - Nepali
nl_NL - Dutch
nn_NO - Norwegian (nynorsk)
pa_IN - Punjabi
pl_PL - Polish
ps_AF - Pashto
pt_BR - Portuguese (Brazil)
pt_PT - Portuguese (Portugal)
ro_RO - Romanian
ru_RU - Russian
sk_SK - Slovak
sl_SI - Slovenian
sr_RS - Serbian
sv_SE - Swedish
sw_KE - Swahili
ta_IN - Tamil
te_IN - Telugu
th_TH - Thai
tr_TR - Turkish
uk_UA - Ukrainian
vi_VN - Vietnamese
zh_CN - Simplified Chinese (China)
zh_HK - Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)
zh_TW - Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

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Reviews: 2
Very easy to install and configure it.In 3 minutes i had the facebook fan box at my site.

No facebook api needed.
Reviews: 1
Hi all!
*I happily want to add my comments for this plugin as this is one of the most simplest modules i have ever seen.
*Installing time is perfect and with in five minutes, i was able to add my facebook box to my page.
*Simple instructions makes it more easier for the users.
* I would like to recommend it to other users also
Reviews: 1
One of the easiest plugins I've ever used.
Easy to install, use, and configure.
Works perfectly for me.
A sure hit if it goes mainstream, which is not too hard to imagine.
Definitely recommendable.

The most convenient thing is that it doesn't even require facebook api.

Reviews: 1
This a very good and easy to use plugin.
Just what I was looking for.
Light and effective.
Nice job!
Reviews: 2
Easy to use and install.
It doesn't require facebook api. However, it would be good to have an option to choose if you want to enable the facebook api or not.
Reviews: 1
maybe the easiest Facebook plugin i've ever used. I simply installed it and placed the url of my facebook page and it worked. It would be good though to have more than 2 color styles.
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