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QE Facebook Wall Feed Module

QE Facebook Wall Feed is a Joomla! module which supports both of Joomla! 2.5 and 1.5 version. It will grab your facebook wall post automatically from profile/fan page or application into your joomla site.

It supports get wall feed for user wall, page wall, application wall, with most information presented clearly. It supports these post type: status update post, link post, photo post, video post and there are many options in back-end help you choose what you want to show or not.

Version 2.5.2: + Add supports for Facebook user's groups

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Reviews: 4
Excellent documentation on what you need to do on the Facebook side to get up and running. Took me about 15 minutes to have it working perfectly. Thanks for a great extension.
Reviews: 5
Documentation is a bit limited, but this extension works well to display our Facebook page wall on our website, thus allowing us to have more activity on the seb site, as it is very easy to post new articles to the Facebook page. Did not encounter any problems.
Reviews: 12
This is one of the Best Facebook Page Display Modules that I have come across, and believe me I've tried a few. It allows you to show all posts on your personal page and they can comment to the page from the Joomla Module (once logged into Facebook).

It could be better if it was able to do one more thing and thats to show all the comments that have been replied to the Posts that are displayed on the Page - At present it just shows the post has lets say 3 comments.

Find a way to do this and I would say it would be 6 stars.

I believe someone has asked the developer whether this could be achieved, but there are no updates in the forum to say whether this has/or even can be achieved. I can't post the forum link in this submission, but you can find it in the forum as "Can Comment responses also be shown in the Post"
Reviews: 3
I tried a few Facebook wall extensions. They were difficult to configure because of a lack of documentation. This package contains extensive documentation, many options, and best of all it worked the first time! So give it a try to share your FB activity on Joomla.
Reviews: 4
I've been looking for this functionality in a free extension for a long time. Well executed. Works exactly how it says and has incredibly well thought out "settings". Thank you guys so much! I'm using 2.5 with a rockettheme also and it's flawless.
Reviews: 3
Just wanted to say this one worked perfectly and looks great on my site (using J2.5 and a Rockettheme template).
Definitely worth giving it a go before trying the couple of other commercial options.
Reviews: 2
I was very excited to find a Facebook Wall Feed free extension but was very disappointed when I found out that this is useless. All the admin buttons (whole Joomla Administration page) disappears and will leave you with this extensions module options only.