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Perfect Facebook Like Box Sidebar Popular Module

Display on your site Facebook Like Box in beautiful box or sidebar which slides in from page edge or as static module. You can change background color to any that suites your website design. Like Box can be activated with mouse move or click. The advantage of this module is a way that it presents to User. It takes little space of your site and can be viewed at any time because toggle-tab does not scroll with page and always stays in one place. You can also easily change all default settings of Facebook Like Box social plugin.

- Slide in box
- Slide in sidebar
- Static
- Tab with Url

- select opening and closing event: click, mouse over, mouse out
- select position: left or right edge
- select graphic for vertical toggle tab: Facebook logo or F icon (white or black)
- set custom background color
- show rounded or squared corners and shadow
- supports RTL - automatically changes position of Like Box
- automatically sets language adequate to Joomla! site language
- unlimited number of Like Boxes on one page
- pre-text above Like Box
- open Like Box with menu item, image or link
- Google Analytics social tracking
- diagnostic mode to find JavaScript conflicts

- Joomla! 1.5, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x
- MooTools 1.11+, 1.2.4+, 1.3.2, 1.4.5

English, Polish

The minimum width allowed by Facebook since June 2013 is 292px.

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Reviews: 5
Installed without problems. Works without problems. Does the work in an elegant, effective and perfect way.
Who wants more?
Thank you for this excellent module!
Reviews: 19
Great module for displaying Facebook content. Excellent customer support. I am very pleased with the module & will use it on other sites.
Reviews: 1
this module worth a lot, and its very useful over all its totally free. thank you very much.
Reviews: 2
Such a cool module. It looks so neat, was easy to install and works just great. Thankyou so much.
Reviews: 2
Thanks for this great and free plugin and also the fast support!
Cool options and easy configuration make this plugin so awesome!

Reviews: 3
It was very easy to install , but after i tested it in all broswers and my templates on many sites i have build i found some conflicts .
For ex. in one of my template when i activate stream in the module , the menu is over the module and seems very ugly for my user experience.
Owner's reply

You could just send a support ticket to get quickly a simple solution. Your menu is positioned on higher layer (z-index) than Like Box. Also it is described on documentation page how to easily change z-index in one CSS file at the beginning. I did not move Like Box on higher layer because it would cover Joomla Calendar if present or even Lightbox.

Reviews: 1
Awesome extension. Easily to configure. And it's for free. Keep on!!
Reviews: 5
Exactly what I searched for. Simple to configure and apply. It looks great and has couple of useful variations.
Highly recommended!
Reviews: 10
This extension is simply awesome, I love the idea of having a full-height sidebar that slides-in on hover, it's amazing!
Reviews: 11
i would like to thank the developers for taking their time to think first. this xtension should b on comercial. guys thanks and keep up the good work ************ i give you my 12 stars. I thing though IE7 is not compatible and its not only on this extension. this one is the best of all guys
Reviews: 7
6 STARS! This extension does just what it should. It's very customizable - colors, position, content, activation, and a bunch of other stuff. And it's FREE! (But it's well worth a DONATION to help the developer continue making great extensions!)
Reviews: 1
OMG i so love it! It took me maybe 2min to have it installed and set up to be all displayd and full functioning! then after this it take me maybe another 2min to customize it and play around with it a little! Thank you so much! oooohhhh forget to mention this on top of all of is also FREE!!!!
Reviews: 3
Great placement, appearance, and features :D easy configuration was a plus !!
Reviews: 1
Great extension. Recommend! and the support is super quick and reliable.
Thank you for this!
Reviews: 4
I really loved this extension and one of the best FREE FB Like Slider Extension on
Reviews: 12
This is such a simple add-on, but it really looks good on the website. I like the way it dosen't take up any space on the main site, but then slides in nicely (from either side)when wanted. Well done... a great extension that I shall use regularly in future.
Reviews: 2
I was using another similar module on my site and it had many issues and I got no responses at all from the developer. So I started looking for a replacement and I stumbled upon this one and I am so glad I did. It was easy to instal and configure and afterwards I requested a change and got an immediate response on how to. I would definitely recommend this to all Joomla users...
Reviews: 1
I have used this extension on my small non profit association page. Works just fine and I experienced no problems doing the install proces. There are many constumization options. Only con is that nothing shows in the sidebar when the user is logged out of facebook. I would prefer a "log to facebook" or something similar.
Owner's reply

Like Box shows empty when on Facebook Page Permissions Settings are set age or country restrictions. Change it to allow access for Anyone (13+) and leave blank country restrictions. This options can not be changed in module. Facebook does not give such possibility.

Reviews: 4
Thanks a lot. The perfect module for variety of websites...
Reviews: 3
I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get this module to work! I'm using a responsive theme from Rocket Theme and it was very easy to integrate this extension. It looks and operates with the same beauty and ease on a mobile device as well.

Congratulations on a very functional and easy-to-implement module! Thank you!
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