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BizKniz Facebook Feed Display Module

The BizKniz Facebook Feed Display is a module built specifically for Joomla. It allows you to easily configure and display your Facebook Status updates on your website. The modules will work for any version of Joomla from 1.5, 1.6 – 2.5 and 3.xx.
Features include custom options, color picker to match the look and feel of your website. And many more…

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Reviews: 1
It does what it says on the tin, it is easy to set up and there are helpfiles on setting it up if you need them. The only issue I had was if you have Adblock Plus enabled in firefox, it blocks the module from being diplayed. I have tried others and they have been ok with ABP. If this was resolved ith would get top marks
Reviews: 28
Great module for integrating Facebook posts into your Joomla site. Exacly what I was looking for, and on top of that it is free!!

I would however advise the developer to remove the advertisement link to a 3pp medical site that show up at the bottom of this module.
Reviews: 6
great free extension for your Facebook account. Easily customizable for colors, position and more.
Documentation was very good. Everything seems to be there. Nice work keep it up.
Reviews: 4
A neat way for displaying Facebook feeds on my Judo team website. I had some installation problems, but the support team were quick to respond (Thanks guys!).
Best of all, its free. Can't really complain much there!
Reviews: 3
I found this to be very simple and nice way to get Facebook feeds on my website.
Instructions was very clear, and I was able to get it working in minutes.
thank you for the plugin!
Reviews: 1
After setting up the facebook app side of things, and after viewing the video tutorial, it was fairly straight forward. I did encounter a problem with the feed showing up even though the like box was already showing.

After 24 hours, the feed showed and I then wanted to customise the background-colour of the box. Changing the module suffix also changed the colour of the feed (it must be transparent)- which looked terrible. After looking at the code, the admin options of Background-colour should work, but it does not seem to want to.

I have left 2 messages for the developers to assist, but as yet i have no response in a week.

If you want a white facebook feed, then I guess this is good enough. If you want to change the background colours, then I would use another extension as I am about to do..
Reviews: 16
No doubt it is easy and works perfectly with white background. Bad with black.. it does not work. And the background customization seams buggy. No way to contact them. We know it is free.. but we would have paid for assistance. By the way we cannot be completely sure it is not our fault.. but without the opportunity to contact them it is difficult to say.
Reviews: 1
This module was very easy to install and configure. It does exactly what is claims to do with great configuration controls. I am Very pleased with this Module. This Module not only works great, but the tech support is awesome. Thanks to the developers for a nice Facebook Feed module.
Reviews: 13
I have used several facebook display modules but none so easy as this. Install, configure and done.. Just a couple of minutes
Reviews: 4
No hassle updating your facebook status! You dont need to log-in in your account to update your status.. it's very quick and easy.. thanks to this module, you should try it too..
Reviews: 7
Nice extension. I installed it in few minutes. Instructions are very clear. It works for me.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for the development of extension. Easy to install and I like the interface very much. I spent 5 minutes to install, and instructions are simple to understand. :)
Reviews: 1
Newbie user from from sunny Singapore!!! I downloaded this extension for my company website. I did have some trouble changing the font colors, but the support team quickly helped me. Recommended!
Owner's reply

Thank you, I remember you! Glad to know the extension is working out great for you.

Reviews: 2
Just installed it. Yeah ok, works as advertised. Easy setup and clear documentation. No complaints from me. Recommended!
Owner's reply

Thank you!