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DC Facebook Like Popup Plugin

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Getting Facebook Fans on your homepage is a natural extension to the success of your website. A proven way to increase Facebook fans is having a popup with your Facebook page when users visit your website.

This plugin is a very simple plugin which will quickly boost your Facebook fans. These are some of the great features of the Facebook Popup

1. Popups up with an overlay such that it becomes very prominent to encourage your visitions to become fans

2. Customizable "Follow us on Facebook" title

3. Can show it to guests only, logged in users, or ALL

4. Configurable date to sets cookie so that users won't have to see this all the time, but only once every few days e.g. every two weeks.

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Reviews: 4
I went looking for a plugin like this after seeing many sites using a popup like box for Facebook. As a Web developer, I look for extensions that work and are easy to set up. This plugin is both. Just enter the address of your Facebook page and add the {facebookpopup} code to your article. It's up and running in under five minutes. I had a question about the plugin and received an answer by email from the developer very quickly. If you need a Facebook popup, give it a try. You won't be disappointed! While you're at it, check out their other great extensions too.