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SME Facebook Like Box Sidebar Module

Facebook like box is different from the like button in several ways the major one being its ability to allow you to bring your facebook page to your website. You can also get to send facebook activities in your blog to your reader’s profile easily using this. SME facebook like box sidebar is just one of the best facebook like boxes available in joomla and it enables you to easily share you information straight form you joomla blog to your friends and fans in Facebook. However, it is good to note that the facebook like box resides on the sidebar of your website for easier accessibility.
SME Facebook Like Box Sidebar also gives you the option to configure one of the major elements in modules, height and width. You can change the width and height of the module to suit your blogs settings.
SME Facebook Like Box Sidebar will also notify you whether there is anyone logged into Facebook or visiting the page with a prompt to switch back to the user’s profile. You could also change the color scheme to portray a beautiful Facebook page that is appealing and in relation to your blog’s functions and company’s reputation.
When a new user likes your page, they will automatically be added to your list of users without necessarily having to navigate out of your blog. You don’t have to be re-directed to Facebook for you to like the company’s page.
If the like box is displaying the stream, latest posts, you can now click on the stream to be directed to Facebook. You could also do this by simply clicking on the links in the posts. This is a very important innovation since it helps most readers to like pages straight form the joomla website without leaving it. It is a good plug in to consider using since users will never have to be navigated off your site just to like a page in Facebook.
When deciding on which plug in is best for you, you will have to consider how much social interaction you want. Do you need the plug in just for easier liking or for sharing your posts with your friends? Considering the requirements of your blog and how people are willing to interact on it, it is only good if you chose this general plug in where you will have the greatest packages in social marketing directly from your site.
SME facebook plug-in is widely available in most online sites dealing with joomla modules and all you have to do is download it and install for it to give you the discussed advantages. This is one great way to keep your customers informed since they will receive any information put across the blog right at their Facebook profiles.

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Reviews: 1
I installed this but I can't find out which module position to choose. There is no documentation available.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded the SME Facebook Like Box Sidebar to run on my website and have been using it for about a week. Just as advertised, no issues, would recommend it to others.
Reviews: 1
Excellent module, nice icons. No jQuery conflict issues. If you have just follow the documentation and it’s Free!
Reviews: 1
Simply amazing. I am gonna have it on my all next projects. Simple and three amazing icons included. Looks promising. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Very nice Facebook Sidebar. They have included some more icons from I can choose is make it delicious. Will surely tell my friends to use this module. Thumbs up!
Reviews: 2
Do what it says out of the box! Work like a charm!.

Very good extension!