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Fan box also known as Like box is a Joomla Module that displays Facebook Fanbox/Likebox into Joomla websites.
The Fan Box lets users:
- See how many users are already fans/like
- Read recent posts from the Page
- Let visitors become a fan with 1-click

What You Need:
Before you add a Like Box to your website, you need the following:
- A Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 or 2.5 website,
- Ability to install modules
- A Facebook Page that promotes your website

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Reviews: 1
Great module, simple and effective!

Best regards!
Reviews: 4
I did struggle with it for a while as I think it could be explained better but I got it to work eventually. I tried a few extensions that do the same thing and this one is definitely in the top 3. although I must say I eventually settled with another one.
Reviews: 4
This is clean and simple activity feed which updates all the facebook posts by the owner. It does not update any comments to owner posts from friends.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to use and feedback.

Facebook does not allow the comments from friends to show in Like Box. There are other extensions that offer that kind of functionality. Check out these extension at our website:


Reviews: 12
A very good addition to any Joomla website. Easy to install and adapt to your website. Many thanks for a great free addon.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback, it is much appreciated.

Reviews: 3
I use FanBox on our new sport site. The component does what expected.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback, hope you enjoy our other extensions too:

Reviews: 2
I tried to use this module in my site and found it very difficult to find information on setup.

I did create the facebook application and the module didn't work. After a while, I just gave up and installed another extension that did the same in seconds with no need to API
Owner's reply

Sorry that you found the setup difficult.

We have made updates and now setup is very easy, all you need is you Facebook page to paste in settings and thats all.

documentation updates here:

FAQs here:

Reviews: 8
hello dear developers -

to be honest: i am absolutly overwhelmed and totally convinced! This is one of the most intriguing extension i ever saw in my whole live! I have had tons of stuff (whistle and bells) in my past ten years of PHP-Nuke, PostNuke usage. I have seen tons over tons of extensions and zillions of things that extend the usage of a content management-system. But this is one of the most intriguing and most amazing thing i ever saw in my live! I love it! One Question though. Can i install it witout any App-Key. (Note the - fanbox does not need this.) Your work rocks!! Keep it up! It is much more than excelent it is HOT! Joolin -
Reviews: 2
I am very new to Joomla! so I need things to be super-easy! This module installed like a dream and I got it up in running in about 3 minutes. The documentation is very good, it seemed a bit daunting at first, but if you just follow the steps it all works out. It worked first time in no time. It was also very easy to style afterwards - I am very pleased yay!
Reviews: 3
I purchased this and installed it only to find that it did not it crashed the i had to uninstall it
Owner's reply


sorry that you had problems, I don't see any post in our forum related to this issue. please post in our forum and we will have a look and help you to resolve any issues.


Reviews: 5
Tried getting this to work for several weeks. Still dead in the water
Owner's reply

please post in our forum and tell us what problems you having and we will do our best to help you out.

Reviews: 1
good extension at all
thank you
Reviews: 1
This is a pretty handy component, but as mentioned below it doesn't cope well with SSL, so you can apply this patch to plugins/system/myApiConnect.php,

Owner's reply

thanks for using Like Box.

SSL is supported now.

Reviews: 1
The mod works great. For noobies - be sure to read what you need to get it going. This is not difficult but sometimes people overlook the simple things. You need the API key from Facebook developer apps - you create your own key from within your own Facebook account. The Page id = the long number at the end of your Facebook page url - but just the number, not all the extra stuff behind it.

Quick install. Took me about 20 minutes to get my API and page id and setup where I wanted it on the page in my site. I was using the free version, but I am now going to get the paid version and the Twitter module, too.

It does what it says and it looks great. I do recommend this to others wanting to insert the Facebook Fanbox on their Joomla 1.5.x sites.

Thanks to other reviewers who posted hints on what to do and the link to get there.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
installed and used within 5 mins.

to get the API key you need to set up YOUR OWN developer key in facebook at this link.

you click on set up new application and after you enter the app name (choose anything) it will generate the key.

To get the page ID number just go to the page you want to link it to and take the last string of digits from the url in the address bar.

highly recommend this app and a good webpage by developer
Reviews: 4
Easy to install, easy to setup.
Reviews: 2
Thanks for your fanbox, it works on my site wonderfully..though at first I was a little bit confused how to get an API of Facebook..i'm newbie on this kind of stuff..anyway, Well Done! Keep up the good works..Salam
Reviews: 5
Well it looks very promising but I cannot get it to work. It looks like an iframe of a facebook bad request page.

All my settings are setup and still nothing I hope whatever it is the dev can fix. For now.. i can only hope.
Owner's reply

sorry you had problem, please try latest update as we have made changes and made new interface easy to use.

Reviews: 7
And yes, he deserves a hug, not just for a faultless and powerful extension, but also for prompt support. What else can I say? A very big well done. I read the reviews and went straight to purchase the pro and that's by far one of my best spent 10 quid ever. Thank you
Reviews: 9
and khawaib demonstrated another time, what a great developer he is. not only is the module working perfectly, he is also showing excellent support and answers even the stupidst questions immediately. you can see the pro-version of this module in action:
Reviews: 1
Hey guys.. no need to give this programmer bad reviews... Facebook stopped allowing people to be come FANS of things.. its now.. just..



thats why this plugin doesn't function anymore
Owner's reply

Facebook have now changed the Become a Fan button to Like button and few other things in the API. This extension still functions exactly the way it looks in demo.

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