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Fan box also known as Like box is a Joomla Module that displays Facebook Fanbox/Likebox into Joomla websites.
The Fan Box lets users:
- See how many users are already fans/like
- Read recent posts from the Page
- Let visitors become a fan with 1-click

What You Need:
Before you add a Like Box to your website, you need the following:
- A Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 or 2.5 website,
- Ability to install modules
- A Facebook Page that promotes your website

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Reviews: 1
This is exactly what I need and it just worked smoothly out of the box! The module fits perfectly into my Joomla! website.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 3
This is my first review, ever.
I couldn't be more pleased as to how simple adding a social component to my customers sites has become. Shhhh, don't tell too many people about this one! ha!
Reviews: 13
For a new user this is a really simple and easy to install module.

Well done.
Reviews: 3
Well done, easy install 5' of playing around and Voila!
Nice app.
Reviews: 1
This is copy from script message:
You can't modify the name, unpublish or make unrequired the fields : "name", "email" and "subject".
This is a big problem.
Reviews: 2
My problem with Fan Box from facebook have been lack of integration with IE7 when embedding FB code on the page. This issue is hopefully solved with this extension. Looks fine on the page, right position, custom size.
Reviews: 10
Cant get much better than this!
Got an issue with the height but I'm sure I can get this sorted.
Good work!
Reviews: 5
I really liked this extension, but it looks a little awkward. You can adjust the size with CSS, which is nice, but when you do that, you need to adjust the amount of people who are fans, etc. If you have it in left position of content, it would probably work great. If you want it in the right position or another place that is smaller confined, then it probably will not look that great. Nice job!
Reviews: 1
One of the things I struggle to get to work on my Joomla sites are scripts from other sites. However this module just used values from my Facebook code and hey presto I have a FanBox on my site.

Also great / quick response to a question I had with regards to customization.
Reviews: 10
This extension worked beautifully out of the box and was a very easy way to add some great social networking features with very little work.

I was quite impressed that it worked so well out of the box. I used the id from a facebook group instead of a facebook page, but it still worked flawlessly. You can also use the id from a facebook app.

For the project I used this on, which is a community based site linked closely to a large facebook group, this module is perfect.

A big thank you to the developer for such a polished and useful app, especially considering that there are so few facebook connect apps for Joomla at the moment.
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