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Link with Article Images on Facebook Popular Plugin

Problem: you share link with Joomla! article on Facebook and Facebook can not find correct image. HERE IS A SOLUTION: This plugin adds invisible Open Graph tags in HTML with image from your article, so that Facebook would know which image to display.

Images from Open Graph tags are also respected by Google+ and will be used when you click +1 button and share link on your profile.

- only one image is searched in article content
- works only with single article view
- select default image when no image was found in article
- adds Open Graph tags with image and page details
- debug mode which displays added Open Graph tags

To check which images are inside Article add at then end of page URL: &tmpl=component or ?tmpl=component.

Go to download page and try to share it on Facebook status or click Like button and Post to Facebook.

Joomla 1.5, 2.5, 3.x

This plugin is not a Like button and it does not display any share buttons.
It does not work with K2, Zoo.

English, Polish

The image must be at least 50x50 px (though minimum 200x200 px and maximum 1500x1500 px is preferred) and have a maximum aspect ratio of 3:1. Maximum image size is 5MB. We support PNG, JPEG and GIF formats. Facebook scrapes your page every 24 hours to ensure the properties are up to date.

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Reviews: 2
I was having difficulty as a newbie and they help me through to get the best result. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 6
Works perfect. Had it installed and running within 2 minutes.
I had to update all old Joomla sites for Facebook and fortunately this extension has a 1.5 version on board.
Reviews: 2
It's really work!!! Facebook likes & Google+ is correct!!!
Reviews: 4
Thank you for this clever extension. I had it installed, configured, and working within 10 minutes. I recommend it highly.
Reviews: 2
Thanks for the software and for your kind dedication :)

Reviews: 5
I use this extension on regular basis. Thanks to that all links to my site on Facebook has pretty pictures. I do recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Great extension. I had problems to make it work at the beginning because of my template (ja-purity II), but it was resolved by Perfect-Web's excellent and quick support. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 9
I spend more than 8 hours to search out solution to auto load a image when sharing article in Facebook. This plugin provides a charming solution.
Reviews: 2
Exactly what I was looking for! Thank so much. Worked like a charm.
Reviews: 3
For some weeks I have noticed that my article images were no longer showing in Facebook. Rather my rss sidebar image was displayed. This was driving me nuts!

Something a correspondent said in a post pointed me here and I tripped over this great extension.

Problem now resolved! This plugin is the answer to my prayers!
Reviews: 3
A must when using open graph tags on article based joomla web sites and want to create the tags automatically. Just click and go. Excellent work! Thanks a lot for sharing!
Reviews: 1
This plugin is just what I was so searching for. I used it for my website because of the image issue with the "Facebook like" button. I first tryed some of the extensions for the like button, but all the time I was getting undesired linked images. Then in a forum I found a link to this plugin that solved my problem. The plugin works fine and the usage is simple. I am so thankful, that I took the time and registered to this page and wrote my very first review.
Reviews: 5
This is the first time I've written a review about an extension, and I'm doing so for this because it does exactly what it says it will, and it works beautifully. You download, install, set the default image, and that's it.

I had one issue with W3 validation, but was able to solve it by editing the plugin's php file so that it places the image links in HTML comments . Facebook still reads the link, and the page now W3 validates :)

I wish all plugins were as easy to use and as functional as this one!
Owner's reply

META tag with attribute PROPERTY is valid in HTML5 and this is required attribute by Facebook that it can not be changed to anything else.

Reviews: 1
This Plug In worked great for me and my FaceBook account. I had an error in my canonical settings that the developer helped me resolve. Even though it was not a problem with the Plug In, he still helped me get the problem fixed and both the site and FaceBook entries work seamlessly...Ken
Reviews: 2
Very good! No problems at all! And facebook problem solved for good!
Reviews: 7
Effortlessly ends that annoying incorrect thumb or "scrolling through 100 thumbs" on facebook for an article!
Reviews: 4
The Facebook Like image thumbnail issue was driving me insane. Whenever someone Liked an article, it was publishing it to their wall with a Twitter icon. Now it is publishing the correct image from the top of the article. Thank you so much for providing this as a free plugin!!!
Reviews: 8
Finally! An automated way to tackle the wicked facebook share thumbnails! Works fantastic!
Reviews: 9
5 star review. This does what it says and it sorts the problem once and for good!
Reviews: 2
This is very usefull especially for those who have a the known problem with the Facebook Sharing(no photo or link. Thank you