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SP Facebook Module

JoomShaper is proud to present you SP Facebook, an all in one facebook module for Joomla! This premium quality free module allows you to integrate information on the site from facebook easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the module right now and see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared sites across the web.

*Like Box
*Activity Feed
*Like Button
*Send Button

*Added auto url to Comments

Version 1.4
*Fixed several bugs
*Removed live stream layout

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Reviews: 1
I was looking for an extension that would display our facebook feed on our website. The feed works fine for desktop views, but will not display on tablets or phones. This is not an OS issue since I tested this on an iPhone , iPad, Android tablet, and Samsung phone. The developer's site does not state that it will work in a mobile environment, so I'm assuming that this is not capable. Though this is a free extension, you must pay $59 to get support.
Reviews: 3
My only issues was all the references to Facebook AppIDs it made me think I need to have one just to use it, but I was mistaken and it works out of the box after some basic playing about with URLS and Domain boxes in admin config - great for displaying like box, recommend buttons and share this article buttons I also displayed clients facebook feeds, where users can "like".
Reviews: 10
I installed it for Joomla 3 and it didn't work. There is no documentation available. Also, when people asked the same as I did in their forum, no reply from developers. Probably a good extension but useless if there is no way to configure it properly.
Owner's reply

If it works for evryone and not working for you then you may missed something. And, we have our forum to report bug.

Note: Documentation link

Reviews: 2
This module is awesome, simple and straight to the point. I recommend it. Good work
Reviews: 10
I love it. It is that i was searching.
U need only some minutes for understand it and configure it.

Reviews: 1
This extension was very easy to install and configure. It really is basically 7 modules in one package. I think some are confused thinking that all the different modules show up after installing package. Actually it only shows one module in the module manager after install. To add another one of the modules to another page or the same page, all you have to do is create a new module! I was able to install and configure two modules to show on all pages in less than 5 minutes. I only used the "Like Box" and "Comments" modules, but you couldn't ask for an easier extension to use. Great Job Developer's!
Reviews: 3
It's ok for some settings but Facepile causes errors. Removed and not using again. Other better extensions out there.
Reviews: 4
This extension works fine, except for "activity feed", it makes the site crash! but others work OK.
Reviews: 1
I Love this module. I'm new to Joomla and have a lot to learn BUT I have to say this was so simple to configure and test. Thank you for making it free.
Reviews: 2
For me, the module just didn't work. This normally isn't such a problem if there is a config manual or some type of help. I searched the forum and once I saw 3 or 4 people with the same problem and NO reply I decided to just try another. So I tried another that had the same features as this module. Worked perfectly off the bat and I am so glad I didn't spend my time trying to get a module with near to no support available to work.
In short try this one as your last resort.
Reviews: 3
This is very nice plugin. I tried it with joomla 1.7.3 and it seems to work without problems. Its very easy to install and configure. However to get most of it you need some knowledge (as always) about facebook plugins which you may find here
Reviews: 5
Installed it. Configured it, Does not work.
No documentation/manual and very few reactions to posts on the forum. A waste of time.
Reviews: 3
This module works out the box,very easy to configure, i love it, good job.
Reviews: 3
I downloaded the SF facebook module specifically to use the activity feed. After playing around with it for ages I couldn't get it to work. In the end out of desperation I tried to hack the code to get it to work. By looking at the plugin it's based on I realised that it was missing the script element it needs to run. Why the dev didn't know this I don't know or perhaps I'm doing something wrong. So if you are having similar issues then just go to activity feed on fb: and copy the first line into activity_feed.php and it should work just fine. Naturally you need ftp to do this.
Reviews: 3
I'm using the facebook and thumbnail extensions and it makes my day soooo much easier. I don't really like the way the "comments" plugin works, but that's not their fault. Simply awesome. Thanks!
Reviews: 7
Just simple and works really well. Remember to check out the examples on their site first as It took me a few minutes to work out what all the configuration params were for. Then realized you use the top param to select what type of module you want to display. So its 7 modules in one really.

Nice job!