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Facebook Article Bar Plugin

The Facebook Article Bar combines the Facebook Social Plugins: Like Button, Send Button, Share Button, Comments and Google +1 Button. The plugin automatically adds the optionally selected components to each article which is not specifically excluded by the plugin parameters.

The plugin has extensive parameter set to specify which articles are targeted or excluded, where the plugins should appear and which ones and some more parameters to modify their look. The look of the components can also be modified by css file of the plugin.

Don't foget to enable the plugin after installation!

v1.0.9, v1.7.9: adding ability to send notification email on new posts
v1.0.10, v1.7.10: new plugin parameter to switch off og:description generated by fbar
v1.0.11, v1.7.11: new plugin parameter "Add og meta tags" to skip adding og meta tags in case some other plugin already does this for your article
v1.0.12, v1.7.12: check for com_content (only use plugin for articles), new feature to use article image or article intro image for og:image meta property (this feature is not possible for Joomla 1.5.x)
v1.0.13, v1.7.13: minor modification to get rid of undefined variable 'scr' warning.
v1.0.14, v1.7.14: additional optional inline tags
{fbar-shares} - returns then number of likes made on the page.
{fbar-comments} - returns then number of comments made on the page.
v1.0.15, v1.7.15: new plugin parameter to enable/disable the extra tags (which may require special PHP access rights)
v1.0.16, v1.7.16: internal version
v1.0.17, v1.7.17: small bugfix when only comment is used
v1.0.18, v1.7.18: MAJOR release, share component is updated to reflect Facebook policy change on the matter. Unfortunately site-specific AppID is required for share from now on!
v1.0.19, v1.7.19: added plugin parameter "User-agent" for comments
v1.0.20, v1.7.20: There is still an older interface for FB share, which does not require AppID and can post to different walls. A new plugin option lets you decide which interface to use.
v1.0.21, v1.7.21: MAJOR release, now fbar can be used in blog views as well. Separate settings for article and blog view.
v1.0.22, v1.7.22: bug in J25, article->catslug is not always set, workaround added
v1.0.23, v1.7.23: new plugin parameter to exclude by the part of the URL
v1.0.24, v1.7.24: bugfix to avoid showing if article id is invalid, for J25 category and featured view please read important note on the download page, fbar will not operate if Joomla bug is not fixed
v1.0.25, v1.7.25: bugfix for J2.5.7
v1.0.26, v1.7.26: bugfix for fbar-shares and fbar-comments
v1.0.27, v1.7.27: clear: left; added to css
v1.0.28, v1.7.28: new option to disable fbar completely in blog view (faster response)
v1.0.29, v1.7.29: tweet button added
v3.0.30: Joomla 3.0 version
v3.0.34: url replace
v3.0.35: sitename corrected for J3
v3.0.36: corrected previous sloppy untested version

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Reviews: 1
It would be great, but too slow loading of the articles. In this way is not usable
Reviews: 1
It's an awsome extesion but is ussles if the site load is +1 min by using this :(. When i dexactivate the plugin the site loads instantly but when i activate the load is awful
Reviews: 7
Great plugin, easy to install and publish but then I found it made my pages load slow when enabled (stuck for few seconds with the status bar reporting 'waiting for'), when disabled my pages load fast. I disabled many features still it is slow. So I m not using it.
Reviews: 2
An elegant way to implement social media buttons in articles and it works beautifully. I had a small issue with FB grabbing the wrong image but with the dev's help I discovered it was a minor problem with the HTML code in the test article that I was sharing. Well done on producing such handy extension!
Reviews: 4
Hi! Just wanted to say that this is awesome plugin and for me, it has everything I needed and was looking for.

Well it would be great if it also had a Twitter button. Is it possible, that the next release would have it? :)
Reviews: 1
The plugin that fit all my requirements! And documentation was great. I had a bit of problems but Gyula Komar was so patient and prompt in his replies! Thank you soooo much!!!
Reviews: 1
The best plugin till now, I wonder if I can do in a way to show the number of comments at every article on the bar, just the number, not the comments. Thank you, keep up the good work.
Reviews: 16
For its many bells & whistles I give it a 3* but for not being "responsive friendly" I have to hold back awarding any more stars then that. The fixed width of the comment area means it will break mobile devices and responsive templates. Hopefully the developer will fix this soon.
Owner's reply

FB developers also realised realised this, their solution is to automatically detect the browser (desktop or mobile) and render the page accordingly. They also made a new option called User-agent to enable this to be fixed.

Unfortunately as of now, the mobile layout still does not work properly. I still made this new parameter available to be passed to FB from v1.0.19, v1.7.19 (added plugin parameter "User-agent" for comments).

So as soon as FB fixed its bug you can enjoy this new feature.

Reviews: 1
I have to give credit to the developer on this one. Some Joomla extensions require bibles to understand, the simplicity of embedding this to your site is without a doubt one of the easiest facebook/Google + adds possible to any site. Whoever you are, your awesome! Literally, install activate, Customize options in plugin menu and Bam! its right there! So easy a monkey could do it ( Figuratively speaking of course)
Reviews: 2
Works fine and covers most of the average users needs. Best of it: it's free!
If I could add one thing to the already extensive list of possible settings, I would add a "set position of like, share, etc- boxes within the bar" setting. Sometimes the boxes get jumbled up a bit or they overlap each other with doesn't look very nice.
Apart from that, it's definitely worth a download! Full stars because it's free.
Reviews: 20
Simply perfect plugin. It´s like the author knows exactly what all of us need as Joomla! developers. A really time saver that suits perfect into any Joomla! installation. Thanks so much!
Reviews: 1
Works out-of-the-box! Looks Great! Free! What more can you ask? Thanks!
Reviews: 5
I just wanted simple. Hours of sifting found this superb extension. The choices predict subtle ideas as I think of them. Well done! No, Very Well Done.
Reviews: 9
Plugin has everything facebook the webmaster will need plus a Google +1 button.
I installed fbar on my private website meanwhile. Integrating including small adaptions of the stylesheets and setting practically all CustomHTML modules to "don't prepare" was about 15 minutes! Really great work!
Reviews: 1
This plugin replaces at least 3 plugins and works better than all of them! Facebook Like (and related), Comments, and Google Plus all in one easy plugin.

Installed easily. Works straight away with no fiddling around. Or, customize it easily with plenty of options. I especially liked how there is an option to specify the width of the comments box in pixels. I was able to make it align perfectly with my article column.

The recent addition of working with SEF URLs is great for SEO purposes.

This was a free version--but I'm off to make a donation next. It's that good.
Reviews: 1
Great looking plugins.
Got support when i needed it in 5 mins.

Reviews: 1
I had an installation problem, i sent an email, and they solved the problem and everything wroks all right. Excellent!