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Facebook Media Voting Application Component

What is Facebook Media Voting Application?

It is an interactive Joomla! Extension that allows you to leverage on Facebook to drive your Marketing Campaign or Online Competition that involved uploading of Photo & Video (Audio in the near future) and allows public Facebook users to do voting.

The Key features of the Component are:
· Facebook users must “like” the Facebook page before they could submit their entry
· Approval is processed at the backend before it is displayed to the public
· Media Gallery for the users to view and watch the submission
· Voting by the user. (Allow customization of rules based on your marketing objective) Default Rule is to allow each Facebook account to vote for the entry once a day.
· Customizable Template to allow you to do out your own design leveraging on Joomla Template Knowledge
· Backend to search and manage the users, submission and voting.


Why use Facebook Media Voting Application?

Social media networks started gaining popularity around the turn of the century and it’s no secret that people love to use FB, Twitter, and other social media networks. As a result, there is high demand for applications that will fit into these social media platforms.

Some benefits for your client include and is not limited to;
· To gain marketing mileage and brand equity for your Facebook Page by increasing your “Likes” and activity
· Collect member information through Facebook
· Gather new photos and media for the Facebook Page
· Fully customizable in design and ability to tailored to specific business needs
· Powerful social media marketing tool
· The client could choose to host the codes on their own server or anywhere


What are the benefits for a Joomla Developer?

· Save time and effort, reduce your project risk in setting up the campaign for your client by leveraging on our expertise, thus you can focus on your sales and projects.
· Uses standardize programming language and framework such as PHP, Joomla, HTML and CSS, thus it is easy for you to understand for customization if you wish to.

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Reviews: 1
Strongly recommend this component because it is very simple to install and operate. Of course, the price is very low for what you get.
All praise to the authors.
Reviews: 1
It is easy to install, configure and good support event I got lot questions for them. Good job you guys, keep your good works and I believe that your business will grow very fast.

I highly recommend this for any people with budgeting on cost but demanding on quality