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Perfect Link with Article Images on Facebook PRO Plugin

Problem: you share link to Joomla website on Facebook and it can’t find correct image. HERE IS A SOLUTION: This plugin adds invisible Open Graph tags in HTML, so that Facebook would know which image to display. Works with article, articles list, home page.

Images from Open Graph tags are also respected by Google+ and will be used when you click +1 button and share link on your profile.

- search for all images in article content
- use intro and full text images from article options
- works also on category blog and featured articles view
- use category image
- select default image for home page (if type of articles) and category
- filter articles categories for which plugin should run
- checks if image meets minimal Facebook requirements
- Facebook Like button in article
- filter articles categories in which Like button should be displayed
- adds Open Graph tags with images and page details
- debug mode which displays added Open Graph tags
- Google Analytics social tracking

To check which images are inside Article add at then end of page URL: &tmpl=component or ?tmpl=component.

Go to download page and try to share it on Facebook status or click Like button and Post to Facebook.

Joomla 1.5, 2.5, 3.x

It does not work with K2, Zoo.

English, Polish

The image must be at least 50x50 px (though minimum 200x200 px and maximum 1500x1500 px is preferred) and have a maximum aspect ratio of 3:1. Maximum image size is 5MB. We support PNG, JPEG and GIF formats. Facebook scrapes your page every 24 hours to ensure the properties are up to date.

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Reviews: 1
Featuring a very good amount of configurable options this helps you control your facebook postings.

Well worth the price and if you ask a question the support is there.

Good stuff.
Reviews: 1
I applied the estention to my Joomla site: Ò At the beginning it hadn't work but Jan the young developer of support has been very clever, short and effective. I'm not a developper and nor speak english indeed! He helped me to disable compression options in my site and he got me go to the "FB debugger window" to rewrite in a click the "FB" cache of my site. I beginned doing it and the test on pages is good. Very easy to share them with beautiful images in posts!
Reviews: 5
Excellent plugin that makes your life a lot easyer and works as promised.
I ran into a little problem and received quick support on the pro version.
Reviews: 1
This is very useful plugin since social networks became a part of our life and it's important to take care of site's integration with FB. Especially thanks to support team for very quick reaction and help.
Reviews: 2
I was having bazaar issues with not being able to share my joomla articles well on Facebook. It would pull my home page photos and paragraphs instead of the articles. I installed this extension, and it still didn't work, but with support from Perfect Link, they helped me find the problem which was another, conflicting extension. Once I turned the other one off, BAM, it worked! Very easy to use and fantastic support.
Reviews: 5
Very useful as it gets the og: fields all under one plugin.

Also, the dev is very helpful; I had an issue with getting FB to recognise the og:image size which was caused by an article on my site and not the plugin. The dev went out of his way to help me get to the bottom of it and my share and like buttons are perfectly tamed!

Well worth the low cost.
Reviews: 2
Easy, it works, great guide. Competitive price.

Very good extention, recommended.
Reviews: 2
Very nice extentions, very fast suport. Recomendate all
Reviews: 2
Works as described, good and fast support. Very good extention, recommended.
Reviews: 1
Great price great support and the best plugin to work with.
Worth every penny.
i have tried some free versions and this one is realy the best
Reviews: 1
I bought the pro version, it was easy to install, and when I had some diffculty with the settings, the developer sorted it out asap for me. Thanks works well, it's affordable & it's a great addition to my website. Thanks
Reviews: 10
I've tryed various extensions but this is the best one for Facebook share data
Reviews: 3
I've tried a few plugins for adding open graph-tags in joomla, this is the best so far because:

1. It works with php allow_url_fopen = off
2. It can use joomlas "Intro image" or "Full article image" for the OG image tag.

I do not like that the plugin name and branding is added as a comment in the source code for the web site though. For a paid plugin this should be avoided.

Would be nice if it could support twitter card tags as well.
Owner's reply

This comment is only the name of plugin used by our support for checking if open graph tags on customer site are generated by our plugin or some another. Our branding does not have any link-back, is not being indexed by search-bots and does not display to your site visitors. It does not have any influence on your site. But if you do not like to have a comment with plugin name then you can easily remove one line from source code.
We sell subscriptions with access to our software and not a copyrights.

Reviews: 2
Good option you want a nice FB plugin for you Website.

5* Support
Reviews: 1
This is my first review ever. I must say it works great. This is just what I nedded for my site. Support is excellent, thanks for that. I will reccomend this extension to everyone.
Reviews: 5
I had always problems with sharing my Joomla articles on Facebook because strange images where showing next to post. With this extension I always get the image I wanted to. I had some problems but support helped me to get it working.
Reviews: 2
At first i had some trouble, but after e-mailing support i got the help ineeded immediately, i recommend this plugin to anyone who needs opengraph issues, the free ones didn't work for me, but this one did.
Reviews: 2
This is my first ever review. I haven't tried the free version but pro version is extremely good and does what it says. The developer is so so supportive that when I wanted something specific he changed it in the extension. Response was almost immediate. I love this extension and will highly recommend this to anyone having problems with facebook thumbnails...
Reviews: 5
I must admit that the free version was good, but when I saw the possibilities given by this version it became clear to me that posting nearly everything from my site to Facebook will be much easier now. Even I'm not a very experienced Joomla user I had no problem to install this extension and article images from my soccer website on Facebook are much better now.