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Complete social network integration for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, VK, Github and more for Joomla!

* JFBConnect is used by the JED to power it's Facebook authentication *

Coming later this summer: Meetup, Amazon and more authentication providers.

Simple Social Network Authentication
One-click registration and login for the major social networks. Let your users access your site quickly and easily with no forms, passwords, and usernames to remember.

Automatic Social Sharing Buttons
Add Facebook Comments, Facebook Likes & Facebook Shares, Google +1, Twitter Share, LinkedIn Share and Pinterest Pin buttons automatically to your content. Include or exclude any categories or articles.

Social Channels
Easily 'push' your content along with a custom comment and URL to Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Company Page or Twitter stream. Works with *all* extensions!

Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards Tags
Describe your pages to Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn using Open Graph tags, which are used to set you're thumbnail preview in user's Timelines. With Facebook's Open Graph Actions, you can post content to a user's Facebook Timeline about activity on your site. Open Graph Actions integrate with Joomla content, EasySocial, JomSocial, EasyBlog, jReviews, K2 and more.

3rd Party Profile Integration
Import the user's avatar, cover photo and profile information into your profile system automatically. Fully control your site's fields and what social network data should be imported into each one. Works with the User - Profile plugin, JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder, Kunena, K2, Virtuemart and more.

Over 50 Social Widgets
Easily setup and configure social widgets from any of the social networks we support. Includes:
Almost 20 Facebook widgets, including Likes, Shares, Comments, Friends and Recommendations Bar.
Google+ Community Badge, Embedded Posts, Follow, Badges and +1
LinkedIn Apply for Job, Company and Member widgets and Share buttons
Pinterest Share
Twitter Follow, Hashtag, Mention and Share buttons

Facebook Invitations
Let your users invite their Facebook friends to your sites. Configure a customized 'welcome' page for recipients as well to woo them in.

Auto-Configuration Tool
Don't mess with Facebook App settings yourself; JFBConnect can configure your Facebook Application automatically and check for common mistakes and errors.

Includes translations for nearly a dozen front-end languages.

Fully Documented
Detailed configuration guides take you step-by-step through all social network integration features available for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Our Guarantee
We proudly offer a 30-day refund policy on our extensions.

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Reviews: 1
This is a great application. There are others that allow you to login using facebook, but this one is the most configurable we found.

Support is also great. We had a few problems due to customization, asked and received support. You can almost feel a personal need from Alex for everything to work :-)

Greatly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Social networking is a huge plus in the modern internet environment and this plugin is the best. Their support is top notch helping me resolve an issue with a 3rd party plugin, in just one day! Awesome
Reviews: 1
Setting up the JFBC was remarkably easy, the control panel can guide you along most errors and help you to correct any setup issues. I did have a couple of queries and the team there delivered the most comprehensive and detailed support I have every received for any software product. They were happy to do specific research behind the scenes to really dig into the root of my problem and proved incredibly knowledgeable in relation to their own product and the FB platform in general. Many Many Thanks
Reviews: 4
I download and license lots of extensions, some just to test some because of special needs. In this case it was for a client who needed some functionality to integrate with FaceBook. It took a while to comprehend all the options and functionalit.

I found the developers to be both responsive and motivated to succeed. It's great to see folks willing to write a detailed response, whereas with many extensions, you get one-liners that don't answer the question and result in more waiting and more communications, and eventually, aggravation.

They went out of their way to help me with some PHP/JavaScript code in helping me develop a custom comment form that both tests for a valid connection to FaceBook and posts the comment to FB, using the API functionality. This wasn't a simple task and took numerous communications but it works rock solid!
Reviews: 1
I am using Jreviews+Jomsocial+Kunena as my site and really need a facebook connect extension to pull information from user's facebook.

I tried few facebook connect extension and chose JFBConnect. Although its price is quite high, you would find it worthwhile as the developer, Alex, provides quick and detail response.

He's polite and never say "Our support don't include it". He would help research for the solution from the Internet even though your request is out of the scope of support.

I would highly recommend this extension for you if you want to grab the users from facebook. It's user-friendly, simple, and would great with Kunena and Jomsocial.

Reviews: 1
This extension is well worth your money. Take it from me, as I had gained over 10,000 new Facebook sign ups my website already. This extension does not only offer me about 25% more sign ups but the new version 3.1.2 has a slew of amazing Facebook social plugin modules that are just the cherry on the cake of this gem. The install of the extension was easy and Alex and his team offer some of the best and kindest support possible. This is a five star extension.

Reviews: 3
This plugin made our website more attractive for the members we have. No more "I've lost my account-details e.d." Quick login using the facebook connect!

We had some start-up problems but Alex was able to fix it in no-time, great support as well! Keep up the good work and hopefully in the upcoming updates we can use the "admin approval of users" which would be great!
Reviews: 14
One of a handful of Joomla components that really allows the CMS to do something truly powerful. Fantastic.

Very responsive and razor sharp support.

Well worth the money.
Reviews: 2
After much frustration with trying to get the Jomsocial Connect plugin operating properly and about to give up on even trying to integrate a new site with Facebook, I discovered JFBConnect. At first I thought $49 for 6 months?????? I said if it works without headache then it's worth it. Then I saw that the $49 was for a bundle of over 10 modules and plugins that all work with achieving better integration with Facebook.

I have only installed JFBConnect and it is by far one of the cleanest extensions that I have used. There is no need to hack the component because you guys have included every parameter that one can possibly think of. You are definitely to be commended.

There are a few Joomla developers whose products stand out and it appears that SourceCoast is one.

Thanks for saving my project!
Reviews: 2
Installed seamlessly, integrated right into my site. Creates new accounts using Facebook login, quick and simple account creation.

Only problem (and for me it's not) is most the information does not populate, you get a username and that's about it. No e-mail but it does't matter for my needs.

Other thoughts: The plug-in gets the "log-in with Facebook" image directly from Facebook, and for some reason there is a small white space below the image. On a light colored page this would not be noticeable but on my dark page I see it. Purely cosmetic and I'm not complaining.
Reviews: 1
I installed this extension, had some problem configuring it (mainly because of some special needs in my web site), and it is up an running like a charm!!!

The support I got from these guys was amazing! they worked really hard, downloaded a test site I had, fixed everything and the response time was amazing!
They didn't let go until everything worked like a Swiss clock!

Thank you guys (especially Alex!)
You did an amazing professional work!
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension. Integration was a snap and I’m really impressed by the amount of functions and support-- definitely worth the money! Highly recommend it.
Reviews: 3
I had trouble with integrating JFBConnect with my site and received excellent help from Alex - really clear, solid advice. I thoroughly recommend this company and extension.
Reviews: 1
These Facebook connectors are complicated. This one functions more smoothly than MyAPI (which is free) but the real value, what you pay for, is the service.

Alex is prompt, polite, patient, thorough and very helpful. I had what turned out to be a very,very specific problem related to virtualisation of IE, and he helped me isolate it very quickly.

And the functionality, well, getting your site playing nicely with Facebook is a very nice feature, good for traffic. And since the API on Facebook changes a lot, you want a product with good support, like this one.
Reviews: 5
These guys are really good, try the component and you will see that functions and support worth the price! Thanx Alex for prompt reply, I'll be waiting for Mighty Registration plugin.
Reviews: 3
great component, worth every cents.

i had some little problems with my configuration but they support me daily and now everything is working fine. (i had a particular customization that's why).

i tryied all components in this category and i can tell you this is the best.
Reviews: 1
This is a great product.

And I received really great support as well (in the Forums.)

I asked for a documentation refresh because of some changes in the Facebook Connect API and the next day I had a reply and a refresh.

Alexander also took time to read through a rather complicated explanation of my needs around URL forwarding/redirecting and gave a thoughtful reply.

I'm sold on this as a solution to my Joomla Facebook needs. To me, it's well worth the cost.

Reviews: 1
I started using JFBConnect in the early day's, in fact, I believe I was one of their first users. However, the early editions had various compatibility issues and I was eventually forced to move away from connecting my site to Facebook. Then Sourcecoast announced version 3.0 WOW. All my dreams came true and for only $49 for 6 months support etc. I know many users will find the $49 hard to stomach, but if you are to spend $50 on any single component to enhance your website, then this is the one I recommend 100%. Couple this with the support you receive from Alex and his team, and it really is a no-brainer. I have tried just about all the options for connecting my website to Facebook and everyone had some sort of issue - that was before JFBConnect version 3.0+ and believe me, Alex and his team have much more planned for the component and associated modules. Great work guys and thank you.

Gary - Founder of
Reviews: 6
Very useful component, if you are lookin something like that, stop searchig because this is the best one and the price is good too, but the most important thing is the support, is very good an fast.
Reviews: 18
I like this package very much, I have found it to have good configuration options which work well. I recently had a software conflict problem and the support was speedily given and very thorough. Thank you for a nice, useful extension.
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