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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Complete social network integration for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, VK, Github, Amazon, Meetup, Windows Live and more for Joomla!

* JFBConnect is used by the JED for Facebook authentication *

Simple Social Network Authentication
One-click registration and login for 10 major social networks. Let your users access your site quickly and easily with no forms, passwords, and usernames to remember.

Automatic Social Sharing Buttons
Add Facebook Comments, Facebook Likes/Shares, Google +1, Twitter Share, LinkedIn Share and Pinterest Pin buttons automatically to your content. Include or exclude any categories or articles.

Social Streams
Show the news feeds from Facebook Pages & Facebook Groups, Twitter feeds and LinkedIn Company Pages. Streams are fully customizable and can chose posts from multiple providers merged into one feed.

Social Posting
Easily 'push' your content along with a custom comment and URL to Facebook Pages & Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Company Page or Twitter stream. Works with *all* extensions!

Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards Tags
Describe your pages to Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn using Open Graph tags, which are used to set you're thumbnail preview in user's Timelines. Twitter Cards are a similar set of meta tags specific to that social network.
With Facebook's Open Graph Actions, you can post content to a user's Timeline about activity on your site. Open Graph Actions integrate with Joomla content, EasySocial, JomSocial, EasyBlog, jReviews, K2 and more.

3rd Party Profile Integration
Import user profile information including avatar and cover photo. Fully control your site's fields and what social network data should be imported into each one. Works with the User - Profile plugin, JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder, Kunena, K2, Virtuemart and more.

Over 50 Social Widgets
Easily setup and configure social widgets from any of the social networks we support. Includes:
Almost 20 Facebook widgets, including Likes, Shares, Comments, Friends and Recommendations Bar.
Google+ Community Badge, Embedded Posts, Follow, Badges and +1
LinkedIn Apply for Job, Company and Member widgets and Share buttons
Pinterest Share
Twitter Follow, Hashtag, Mention and Share buttons

Facebook Invitations
Let your users invite their Facebook friends to your sites. Configure a customized 'welcome' page for recipients as well to woo them in.

Auto-Configuration Tool
Don't mess with Facebook App settings yourself; JFBConnect can configure your Facebook Application automatically and check for common mistakes and errors.

Includes translations for nearly a dozen front-end languages.

Fully Documented
Detailed configuration guides take you step-by-step through all social network integration features available for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, VK, Github, Amazon, Meetup and Windows Live.

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Reviews: 13
What can I say, this extension helps retain customers, and the support is fantastic!
Reviews: 5
The JFBConnect is honestly the best most brilliant extension in the entire Joomla world.
They deserve an award of excellence. You can do so many things with the extension in so many ways. It has a learning curve which totally pays off and the documentation is so clean and organized that makes the whole journey fantastic. The support is without a doubt the best i've seen all those years that i'm involved in this business. Thank you
Reviews: 1
I've been using joomla since there were less than 1000 extensions in the extension directory... YEARS & YEARS of fighting with crappy FB plugins, modules, components, and suites to try and interface my client's joomla sites with facebook in various ways...

JFBConnect is effortless if you just read the documentation or watch the video tutorials they actually provide... I know... Crazy concept... ACTUAL DOCUMENTATION.... :)

Oh... and then if/when you do hit a snag or have a question.... ALEX and the JOOMTASTIC support team will gladly help you... And I am not talking the kind of support that 99% of joomla companies provide... Where your question is simply restated to you after 24 -48hrs of waiting... so it takes days or weeks to get things done!

Not saying they guarantee this level of service... But I asked a question at 6PM PST (after hours)... and had perhaps the most thorough answer I've ever received from a joomla support team by 10PM... Explaining with multiple examples of how I could accomplish something that was doable but not exactly described in the docs or the functionality of the app!

Reviews: 2
This is really an amazing extension which full filled all my needs.

Also Excellent support from alex. Who is constantly helping me if i come across any issues.

Keep up the good work guys. Keep rocking
Reviews: 6
Robust integration. No noticeable drag on page load, though it will ultimately depend on network connection with Facebook (and other social networks) server reply. Great support. Active development and forum.

This extension has many features and does require some patience setting it up. Well worth the time investment.
Reviews: 5
I use the extension JFB connect for integrating Facebook in my site and it works very well.
The support is fast and answer directly my problem if any.
I can use it on my french site without any problem from installing to use it. It is fast and efficient.
Thank you.
Reviews: 1
Alex and crew have created a great product. I am very impressed with the SourceCoast product, JFB Connect, and with the quick and accurate support that was provided when I had setup questions. I am sure that I will make good use out of the SourceCoast tools.
Reviews: 3
I had asked the guys at Jomsocial whether their FB integration would accomplish what JFBConnect does (this was before I knew about JFBConnect) as I saw some of the advanced features e.g. seeing who of your friends had liked a site, on some other sites. I was told I shouldn't expect features like this as these other sites like had tens of thousands of dollars to spend on custom features like this. Lo and behold I discovered JFBConnect and it seems to do everything I was asking for.

What's more is that the product is easy to implement; it really is a code snippet placed in files (it's easier to learn this than you might think) and presto it works.

What's even more is their support is world class. They seem to have several guys named Alex (couldn't possibly be the same guy - smile) who responds in a very timely way and goes above and beyond to get things working for you.

I don't give five stars very easily, but this really deserves it.
Reviews: 1
This great extension supported with excellent forum. The support really patient to answer one by one question until the problem solved! Really care with their customer.

Thank you Alex and all Sourcecoast team.
Reviews: 1
Facebook login configurations was easy to do. Just play around the tabs and explore the different things you can tweak, and it should be easy. If you get stuck on anything, their forum support is quick and amazing! I highly recommend this extension. :-)
Reviews: 2
Great product and great support.

Alex was great from JFBConnect. He not only helped me configure the product but also went out of his way to check other components that were conflicting with my website plugins.

I would recommend products from them any day.
Reviews: 1
I had a few issues getting it set up properly but they helped me in a quick, timely manner.
Reviews: 1
I was tring for long time to use some free solution, but unfortunatly Facebook update his api very very often, so after spending always long time to solve those issues I decided to try JFBConnect and... ok I have to pay something for this but it's perfect! Full of possibilities and easy to manage. You pay one subscriprion for unlimited websites. Every time I asked support it was kind, fast, and usefull... fantastic component with professional team!
Reviews: 1
Remarkable quality! Would appreciate some more tutorials and hands-on examples. Good work guys!
Reviews: 8
I am not normally one for buying extensions... and so when I paid for this one I was a little 'cautious'.

I have to say though that I am extremely happy with both the extension and the support that I have thus received (as I had a few questions and posted them on the forums -received answers within hours).

There is loads of options, ways to present stuff and customization that you can do IF YOU WANT... or you can just use their settings to keep it easy.

Great work guys.
Reviews: 3
This extension tackles the complex world of Facebook integration for any situation. The support is unbelievable (Kudos to Alex!). I'm always a little hesitant to pay for extensions in the hope it will work out, but I definitely do NOT regret the minimal price for this amazing work, support and general help. Thanks so much!
Reviews: 5
The developers at JFBConnect really stay up-to-date with the ever-changing world of Facebook (I don't envy that task)! They provide wonderful support, too -- this extension is definitely worth the subscription price.
Reviews: 1
Just renewed my subscription and want to add to all the glowing reviews here on the JED. This extension is along with JReviews the BEST Joomla! component available. Flawless implementation, clean coding, zero template conflicts and superb and friendly support. I honestly don't know where Alzander finds the time to finish up support forum posts with a special thank-you to each user for purchasing his product.

This extension is extremely clean. No page speed damage, no JavaScript conflicts and no black holes in the docs leaving you scratching your head.

Everything works: social button content plugins, FB Connect, FB Share, tags that can be pasted into any PHP file. No matter what you do it works.

Joomla! is free, and that leads a lot of us to believe that our extensions should be free, too. Nothing could be further from the truth. The SourceCoast support forum is full of posts from users that break JFBConnect with faulty templates and excessive extension use. I can't stress the following more: a good, clean template together with quality extensions will avoid JS conflicts and CSS and SQL nightmares. Instead of loading your site with extensions for Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook buttons, why not pay the measly fee for JFBConnect and avoid headaches?

My main site uses JReviews, JomSocial and RocketTheme extensions. NOT ONCE have I had to ask for support (well, my Google+ button broke once on a test site but it turned out to be a subtle change in the API that was quickly corrected by the developer).

I cannot recommend highly enough this product. Whether it's Facebook on your site or your site on Facebook, this extension is an absolute must.
Reviews: 6
Source Coast's JFBConnect are on of the best of the best component for joomla, it is a must for everyone that wants to build connections with his users, a fast way to register on your site.
The component works without headache, with many settings and many ways to integrate with other Joomla components, that sometimes it offers more than what's needed.
It's a must have.
As for the Support! They offer a Great support through their forum, and that's why they deserve Five Stars all the way.
Reviews: 1
In order to increase the number of users who log in and engage our site I looked at a couple of Facebook integration extensions and for some reason or another (it was quite a while ago) I chose JFBConnect - I think because it was the most comprehensively built out.

Before even purchasing the software I had proposed a scenario in their forums regarding a complex user-account based implementation I wanted to make and wanted to know if it was feasible to pull it off and connect it with JFBConnect. Not expecting much back, they explained what JFBConnect would cover, some possible hurdles I might have, and most impressively they offered to me that if I were to code my project, they would help tweak a few JFBConnect things in order to link the project together.

Many months of development later I came back and realized that my subscription to download the latest version had just lapsed a couple days prior. I explained my circumstances and they were very kind to extend my subscription for a few days so I could get a couple of minor updates.

Furthermore as I got more involved in the development of the user-account based project, they promptly helped me with random questions and product clarifications, almost always in less than probably ~12hours.

Case in point, I would highly recommend JFBConnect and probably the other products in their suite (although I have no experience with those).

Cheers to friendly, quality service. (oh and the extension has worked very well for me thus far)

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