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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Complete social network integration for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, VK, Github and more for Joomla!

* JFBConnect is used by the JED for Facebook authentication *

Coming later this summer: Meetup, Amazon and more authentication providers.

Simple Social Network Authentication
One-click registration and login for Facebook and other major social networks. Let your users access your site quickly and easily with no forms, passwords, and usernames to remember.

Automatic Social Sharing Buttons
Add Facebook Comments, Facebook Likes & Facebook Shares, Google +1, Twitter Share, LinkedIn Share and Pinterest Pin buttons automatically to your content. Include or exclude any categories or articles.

Social Streams
Show the news feeds from Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter feeds and LinkedIn Company Pages. Streams are fully customizable and can chose posts from multiple providers merged into one feed.

Social Posting
Easily 'push' your content along with a custom comment and URL to Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Company Page or Twitter stream. Works with *all* extensions!

Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards Tags
Describe your pages to Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn using Open Graph tags, which are used to set you're thumbnail preview in user's Timelines. With Facebook's Open Graph Actions, you can post content to a user's Facebook Timeline about activity on your site. Open Graph Actions integrate with Joomla content, EasySocial, JomSocial, EasyBlog, jReviews, K2 and more.

3rd Party Profile Integration
Import user profile information including avatar and cover photo from Facebook or Twitter. Fully control your site's fields and what social network data should be imported into each one. Works with the User - Profile plugin, JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder, Kunena, K2, Virtuemart and more.

Over 50 Social Widgets
Easily setup and configure social widgets from any of the social networks we support. Includes:
Almost 20 Facebook widgets, including Likes, Shares, Comments, Friends and Recommendations Bar.
Google+ Community Badge, Embedded Posts, Follow, Badges and +1
LinkedIn Apply for Job, Company and Member widgets and Share buttons
Pinterest Share
Twitter Follow, Hashtag, Mention and Share buttons

Facebook Invitations
Let your users invite their Facebook friends to your sites. Configure a customized 'welcome' page for recipients as well to woo them in.

Auto-Configuration Tool
Don't mess with Facebook App settings yourself; JFBConnect can configure your Facebook Application automatically and check for common mistakes and errors.

Includes translations for nearly a dozen front-end languages.

Fully Documented
Detailed configuration guides take you step-by-step through all social network integration features available for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Reviews: 7
Ran into an issue which created a "42 - invalid netmask value" Contacted support and had VERY fast response and was back up and running in no time. Thanks guys for a great product and support. We are happy as a development company and our client is happy.

'corePHP' Team
Reviews: 3
Excellent product and it works perfectly.
Disponiblie very quick service with Alex.
Using this product in all of my sites
Reviews: 1
Purchased and installed 2 days ago, had some a strange problem (that looked like I had done something wrong, or mis-configured, or conflicts, or ????)
Posted a query on the site's forum and got a detailed reply within 20 minutes. The advice and information was spot-on, I understand now what was happening and why (facebook cache was holding old info about the page - forced it to clear and everything worked as it should).
The problem was not something I had specifically done (or not done), nor was it a problem with the extention. Knowledge of how the end-to-end system works, and well communicated helpful advice solved an issue that I would have otherwise chased around for days.
Reviews: 1
I installed the component in 10 minutes. Unfortunately for me I had manually added some Facebook stuff to site before, so there was a slight conflict. I headed to the support forum and had an answer that fixed my problem in about 2 hours.

Wow! This thing is great and support is great!
Reviews: 8
I can't say enough good stuff about this extension. It's so well designed its surprising. I've purchased lots of commercial extensions and not one of them has been so trouble-free and easy to configure as this one.

Also, I did run into a couple of minor difficulties, but Alex on the support forums was EXTREMELY fast at responding and was very helpful.

THIS is how you produce and support a commercial extension!
Reviews: 1
Hi all,
I bought this component after doing bit of an extensive research, in todays world we can do wonders by integrating with Facebook and this component has every possible integration with Facebook you can think off.

Installation piece of cake, documentation awesome and most of all the thing I like most is the support, which is just outstanding, there wasn't a single case, where my questions weren't answered.

I highly recommend this product, without any second thoughts.
Reviews: 6
Outstanding component, plugins and modules that simply work as advertised. I was indeed up and running very quickly. I had questions and they were immediately answered. Worth every penny.

Reviews: 3
After discovering JFBConnect i'm now using it as a default on all my sites, very easy to install and cofigure.

i recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Great component!
Complete with step by step instructions, and works perfectly with many features.
Mostly - a fast and very efficient support
Reviews: 6
These guys make tedious and tricky challenges, straightforward and easy.

The code always does exactly what it claims and support is second to none!

I use 2 products and am truly impressed!
Reviews: 1
I have a fairly complex site, lots of plugins, modules, public interactivity... Jom-Social's built-in Facebook Connect behavior proved unpredictable, so I went shopping. Found JFBConnect and purchased it.

Install went very well for a Mac user who never reads the directions until he is forced by results. Had some style hiccups of which I miss-identified the origin yet was guided to the goal with the educated and even-handed voice of Alex. His suggestions and the data upon which they were based allowed me to find exactly the right solution. I appreciate the why given along with the what.

I have purchased dozens of add-ons in using Joomla over the past 4 years. JFBConnect stands above the crowd in product completeness and thoughtful/focused support. I am not only a satisfied customer, but wiser because of the quality of my interaction with this company.

Thank you Alex and Melissa for work well done.
Reviews: 1
Been working on getting numerous sites integrated with Facebook for months, and have had trouble with all of them.

With deadlines approaching I checked out JFBConnect and was extremely impressed both with the product and the support I received.

I forgot about a conflicting FB plugin that was causing issues and their staff caught it right away, along with pointing me to a bug fix they had for another issue which I gladly reported solved my problem.

If you need to integrate FB (along with a +1 button, Twitter, or LinkedIn) then look no further. You'll be glad you found this app!
Reviews: 1
Theres not more to it. This is the only integration for Facebook that you will need.

I had some firewall issues which were solved within a day through the support forum.

Little price. Great value.
Reviews: 7
The component does exactly what it promises and it is just working perfect!

Above all I rarely met such an exciting support. Alex is answering quickly and always very friendly. Above all he is an expert for joomla and solves a lot of problems not directly linked to the JFBC component. Sure I will re-subscribe!
Reviews: 1
I've tried few others FB extensions, free and commercial too.
This one is the easiest and offers much more abilities. Beside this, isn't too complicated and hard to understand.

I'm willing to pay for extensions for Joomla, if they are of such quality and price.
The model of long-term subscription is also the best for me, since I'm a web designer and use Joomla components in many projects.

Good job!
Reviews: 2

In my opinion, and according to my needs, from what I've seen and used so far in the past 4 years, JFBConnect, Jomsocial and Kunena are the TOP QUALITY applications for Joomla.

And I will give 5***** to JFBConnect Team, considering just the support itself. Unbelievable great support!!!

Reviews: 1
Back in November I purchased this and was rushing to launch my site with FB integration. It took care of all my needs. But most importantly I was running into a few issues (of course at last minute) and the support was fantastic!

I posted my issue in the forum and it was quickly responded to with even additional help. So far so good!

Reviews: 1
Not only this is one of the best components/plugins, it has a great support forum, where I got my 3 things fixed in less than an hour! They were all my fault, because I had some "garbage" enabled in my admin panel, but the JFBConnect support team helped my fix everything! Superb!
Reviews: 11
I tried a few other options to integrate my sites with facebook and quite simply the others although each having unique aspects pale in comparisom to JFBConnect.

Excellent support from alzandar and an exceellent product that integrates smoothly.

It should be a joomla standard that all other extenstions should work to including in there core files.

Shame other popular extenstions like community builder and multisites have not quite caught onto the popularity of JFBConenct.
Reviews: 2
I signed into the JED to leave this review using this extension, what more could you need. Ok, how about excellent support for this component. Alex went above and beyond, even getting JFBConnect to work with my 3rd party extension. WOW! Even includes all the modules you could want. This is a great all in one social solution.
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