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My RSS Reader is a component allowing to show in a Joomla page the feeds generated by the RSS sites you select. The number of RSS item you can add is teorically infinite. Categories is also supported for split up the RSS source based to different argument. The component check for new feeds at specific intervals of time configured by the administrator. The component can use two way for periodically check for new feeds. The best one, if you have the possibility, is to set a cronjob task for call a special URL, generated by the component itself, at specific intervals. Using this way you'll have always your feeds up to date automatically. Unfortunately not all hosting services make available cronjob since this feature could be very CPU consuming for the server. The second solution is to configure the component for generate a temporary special page checking for new feeds. When the guest user visit the feeds page the component verify if a new check must be executed and show a list of the RSS sites to check and an animated progress status of the operation. This dynamic checking use AJAX engine to perform the checks without slow down the page loading.

First important note: the component can extract the feeds info make available from the RSS source.Usually an administrator of a web site exporting RSS feeds can set the site for export the title of the post with the complete body, the title with only a part of the body or the title only. The feeds data exported by the web site based to the decision of the administrator, as explained before, will be the only data showed. There is no possibility for the component to extract more.

Second important note: If Joomla System Cache Plugin is enabled the component will not work well. The plugin cache the RSS check page that will be continuously showed until cache expire. If you experiment such problem check your cache plugin and, in case, disable it.

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Reviews: 22
Pros: Nice extension with the features it has.

Cons: Doesn't install in Joomla 2.5.14.
Owner's reply

Just tested the component under Joomla 2.5.14 and install worked well for me, no problem at all. I suggest to report the error you have into support forum.

Reviews: 1
Very good work! I would like to see some enchancement in the near future. One of the features I'd like to see is the rss feed image next to the news title.
Reviews: 1
I've used this in Joomla 1.5 and found it reliable and very easy to work with. But... please consider upgrading this component to Joomla 1.6. Thanks
Reviews: 2
This extension has potential, but the layout options are horrible and the way feeds are fetched is pretty bad (should be cron, but developer says in his forums he doesn't know how). Needs a lot of work, but at least it's free. I definitely wouldn't pay for it in its current state.
Reviews: 15
The main component is super simple to configure and ajax enabled. It would be nice if the module option was not a scrolling display but instead an ajax paginated version of the component (menu) results.

Thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 1
First, thanks for this extension, this is nice and good extension for joomla.
But, it's not full support for quick install packages. I install it with my yoo_quick_insatll_package (joomla 1.5.22) and it can't analyse any rss link, while it's very good with original joomla 1.5.22 package.
Reviews: 4
Months of hard labor and eventually I found the Perfect RSS component . Thank you developer. Great Job Done.

Works out of the box. In testing mode I really tried to push this component with 700 + feeds Worked like a charm, no hitch no glitch.

Thank you
Reviews: 1
I have been using this component for a few month now. All i can say is that is works like a charm.
There has been 1 update in the past months. And that was also very nice, the possibilty to disable the articletitle to go to th rss-spurce.

To bad to see the website is offline, was looking forward to more updates.

Reviews: 1
Hi I would like to say that this in fact is a good extension right up until we started to secure the joomla installation by password protecting the administrator directory.

For some reason, once you password protect the administrator directory as recommended by many joomla security documents, this module fails to load at all.

If this is resolved, I will happily review this a 5/5.
Reviews: 31
So I eventually found this smart and nice tool. It's easy to install and easy to customize. It should fit evrybody's needs. For me it's the opportunity for showing two different styled news feeds.

Thank you for doing this good job and for sharing with us.

Rudolf Aigner
Reviews: 1
After weeks testing other components, finally I found this one. Good job dev guys!
Reviews: 1
Absolutely love this component and specifically the module. Thank you dev!

Couple things. I use the vertical module but instead of showing only one item at a time, I'd like to select "x" number of items that show up at a time. This way I can show more posts in an allotted amount of time. Could this be something that's easily added to the vertical module?

Also, I'm having problems with the direct link for RSS check (which may cause the automatic RSS check not to work as well?)

In summary, this one is great and will be amazing to me if these issues can be addressed.
Reviews: 7
I like to chance the fontsize but i dont now where. I have maild the maker but no response....

Where can i chance the font size i'ts now 20px so verry big.
Reviews: 6
Over all, pretty good RSS reader. Couple of things that might not be clear: You must select the category of the RSS feed or it won't be shown on the front end. Also some untrapped errors show up if you try to add the same feed 2x or if you don't put up a name.

I tried to register on the site forum to add my comments but kept getting an error message about unable to open socket.

The major problem I had, which others also reported is that if you have a strong '.htaccess' file (like the kind described in Nikolas' 'It takes a Ninja to Kill a Ninja' in the Joomla! Magazine, then this component wont work. It seems the component needs access to some files that would normally be locked out via a strong .htaccess file. You get an OS error message saying you don't have permission to access a file no matter what you set the permissions to.

Hopefully the developer can take a look at that story in the magazine and come up with an override that will allow this component to work with that type of .htaccess file.
Reviews: 1
These are excellent com and mod.
They work perfectly. Create categories and point to your items with new menu, select the category you want and you are good to go!
I wish I was able to open the feeds in the same window rather than opening in new window.
Thank you vey much for the good work.
Reviews: 22
This is an excellent component. It's NOT a basic module like most other RSS extensions. The cron task is a great upgrade. Now with Categories for feeds, it's perfect. The developer keeps improving it too. Super easy to install and works great for my purposes. Well worth a donation to keep the developer interested. THANKS for making this!
Reviews: 17
This plugin solved all my content problems. With this plugin I can display content from any rss feed as content on my site. Easy installation works great. I had to come back and comment.
Reviews: 2
I want to use it in an Intranet invironment. Our domain uses proxy in order to go online. How can I make this component to use our proxy? Is it possible by altering the js file? or by enabling the mod_proxy module in apache?
Reviews: 1
Nice and easy to use component, do what it says.

I hope they can improve this adding some functions like menu link to all categories, add some modules to display feed news.

Keep up the good job!

Reviews: 4
thnks! very nice and easy to use extension, worked flawlessly!

up and running in a minute.
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