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My RSS Reader is a component allowing to show in a Joomla page the feeds generated by the RSS sites you select. The number of RSS item you can add is teorically infinite. Categories is also supported for split up the RSS source based to different argument. The component check for new feeds at specific intervals of time configured by the administrator. The component can use two way for periodically check for new feeds. The best one, if you have the possibility, is to set a cronjob task for call a special URL, generated by the component itself, at specific intervals. Using this way you'll have always your feeds up to date automatically. Unfortunately not all hosting services make available cronjob since this feature could be very CPU consuming for the server. The second solution is to configure the component for generate a temporary special page checking for new feeds. When the guest user visit the feeds page the component verify if a new check must be executed and show a list of the RSS sites to check and an animated progress status of the operation. This dynamic checking use AJAX engine to perform the checks without slow down the page loading.

First important note: the component can extract the feeds info make available from the RSS source.Usually an administrator of a web site exporting RSS feeds can set the site for export the title of the post with the complete body, the title with only a part of the body or the title only. The feeds data exported by the web site based to the decision of the administrator, as explained before, will be the only data showed. There is no possibility for the component to extract more.

Second important note: If Joomla System Cache Plugin is enabled the component will not work well. The plugin cache the RSS check page that will be continuously showed until cache expire. If you experiment such problem check your cache plugin and, in case, disable it.

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Reviews: 3
I love this component, and with the "cronjob" option, it's perfect. :)

It's simply, but have the things a rss reader should have. :)

Keep up the good job

Reviews: 2
This component is very good, clean and works as described. The need to update it manually (or from frequent guest visits) is annoying though. Would be excellent if the the feed update process could be performed with a cron job.
Reviews: 1
This useful extension totally changed my web page...
and the best thing is that is stable ...
I will suggest only to make categories in the new version...


Keep up your good work
Reviews: 2
First off this component installed with no issues, the first indicator its descent. Secondly it does exactly as what is was described to do.

Great job guys!!!
Reviews: 1
Nice component, but needs a way to be able to generate separate pages for different feeds instead of mashing them all together on one.
Reviews: 5
This component is awesome! It's highly stylable through the css to perfectly match your page unlike many of the others available with their own over the top styling that can't be edited. Not sure the first reviewer knew he had these options - he's right in that there isn't much styling options in the backend interface but if you're familiar with editing a css file, you're going to love this com.
Reviews: 1
I like the Idea of your component but it is lacking alot of configuration.

1. No way to change look. font is really big

2. Changes to parameters are non responsive. If I change the amount of feeds on the page or the number of feeds it will not update.

3. Should be able to remove Source display from showing.
Owner's reply


This is a prerelease version and a lot of features still must be added. However if you have some suggestions post your ideas in the FasinSoft support forums. This will allow to discuss better instead use extension's comment form.
Thank you

Reviews: 7
Very nice component, does exactly what it says collection RSS Feeds from various sites and displays it as links or articles from our sites.

I used it on the test site and it worked without any hassle, and hence 5 stars for the work.

If you looking for improvements in the component, I would suggest to add nofollow option to the link of the RSS, by this way we dont lose our PR.

Good luck , love to see more work added on it.
Owner's reply

Hi mrboo,

Thank you for your review. I'm sorry but I don't understand very well the feature you would like to have in the component. Can you post a better explanation about your idea in the FalsinSoft web site forums?
Thank you

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