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Ultimate Feed Display Module

The Ultimate RSS Feed Display module get from a RSS/Atom Feed url news and display them in a nice style format and is very similar with your contents style. You have the absolute control over the RSS content,text,image,date and title. You set the way you want to dsiplay the feed news!

Some features:
+ Remove unwanted words/chars from text (title and/or feed item description)
+ Feed Filtering by keywords
+ TinyURL support
+ Image Cache added - optimized
+ Feed items Pagination
+ Multiple RSS Feed URL supported!
+ Facebook or youtube thumb images supported
+ Lightbox News Reader (2 Modals=Colorbox (jQuery),SqeezeBox (Mootools) )
+ Set table dimensions (columns, rows,padding)
+ Set Align for Title,Text,Image
+ Set Order for Title,Text,Image
+ Enable / Disable Text,Image,ReadMore,Date & Title
+ Limit Chars for Title
+ Limit by words or chars the text
+ Image Source (1st text image or RSS Enclosure tag)
+ Skip small images parameter added
+ Set image Size Width, Height,margin
+ ReadMore style options (Joomla's style,inline,custom)
+ Clean HTML code (content usualy have dirty html code)
+ Allow HTML Tags (exclude tags) from option above
+ Allow HTML Tags or Exclude Html tags from option
+ Date Format & Date Items Order
+ CSS style for customizing output
+ You can override css & tmpl within your MVC Joomla! template.
+ Feed Source Logo

Keywords: RSS Feed,RSS, RSS Reader, RSS News, Feeds Display, Feed news, Feed items displayer

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Reviews: 11
So many different options give me the ability to show a feed however I want. Nowhere else could I find this. It's great for showing a youtube video library from an RSS feed but didn't have lightbox support for vimeo. I wrote to the developer and within that same day, he provided the updated program with the vimeo compatibility. Couldn't ask for better support!
Reviews: 1
This is a fantastic module. Does exactly what I need and looks nice just on the initial upload. IT saved me a lot of work. My thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 1
This is a very good module.

But unfortunately some RSS feeds will take a long time to load and causing entire site to load much longer.

Solution would be to this module to use AJAX, as some of the other feed readers here. Then site loads in normal speed and not depends on the feeds reading time.

I would pay extra 8€ again for this feature.
Reviews: 5
I bought this extension and worked wonderfuly at the first try. I recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable rss feed display.
Many thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 1
Here is one of the kind that make you stop looking elsewhere, what a deep relief!!
The developer was ready to offer a new feature ("keyword filter") and followups in a few hours during a weekend.
You will never regret paying for this excellent piece of work, I couldn't be happier.
Reviews: 9
This is the best RSS feed extension !!! Good and fast support too.
Reviews: 16
I can't speak highly enough of this extension.

I have been installing and trying all sorts of feed extensions and I had quite serious issues with most, mainly concerning lack of versatility and options as well as performance impact (very important)

I really liked the demo of this extension and gave it a try and I am happy to report I have found the main solution to not only one but more of my needs.

First of all, its performance is amazing...I couldn't believe it could fill a whole page with article feeds without negatively impacting page load times. I believe other feed-extension developers can learn from Ultimate feed display.

Secondly, the default styling is great, it fit great in my site.

Thirdly, this is something that sets it apart, it is great in getting youtube feeds and displaying them like articles. The fact that on click the videos are loaded in a jquery popup (also loads amazingly fast) without the visitor leaving your site is a very nice touch.

It has actually saved me the trouble and money of getting a youtube channel extension, and pasting video id or link after video id/link. With this extension, I get the similar functionality but better, more article-like appearance.

Great Work!

Nothing bad to say.

What I would propose for future releases is
a) adding support for other video streaming sites (actually I haven't tested to see if this works yet)
b) Incorporating a pagination functionality, to be able to load many items, while still controlling the length of the webpage.
The developer said it can be done and will be implementing this feature in versions to come, so I am very optimistic.

I don't buy joomla extensions in general, there are so many great free ones that a person is made to doubt whether such investment is worth it.
I can happily say it was definitely worth buying this extension. Finding software that exceeds expectations is not an every day thing...

In addition to everything else, support is prompt and effective and the module is actively developed and improved. I have witnessed two new versions while being a few days customer and there was nothing wrong with the previous versions on my site.

Keep it up Mr Zgouletas!
Owner's reply

Thanks for this great review. The truth is that I have worked hard. Pagination is supported also from 1.3.17+ upgrade to have all latest fixes and features!

Reviews: 1
I had tried to avoid paying for extensions but this one is so worth it. My site was good before but lacked "wow factor" This gives it the touch I was looking for and the lightbox popup keeps visitors on my site. 5 Stars!

Support is top-notch as well.
Reviews: 1
I am very happy with this module and I would like you to consider something for the next version:
Could you please add a choice of a random 5 images when you have no images in the rss feed? That way, we don't have the same logo 10 times on display. That would be great if you could do that and that will make this module even more perfect. :-)
Reviews: 1
I'll give it 5 stars because 10 note is not available!

I looked hard for a feed reader, and I lost a lot of time testing modules! A module that you can configure it without always fiddling with the code! Not being a programmer, it is always a headache and a huge waste of time!

I saw the demo and after trying on my site, I was even more surprised!
Certainly worth the purchase! It is a big deal, and the high level of support, far outweighs the investment!

Before and after I buy the module, I sent many emails with questions that I myself started to feel bad for the excess of questions and doubts!
But not only were answered promptly and were settled and adjusted to my needs!

I'm developing a site for the dissemination of events and if not this module, would spend hours, weeks and months of work. This avoids filling the site with this info! Now it's automatic!
Congratulations and thank you for this module!
Reviews: 2
This RSS Feed application was simple to install, has tons of great functions and I had one tec. Support questions and when using their online form they answered in about 5 minutes. A+ Rating from me! Thanks! Application used on
Reviews: 2
The Ultimate RSS Feed extension is just what I was looking for. Easily configured , with a clean & appealing look & feel. Had a small issue with the lightbox viewer when having 2 feeds in different modules on the same page, but the support was excellent and had it fixed within a few hours of submitting a ticket. Thank you so much!
Reviews: 4
I was looking for a module to display RSS without having the user leave my site - this modules is exactly what I needed.
Once I had small problem with configuration the developer patiently helped me through to get it to work the way I wanted to.

Great module - great support - well worth a small price you have to pay to get it.
Reviews: 3
Looking for a perfect feed reader...look no further! I had one small problem with the youtube videos not opening up in the lightbox window. Within a couple days support responded and fixed it with an update so now there is a youtube lightbox option! Some of the best support I've seen yet. Excellent! Excellent! - Gary
Reviews: 9
I've tried and samples many, and many have failed ... or have work but with extreme effort and required plenty of css coding.

This module is perfect. It's plug and play at its finest.

Another feature that I don't think isn't credited enough is the fact that the feeds open up in a new browser within your webpage, so users don't actually leave your site. Brilliant.

5/5 and a must must by for the price.
Reviews: 7
This is a phenomenal module, easy, and flexible. awesome.
Reviews: 4
Once again Stergios succeeded into creating an amazing extension! I was really surprised how easy was to implemented and customize it per my needs! Stergios rocks!
Owner's reply

what to say? Thank you very much. I always try to give my best :)

Reviews: 4
I'm speachless :D

This modul is not for free but this small amount for a great result i would pay again anytime.

This is the only way to present rssfeeds with pictures in a nice way. Unfortunately is the standard joomla 1.6 rss feedreader not able to handle feeds in a nice readable way...

Thank you developer!
Owner's reply

thank you....soon a new amazing feature! Stay tuned!

Reviews: 6
I've got a great site that make heavy use of jReviews for a lot of different types of listings. I needed a nicely configurable way of taking various RSS feed URLs from my jReviews site and displaying them on some other well-trafficked sister sites.

This helps me and helps my readers (and vendors) find the listings that are related to my content. I expect a significant increase in business from this enhancement.

This inexpensive module does the trick and does it well. Not only that, I asked for small enhancement to the module and realized almost instant feedback and an update! Greatly appreciated.

Definitely recommend!
Owner's reply

thanks! I really appreciate your review. Always try to give my best to have satisfied customers like you and quality services.

Reviews: 19
I am integrating two separate databases in a Joomla website for a Chamber of Commerce using Chamber Master rss feeds. Using a feed display module was important. I was reluctant to try it out since it was a commercial module, but the price was not steep at all.

Boy, am I glad I chose this exension! It was perfect for my needs, and incorporates into the beautifully. I promise you won't be disappointed in functionality or style. This will become a mandatory tool in my toolbox from here on out.
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