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RSS Browser Module

*** J3.x version available now! ***

Joomla module to show list of RSS feeds and display full-length news in a customizable modal window with navigation (browsing).
News open on your page, so the user does not have to leave your site or switch to another window to read all news provided.

Supports everything from the old-school RSS 0.91 and RSS 1.0 formats, to RSS 2.0 and Atom format, in both 0.3 and 1.0 flavors.

Some more features:

* New in 3.4: select from 4 window styles
* Modal window draggable
* Display full news in a modal window or alternatively in a popup browser window.
* New in 3.3: Prepend/append feed item date to title in user defined or original format
* UNLIMITED number of feeds (use reasonably!)
* Adjustable caching time
* Displayed news titles can be limited in number and characters to be displayed.
* Tooltip can be limited to display title or title/description (to be limited by word count).
* Show full or shortened feed description in tooltip and/or text
* Customizable height and width of news browser.

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Reviews: 2
A news feed display module that is simple to install and works well.

Great stuff.

Reviews: 1
After making sure that the requirements were met by our web server, I installed this component and set up an RSS feed to display industry news on our site.

I really like the concept of having a popup display the article linked to by the feed.
Reviews: 1
works great right out of the box. thanks for this!
Reviews: 14
Congrats for the extension! Simple and easy to config.
Reviews: 7
Worked immediately after install, needed ability to limit item descriptions. Posted in support forum, author released new version! Highly recommended - works well in small or large module positions!
Reviews: 3
Nice extension. It's clean easy to install and use for newbie too.

I'd appreciate it a lot if could be animated in a further release.
Thank you so much I'll be suggesting your extension to my friends
Reviews: 1
First of all, thanks for keeping this mod Free over the years. I gave this a 5 Stars but I found that if you click on Headlines it keep loading. You can check it out at . Let me know if it's a bug, my url feeds, web server that causing it.
Reviews: 2

I really like this application. Perfect for what I want.

There was something I was wondering though.. Would it be possible so that when a user clicks on a article, it opens, that there would be a frame at the top or bottom which would include social networking buttons and potentially custom buttons?

Otherwise, would similar functionality be avaiable in the qtip/hover box?

Basically, I want people to be able to share the articles through FB, Twitter, etc, from my site...

In addition, I also want them to be able to comment, so I'm hoping to put a comment button on there which would link to my forum/comments area.

Is this possible?

Thanks again!!!
Reviews: 3
Great RSS browser. Loaded and configured easily. The articles look good, the pop-up looks great!

I had a problem with a simplepie conflict but I changed helper.php to use jloader (I have other modules using simplepie also) but I have had to do that with other modules so it was easy.

Thanks for the module.
Reviews: 1
Few words to congratulate your work. That's a very good improvement for my website. That's work perfectly and an excellent idea.
Many thanks!
A must have module!
Reviews: 1
Sorry, but from my point of view, this is a total failure. Can't get the RSS unfortunately.
Owner's reply

Well, some people got it to work...
Before posting negative reviews make use of the support resources please!

Reviews: 5
Just downloaded and installed version 2.6 on Joomla 1.5.14. It installed quickly and worked flawlessly. Total time from install to a combined feed from 3 sources on my home page was about 5 minutes. CSS labeled properly so I was able to easily adjust the styling to exactly what I wanted. Highly recommend. Thank you so much for sharing the extension with the rest of us.
Reviews: 4
The module is good, and I got it working without too much trouble. It does exactly what it says, but it is missing 2 small improvements.

1. I'm not sure if I am the only one that notices this, but the actual RSS articles take a quite a long time to load, In most of my tests it took a minimum of 20 seconds before I saw the article. In some cases it was over 30 seconds.

2. The modal window shows the entire website, instead of just the article. Really doesn't make it feel like you are reading an RSS feed. It almost seems like you are looking at another website in an iframe.

Fix those 2 things, and then it will be a Great module.
Owner's reply

Please note: The page loaded into the modal window is the page linked from the news feeds, meaning this is not under control of the module developer ! Mostly it is an article, though.

Reviews: 3
Bad news first: It took a bit of a learning curve to get the modules (10 in my case) set up with my menus so that I could have 10 separate pages of feeds each with a different set of feeds on a particular topic.

Good news: There is a video tutorial on the basics of how to set the modules up (you need a new modules for each set of feeds). This along with your basic knowledge of how to create an article (to assign each mod to) and link the article to your menus, and you are off and running!

My big problem was the browser window was larger than my viewable screen size and I couldn't figure it out. So I put in a message on their support form and an admin gave me the answer in LESS THAN 2 HOURS! (FYI: It's on the bottom of the module Parameters section - duh to me!)

And your users never leave your site!

I'm Totally sold on this module.
Reviews: 2
Well it works and it's free so you can't complain too much but it does have some design issues.

Load the module, assign it a position, type in the rss feed URL address and refresh your page and it's there. A small list or table of contents of the various feed topics. So far so good.

The feed contents shows in 1 of two different ways:

1. If you activate mouseover tooltips the contents of the feed are displayed in a tooltip. very nice. Really nice actually. Except for two things. One the font size was really small and made it hard to read. Need to add an option to increase the tooltip font size. Two the news feeds I was reading had a lot of text. So much that the tooltip was about twice the height of the size of my monitor so the top half of the feed was always cut off.

To the author. Add to your feed list and see what I mean. Look at the feed titled 'Serious Fun: AION Voiceover localization' July 30th, 2009. What i recommend is for large feeds like that you allow the tooltip tex box to be wider so all the text can fit into the tooltip. Also make the font size bigger as well or at least the option for it.

2. If you click on the feed topic it opens up a browser window which you can set the size of it. The browser window just shows the entire website the news feed is being sent from. It's a bit slow to scroll around on and if the window is not large enough you may have to scroll around within that window to see the actual news feed. It would be best if you could just make the actual feed text the only thing in that window. Do that and it would be perfect.
Owner's reply

This review is partly wrong, partly incompetent.

1. The size of the tooltip font is - off course - as well controlled by your css ! Everybody building web sites should know this.
The text shown in tooltips can be controlled by the backend, you don't have to display the complete news text in the tooltip, off course.
2. The modal window does NOT show the entire website the feed is being sent from, only the feed header is linked with the source site (you may disable the display of feed headers, if you don't like it). The feeds themselves are linked with the url provided by the feed itself, off course. Everything else would be nonsense.

Reviews: 1
Great idea, but for some reason I can't get the rss links to open in the modal window for any pages except the home page. Also, it would be nice if the modal window that did open resized to fit the viewers browser window... as of now since many of my users cannot see the "close" link, I've had to shorten the modal window.
Reviews: 2
I read over the other reviews and some issues, but decided to give it a try and see for myself. I installed the module as usual and enabled it in the admin panel, refreshed the page and I got the same error message about a problem with line 346 in Simplepie. So following previous examples I looked into Simplepie issue.( takes care of the feeds for joomla)(Joomla is using an outdated version that is not compatible with this module, as the module was built using the latest ver.)
For all who might not know how to fix this. Here is a step by step guide. 1) First go to and grab SimplePie1.13 2) Then setup your joomla installation to except the update. I logged into my joomla site through ftp in Dreamweamer but you can use any ftp program you like. Find the /Library dir then the simplepie folder- rename this folder to something else like simplepie-bak. 3) Create a new folder to replacing the old one and call it simplepie ( this is where you will be copying the new version.) 4) Now go to your downloaded file of Simplepie1.13 and unzip the archive to reveal the contents. 5) copy over the following "idn" folder "create.php" file and most importantly the "" file & the readme.txt and license.txt. to the new simplepie folder you created 6) create a new folder called cache in the root of your Joomla installation if you do not already have one. 7) change the permissions on this folder to (755) to allow server writes. ( for me I right click on the folder and activate the permission dialogue box and input 755 in the window-your ftp program may be different, but instructions should be similar) Now refresh your page with the module activated and you should have a working rss-thick box viewer module-complete with tooltips and rss feeds displaying in a modal window (pop up shaded window via Mootools). This worked for me - instructions may vary slightly for you - but this should be straight forward for most Joomla users.
Great job--on this module, as it cleanly takes care of off-page issues with site visitors reading your feeds. As well all of the included settings make this a must have for displaying news in a left/right column or a whole page).
Owner's reply

Normally, you should not have to do this. RSS Browser comes with its own SimplePie RSS parser and all include paths direct to this version.
Maybe you installed a module which includes Joomla's SimplePie, which may cause conflicts and errors, e.g.
it is NOT recommended to use RSS Browser together with Slick RSS on the same Joomla installation !
Other components and modules using RSS functionality may cause this kind of problems as well.

Reviews: 8
Just getting into the RSS scene for my site and it did not take me long to find this little gem, and it was the FIRST RSS module I even looked at.

I wanted something to show photo's from a feed, as well as introtext, a one liner link just wasn't doing it... This was EXACTLY what I was looking for! tooltips hovers show the photo from the feed, if no photo, then introtext - if that wasn't enough, links open a lightbox effect with set size over your site for better retention.

I have played with this for only about 10 minutes, installed the module, threw in the rss link - realized my news sections will now rock.

If you utilize RSS news feeds on your site, this is MANDATORY.
Reviews: 2
When I first installed the module, I receive a fatal error message about a problem with line 346 in simplepie. I download SimplePie 1.1, installed it and now the module works perfectly.
Owner's reply

SimplePie v. 1.1.1 is included.
(Joomla's SimplePie-Version is outdated.)

Reviews: 1
Great module. However, I can't get it to display pictures in my feed from Atom flick rss feed. That's the major download. Furthermore, pictures in the tooltip gets a placeholder but image disappears after that. Somehow it cleaned up the description, removing the pics even though I allowed images for both description and tooltip description.

An update by the author will be greatly appreciated!
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