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RSS Browser Module

*** J3.x version available now! ***

Joomla module to show list of RSS feeds and display full-length news in a customizable modal window with navigation (browsing).
News open on your page, so the user does not have to leave your site or switch to another window to read all news provided.

Supports everything from the old-school RSS 0.91 and RSS 1.0 formats, to RSS 2.0 and Atom format, in both 0.3 and 1.0 flavors.

Some more features:

* New in 3.4: select from 4 window styles
* Modal window draggable
* Display full news in a modal window or alternatively in a popup browser window.
* New in 3.3: Prepend/append feed item date to title in user defined or original format
* UNLIMITED number of feeds (use reasonably!)
* Adjustable caching time
* Displayed news titles can be limited in number and characters to be displayed.
* Tooltip can be limited to display title or title/description (to be limited by word count).
* Show full or shortened feed description in tooltip and/or text
* Customizable height and width of news browser.

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Reviews: 3
Love this extension! Works perfectly! And it's the best idea I've seen for user retention with RSS on Joomla, too. I'm greatly looking forward to it's future development. Many thanks to developer Horst Lindlbauer and !!! :D

Ideas for future versions:
+ Ability to set different options for each feed separately (eg: Turn on/off each feed image and/or title for each feed separately, as some RSS feeds have images that are too large and/or meaningless titles.)
+ Ability to replace each feed title and/or image with more appropriate images and meaningful titles.
+ CSS templates.
+ Template to manage several feeds within a small area (perhaps using tabs.)

Regards, NicMason
Reviews: 3
It does it's work, the available settings turned this mod exactly in what i was looking for.

Little warning though, not mod related but Thickbox+ (which is needed to run the mod) might give some issues in IE on some sites depending on the settings
Reviews: 1
Unless I have missed something. The News Feed works well, however when you try and open the feed link, it does not open on my site as the author Claims. Intead it Opens in a new browser window. There is a message saying that it requires thick-1.7 and Higher. However the Link goes back to the original file mod_thick_1.7 that I just downloaded.
Something is defintely missing. The Only good thing is the ability to remove RSS images and titles as one pleases. Other wise it would have been a an execellent module. At the end of the day it is no different from the Joomla Default. I give it thumbs down for false claims.
Owner's reply

Please do not post negative reviews unless
you viewed the demo, read the FAQs and / or contacted the developer.
There are no false claims but in your review.

Reviews: 3
...the Thickbox+ effect does not work. I tried installing both the regular and Prototype versions of Thickbox+ and the articles still open in the parent window, taking users away from the site instead of leaving them with the stories open in front of the site window.

It pulls the RSS feed just fine...but I can't seem to get it to work as fully demonstrated. I posted on the forum for help 4 days ago with no response. I sent an e-mail to the developer yesterday. I don't expect an immediate response, however it just says that there is not a lot of support for this component.

Too bad, too. I wanted to give this an Excellent rating. :(
Owner's reply

This user did neither understand the concept nor the installation process. She installed Slick(!) RSS and complained, it would not open a thickbox.... I don't know what to say - please ignore this review!

Reviews: 1
A fantastic module that does what it says - 1st time. We have used it in multiple module positions on the front-page, pulling multiple RSS feeds in.

Using thickbox means your visitor reads the RSS news of the other site - Without leaving users. Priceless for vistor retention.

I had a small annoyance with the way the tool-tip and the title collided. Contacted the dev - and an answer was received that evening with a solution.
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