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RSS Factory PRO ComponentModule

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
RSS Factory PRO can display relevant RSS feeds set from the backend which is a clean way to direct genuine traffic towards the site.

The component combines all the abilities of RSS Factory with a very special feature Import2Content, allowing complete or partial import of specified feeds into your Joomla! content.

Layout & Themes

Multiple display styles (tiled, list, tabbed, slider)
Multiple content presentation styles (tooltip, table, modal)
Fully customizable CSS

Key Features

Import feeds to content (for each feed, a section and category can be chosen, including the author and publishing period)
Full article import (add various rules for your feeds, for example you can select to display only the story body and the title of the article)
Automatic refresh of feeds through Cron or Pseudo Cron
Users can submit feeds
Voting system for feeds
Commenting system
FavIcons for feeds (pulled from feed sites or custom uploaded)
Ads integration (display ads of your choice in between feeds)
Word filter (include/exclude articles that contain certain keywords)
Automatic unpublishing of erroneous feeds
FTP protocol for retrieving RSS XMLs
Permissions management
Quick search bar


Multi-language support, UTF-8 support, comes default with English INI language files
SEO/SEF friendly (compatible with Artio JoomSEF)
Default integration with Joomla! user profile, allowing a single login for Joomla! and component
Easy transition to RTL
Simple installation, configuration and updating process


Unlimited categories and subcategories levels
Categories navigation module

Main Settings

Date & Time format (can hide date on feed display)
Set the number of feeds per page
Set display styles
Set up Import2Content (general settings, default article parameters, relevant stories, word filter)
Enable/disable search form
Enable and set up commenting system
Enable ads and set the number of rows to be shown after
Enable and set up component routing of the links
Set the number of feeds per page
Hide or show empty source feeds
Enable/disable FavIcons
Hide or show enclosures
Set up Cron Job and Pseudo Cron
Enable and set up word filter
Manage permission settings for all user groups

Modules & Plugins

Feeds display module with multiple sorting types (date, votes, comments, hits and random)
Categories navigation module
3 Plugins (content, system and search)

Backend Management

Actions: create new feeds and edit existing ones, manually refresh feeds, publish submitted feeds, etc.
Overview comments
Manage ads
Clear and optimize cache
Generate and restore backup archives
Import from CSV (there are sample files in the component archive and in the component admin folder)

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Reviews: 2
Hi, i’m using RSS Factory since age on my blog, and i just moved of host, so i faced an annoying error message on RSS factory that forced me to upgrade the module, so i pay nearly 40€ for that, but the error remain, it was determined that the error message was related to the new open base dir restriction that my host use, (you have to know that open base dir is a good pratice recommended for joomla for security purpose) so Erick gave me a release 3.22 of the module who was seem able to handle such restriction, i installed the module and the message went, but when updating the rss flux the module hang on « processing request » and nothing happen, if you refresh the page the flux is well updated but that a shame for a module of this price, after nearly two week of figth, the final word of this « factory » of non sens is :

We already replied to this in previous tickets.
Its not a component issue, its a hosting issue.

Best regards,

Erik Folberth
Project Manager
SKEPSIS Consult SRL / The Factory Team

So if you plan to use this module check that your host don’t use open base dir, or you will have no support at all,

Best regards,

Owner's reply

Guillaume, We are sorry you felt then need to post a "revenge-review", despite the fact that we tried to solve an issue, which - as you know - was not a product issue, but a hosting issue on your side. But as they say - no good deed remains unpunished.

Our best response to this review can only be quotes from your own emails:

on 30.Oct.2012 you wrote:
"Thank you a lot erik, I dont know if Andrei send you the message I transmetted to him last evening, but I would like to apologize for my last time attitude when I faced this last issue with rss factory,
I was in a bad period for me and I pay a lot of attention to my blog, and I was very sad with you because I was totaly noob with web technologies and I was persuaded that the issue was your fault, and btw it was a php issue, (that a french forum on infomaniak host confirmed to me) So i’m sincerrely sorry, it was the darkside of myself that i dont love of course, but we are dual…
Thanks a lot Erik,

on 2.Nov.2012 you wrote:
"Hi Erick, you close my case so i\'ll get back, i\'m sincerelly sorry, but things goes bad and bad by my side so i was forced to upload a
backup from a state previous of the install of rss factory 3.22 (will took 48h), this will force me and my host to a lot of effort, ......
Kind regards,
Guillaume Saviard."

You acquired the product from us at least three times during the last 3 years and I think we had a good business relation. It's unfortunate
you chose to punish us with this 2 stars review for a product unrelated matter (some setting in your hosting environment).

Reviews: 24
I use RSS Pro for Years to make Sport News joomla articles from RSS for a big sport portal.

It does the job without any problems/ I end up with nice new Joomla articles with image every day, automatically. Does any other RSS reader can do that?

Always work perfectly and I get a good support from the Developer.

Thank You RSS Pro
Reviews: 2
I find the product a mess and a time consuming tool. It gave me a feeling of an uncompleted product. Functions like tabbing, content previews, layout have a most unclear functionality.

The ambitions are probably high and perhaps later on we'll see a product worth paying for.

Gorm Chandler
Owner's reply

It's unfair to receive such a negative review, since we are always taking customers feedback very seriously.

The current layout was developed based on our customers suggestions and till now we did not received any complaints. It would have been more productive for all of us, if you would have helped us, by communicating with us these aspects and explaining them.

Reviews: 1
After using the free version for more then 1 year in several websites i was convinced to
purchase the PRO version, and i was never sorry. The great additional features and the nice
new views are great, administrator back end is as easy as in the free version, but has more
options. The best thing about this one is the import to content feature that helped me create
a brand new website packed with content in no-time.
Support is smooth and the response is quick – i got all i needed through their ticketing system,
but forum looks fine too. Thanks guys, keep it up!
Reviews: 3
I'm using RSS Factory Pro on my educational site and I couldn't be happier. It allows us to provide relevant news from multiple sources in an unlimited organizational structure. There is no other component out there that comes close to the functionality of RSS Factory Pro!

We're not even using the feeds to content feature, great for those looking to generate site content, and it's still one of the best investments that I've made on any of my Joomla sites.

Many thanks to the good folks at The Factory for providing the functionality that allows us to develop a definitive news source for our students!
Reviews: 7
the extension looks like its cool, but the support is terrible, if you need support you need to request in a forum. I have 3 days with a issue posted in the forum without receive any response. I just compared with other extensions that i receive support in less than 12 hours, here not.

Too expensive extension for NOT SUPPORT!
Owner's reply

As i have noticed in our forums your complains are regarding the FREE version of RSS Factory.
For the free version we have no prioritary support, as you for sure fully understand.
For 24 hour replies we suggest you purchase the RSS Factory PRO, and you get not only additional features but also import to content of full news articles.