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Multi Social Tabs Module

This module allows you to combine all of your favorite social networks profiles and feeds into slick slide out or static tabs

Fast loading with each social network feed loaded using AJAX

Its included the 19 social networks with feeds and 1 custom tab for load module

1. Twitter Latest Tweets – Profile or Twitter List
2. Google Latest +1s
3. Facebook Page Wall Posts
4. Facebook Like Box/Stream
5. Facebook Recommendations
6. LinkedIn – Company Profile, Member Profile, Company Insider & Jobs Plugins
7. Youtube Latest Uploads/Favorites
8. Vimeo Likes/Videos/Appeared In/Albums/Channels/Groups
9. Delicious Latest Bookmarks
10. Latest Diggs
11. Pinterest Pins
12. Flickr Gallery
13. RSS Latest Posts
14. Dribbble Latest Shots or Likes
15. Stumbleupon Favorites/Reviews
16. Loved/Recent/Reply Tracker
17. Tumblr – Latest Posts (photo, video, regular, quote, audio, conversation & links)
18. Deviantart – Latest posts
19. Custom Tab (Load module in tab)
20. SoundCloud (Show soundcloud audio from user)

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Reviews: 1
This module functionality is very good, thought I have a bit trouble when configure youtube and google+, but my issues is solved very quickly by supporters on tickets.
Unfortunately, this module conflicts with other module on mysite, but very quick, the supporter solved it when I open a ticket.
Today, softwre as service, so I think GOOD SERVICE IS GOOD SUCCESS!
Everything is not perfect , but the enthusiastic help make the world to be nice!
Reviews: 3
Thanks to all support team, you are great, i recommend to everyone!! Thanks again!! :-)
Reviews: 10
An extremely professional looking module, particularly if you are planning to display social channels on a business site. Very comprehensive selection of virtually every social network to choose from. Well worth the minimal outlay.
Reviews: 3
I usually don't post reviews here, but for this extension, I really had to.
After a problem with the G+ tab, the developer answered within hours to my support ticket and sent me detailed instructions.
Thanks for a great extension!
Reviews: 5
This module works perfect, nice design and works fast. At first the extensions didn't show, created a ticket and within an hour received great support!!! 5 star rating at least
Reviews: 1
Its a really nice module!

I recommend everyone to buy this module and you will get the best support!

Thanks Prakash!
Reviews: 1
Its a really nice module!

but i had some few problems with the module and Prakash has given me very Excellent support.

I recommend everyone to buy this module and you will get the best support!

Reviews: 2
Just to say a great module and works as it says

I had an issue after publishing the module, (it wouldn't show up) but Prakash fixed it within 10 minutes!

Only suggestion would be to make the documentation link on the download page work, or include in the download as to what position to publish the module to.

Reviews: 1
I had some issues setting up the module:

1) I didn't know how to retrieve the numeric FB ID.

2) My template has a specific style for modules that will show an empty box even if the module is empty.

I submitted a ticket and received an outstanding support. I gave access to the support team to my page and they helped me set up the module.

They even updated the module so I could add a suffix class to the module and override the templates style. They must have done this because it was a fairly minor change, but it is greatly appreciated.

After this two small issues were resolved the extension worked like a charm.

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I had problems with IE and Chrome and Prakash sent me a fix right away. Thank you for a great plugin. Works like a charm.
Reviews: 7
Ran into a few issues implementing this mod with SSL support. Prakash was super quick with his support and very friendly and helpful. Happy to say it's all working no probs now