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Scontent ModulePlugin

Scontent is a joomla plugin + joomla module.

Scontent plugin currently has the following features:
- Vote up or vote down
- Bookmark and share using addthis widget
- "Quote this"
- Flag/report abuse
- AlphaUserPoints integration

Scontent module shows a list of best or worst articles based on the votes count from the plugin.

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Reviews: 1
This is nice, clean, & simple extension for Joomla that our community site users love. I have it installed on both Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5 sites and am anxiously awaiting the release of Scontent for Joomla 3, specifically j3.3.

Does anyone have any idea if / when this extension will be compatible with Joomla again?

I would include Scontent in my all time Top-10 list of 3rd party joomla plugins
Reviews: 2
First i will thank the developer for creating this cool extension.
It would have been better if both the results are shown. I mean those who "voted up" in "green" to the left and those who "voted down" in red to the right. Here the problem is if 5 member vote up and another 5 vote down the result goes 0. so the user won't get the exact result.
Reviews: 1

this is really a great tool! Thanks a lot for your work. It would be perfect if it would be possible to enable the plug only in certain categories.

Ciao Peter
Reviews: 6
I wanted something like this, but did not expect to find it. Suddenly - here it is, even with AUP integration.

You are a genious! Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 14
I can't say one bad thing about SContent (well, other than it's totally in the wrong category).

I had been looking for a plugin that offered a way for users to report problems with our videos.. and finally foun it. And I was very happy to see that it not only does that, but incorporates voting and tagging. What a blessing!!

A million thanks to the developer. This is a fantastic plugin with not one single thing wrong with it. Great job!
Reviews: 14
This plugin made me so happy and so frustrated at the same time when I found it. I'd looked for something exactly like this for a long time, since Joomla 1.5 until yesterday when I found it. I have no idea why this is listed under toolbars instead of Ratings and Reviews. I imagine I'm not the only one that won't find this because of miscategorization.

However, as far as the plugin itself goes. Works great, easy to customize with the css. It turns your meta keywords for articles into tags which is nice to have without having to go to k2. I haven't seen a single bad thing to say about the plugin.
Reviews: 3
Simple voting plugin and module, easy to configure, even possible with own template. Great support,:-) Now even with integration into alphauserpoints!
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension, does the job. However I can't seem to get the captcha to show for the flagging feature.
Reviews: 2
First of all i wanna thank you for this plugin.
i have the same opinion like superlogy, what he waned to say is this limitation need a little more improvement; vote once for each article, coz i'm testing it and i can vote the same article many times wich not practical , to make voting more efficient it must be limited by IP adress so user can vote all articles but only one vote for each article.
Reviews: 6
Great job, it could be perfect if it's possible to limit user voting per article, i mean user can vote any article but just once each article.
Hope this option will be available soon.

Thanks a lot for this plugin
Owner's reply

You should take a look into the plugin configuration before making a review. In plugin configuration you can choose between differents voting periods: "always", "once", "once-a-day","once-a-week", etc.

Reviews: 1
Great job, Really like it. One thing I cannot get working is the number of comments to show on home page. I have checked settings.
Reviews: 11
This is an Very good Plugin works great on joomla content..But i use k2, it would be awsome if it can be made to work for k2 also
Thanks DEV
Reviews: 7
Sleek interface that is classy. Easy functionality. Flexible in terms of placement within content (even before/after the title, etc). This is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to add vote up functionality to their site, and possibly other things like tags.
Reviews: 4
Great plugin - easily installed.

Seemed to conflict with mootools as my page stopped working properly so had to uninstall. Would love to have this on my site if it worked 100%
Owner's reply

Try the RC2 version. The conflict with mootools must be fixed.
Thanks for the feedback.

Reviews: 12
this extensions remember me to WMT Like It plugin in this same directory but in this case, the extensions works fine!! and whith a module to show the ratings, maybe i will change of category.. thing about that
Owner's reply

In fact, if you see the source code of scontent you will see credits for WMT in some functions. ;)

About the category, I think this category is the best for scontent as I'm going to implement several options as article's tools.

Thanks very much for your comments and try the new version which works better.

Reviews: 10
OK, this is one of those "does as it says on the tin" extensions.

Cant fault it, it works.