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MultiTwitter Module

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Version 1.6.1+ works with the recent Twitter API changes. No key is required.

Abivia's Multi-Twitter module lets you construct complex twitter searches, filter and edit the results, and display them the way you want. Multi-Twitter can perform multiple searches then merge the results into a single feed.

Other Twitter modules simply help you build a search query. Multi-Twitter doesn't. We let you use Twitter search syntax and add value by handling the search results in an intelligent manner.

Full release history and parameter documentation is available on the extension page.

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Reviews: 6
Lot of configuration options let me do the fine-tuning as needed. No trouble with other Joomla stuff like JBLib,... I recommend it
Reviews: 15
After the new Twitter api update it was so hard to find a working 1.5 module. I still have some clients running 1.5 sites and needed to update the twitterfeeds. It's just plug and play with this one. Create the key on twitter, install the module and plugin and its works like a charm!
Reviews: 2
I've had three other twitter feed extensions fail, particularly after Twitter changed something in early June 2013. This one works great.
Thank you!!
Reviews: 6
Works straight away with the Twitter changes, no fuss, no messing. Does what it says and most important it works!
Reviews: 1
Very good and easy working module. Selecting multiple sources works great.

I'd love to see different div's for odd and even rules/tweets, so it's easier to style.

Loading tweets from multiple users take's some time. Making my site load slower. The module would be even greater if the tweets load asynchronous? With for example a bit of javascript (httprequest).
Reviews: 4
Very fast tweet module and really simple. In 1 minute i installed the module and it was ready.
Reviews: 10
Download, install, add names, publish and DONE less than 2 minutes! This is exactly what I was looking for. Twitter feed to show the feeds of certain users I follow on twitter, and this super fantastic module did it all FREE!

Thank you very much.
Reviews: 8
I don't comment much about extensions. This module is simply excelent! Simply to implement and very efective doing what is being said it will do. If this is the non-commercial version (it does enough and more for my blog), I would like to see what else can do the commercial version. Congratulation for your work, and thank you for providing free for the little guy such a handy tool.
Reviews: 3
I have been building Joomla sites for many years, and many of my sites have required twitter functionality. As such I have scoured the extensions directory for the best of the best, and MultiTwitter is my new favorite. Easily the top solution for advanced queries, and also stands up well against other simpler extensions for just displaying single user feeds.

The only thing I noticed is missing that other twitter modules I've used do, is having hashtags show up as links in the feed. If that functionality was added I would have everything I can think of wanting in one extension.
Owner's reply

You'll notice that our most recent release supports hash tag links. Thanks for the suggestion!

Reviews: 3
The proof is in the pudding- this one has everything I needed, including a way to scrape @replies and get them to list. Be sure to read the author's brief page detailing what each field does. Install, publish, configure, and *poof* you are up and running. Highly recommended- only suggestion I would have is for the author to build in a few default stylings.
Reviews: 17
I was looking for a Twitter display module which can handle a more complex search, rather than just displaying the Tweets of @so-and-so. Well this one can. It's a pity I had to try and compare so many modules before I found this one. But that's not your fault ;-) Please keep up the good work. Maybe you can add some auto refresh and/or rotating to it in the future?
Reviews: 4
This is really great product! I have put it on my site and I can tell that it works perfectly and that can support most complex search strings with twitters search operators. Also Abivia Support is really outstanding. I didn't know how to do something and send request for skype. They come on line and fix everything within 10 minutes. Strongly recommend!
Reviews: 2
It is a really nice module; it is not hard to install either to set up and works nice.

Thanks Abivia for your enforce on this...
Reviews: 3
the module installed easily and was up and working within no time. good work as always
Reviews: 1
This is a really superb twitter display module. I have tried 5 or 6 others, and this offers by far the most versatile configuration options. The thing I like the most is how I can even set the format of the date. Well done developers - great job!
Reviews: 1
As a 'newbie' to Joomla I found this extension to do exactly what it says. Installs no problem and easy to set up, even for a newbie like me. Worked faultlessly first time with very little 'customisation' needed to fit in perfectly with my site.
Thank you very much for this superb, easy to use extension.
Reviews: 6
I spent hours and hours trying several twitter modules, and most of them were really buggy or unecessarily complex, or didn't include basic features like the date/time of your tweet. I was about to give up and then I found THIS module. It has everything I need, works great and is quick and easy to configure. Search no more, you've found the twitter mod you've been looking for!
Reviews: 1
I am a freelancer who administers a foundation's website. I researched a few Twitter modules and the finalists that I installed for testing were this one and jTweet. Though we do not utilize the multi-feed feature from MultiTwitter (you can show feeds from more than one Twitter account), I chose MultiTwitter because I found the ability to control the display of the information using CSS superior given my skill set.

I am a Joomla noob so I was flying through this process without a deep understanding of the infrastructure that drives Joomla nor any particular extension. But I am an experienced web coder so I figured if I could tweak the display with CSS and control the format of tweets coming in, I'd be fine.

Installation and setup were simple. I got the module running in no time, though I spent quite some time afterward customizing the CSS styles to integrate nicely with my site.

Then, suddenly, my tweets were not posting. It was as if I had tweaked myself out!! Well, I logged into forums and searched for answers. None for my exact issue. So I added my help beacon to the forum.

I got an email from the developer, Alan, shortly thereafter. Note that this was on 12/23 in the late afternoon when most people have turned off their phone ringer and headed to see relatives for the holidays. Not Alan.

Anyway, Alan was incredibly responsive, didn't treat me like an idiot (yes, I've had that kind of reply from developers who are sure it's just some noob screwing things up!) and solved my issue. He even updated his own code to help isolate and solve the issue. And he explained it in non-geek speak.

Last, I can say that from the other comments on the forums, it seems my Abivia MultiTwitter troubleshooting experience is not unique. I'll be back for more Abivia extensions, and I'll let my other clients know about it.
Reviews: 3
It is just what I needed, but It would be completely amazing if you can add pagination after certain amount of tweets!! That would be really great!
Reviews: 2
i tried to use this module but this is a problem with it. it showed me this message (
This module needs to use url fopen wrappers, but they are disabled) and there is no real and detailed solution for it in the forms, as an idea is a great but we need it to work
Owner's reply

This is an issue with your PHP environment and is outside our control. Contact your hosting company or switch to another one.

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