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MultiTwitter Module

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Version 1.6.6 fixes several issues with version 1.6.5.

Version 1.6.5 fixes a parse bug thanks to changes at Twitter and adds updater support for J2.5 and 3.x.

Version 1.6.4 handles recent (spring 2014) changes with new Twitter profiles and tags. No Twitter key is required.

Abivia's Multi-Twitter module lets you construct complex twitter searches, filter and edit the results, and display them the way you want. Multi-Twitter can perform multiple searches then merge the results into a single feed.

Other Twitter modules simply help you build a search query. Multi-Twitter doesn't. We let you use Twitter search syntax and add value by handling the search results in an intelligent manner.

Full release history and parameter documentation is available on the extension page.

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Reviews: 1
I am a freelancer who administers a foundation's website. I researched a few Twitter modules and the finalists that I installed for testing were this one and jTweet. Though we do not utilize the multi-feed feature from MultiTwitter (you can show feeds from more than one Twitter account), I chose MultiTwitter because I found the ability to control the display of the information using CSS superior given my skill set.

I am a Joomla noob so I was flying through this process without a deep understanding of the infrastructure that drives Joomla nor any particular extension. But I am an experienced web coder so I figured if I could tweak the display with CSS and control the format of tweets coming in, I'd be fine.

Installation and setup were simple. I got the module running in no time, though I spent quite some time afterward customizing the CSS styles to integrate nicely with my site.

Then, suddenly, my tweets were not posting. It was as if I had tweaked myself out!! Well, I logged into forums and searched for answers. None for my exact issue. So I added my help beacon to the forum.

I got an email from the developer, Alan, shortly thereafter. Note that this was on 12/23 in the late afternoon when most people have turned off their phone ringer and headed to see relatives for the holidays. Not Alan.

Anyway, Alan was incredibly responsive, didn't treat me like an idiot (yes, I've had that kind of reply from developers who are sure it's just some noob screwing things up!) and solved my issue. He even updated his own code to help isolate and solve the issue. And he explained it in non-geek speak.

Last, I can say that from the other comments on the forums, it seems my Abivia MultiTwitter troubleshooting experience is not unique. I'll be back for more Abivia extensions, and I'll let my other clients know about it.
Reviews: 3
It is just what I needed, but It would be completely amazing if you can add pagination after certain amount of tweets!! That would be really great!
Reviews: 1
i tried to use this module but this is a problem with it. it showed me this message (
This module needs to use url fopen wrappers, but they are disabled) and there is no real and detailed solution for it in the forms, as an idea is a great but we need it to work
Owner's reply

This is an issue with your PHP environment and is outside our control. Contact your hosting company or switch to another one.

Reviews: 1
Like the other reviewers of most of the Twitter extensions, I too was looking for the "right" extension. MultiTwitter, in my opinion, is definitely the best and most versatile one on the list. I would even say better then YOOtweet which is not listed here.

Setup is straight forward and even for a newbie like me, configuring css was a snap. Their forum has all the css tags you need to get its appearance to fit your needs.

I did make a few modifications to its layout by editing the jtml file to get it to look exactly the way I wanted but as far as functionality, it's the best!

Awesome module!
Reviews: 9
I've tried and tested atleast 10 different twitter feed mods, I specifically needed to display multiple twitter feeds.

Despite other modules talking a fair game, they seemed to falter.

Abivia twitter module works just great and is fast to load. The support is also fantastic. I only usually edit css but they helped me configure the css for this module so I got it laid out exactly how I want it.

Big thumbs up to this module and their team.
Reviews: 1
Setting up a local online newspaper, I've searched for an easy module to display results of the three local football (soccer respectively) clubs. The coaches send sms to different twitter accounts. Joining the three twitter accounts together and display the updates was my task. Searching and testing approx. 20 (!) modules, each and every one failed for different reasons - until I found Abivia Multi-Twitter together with the JTML plugin required.
+ easy to install
+ self-explaining backend
+ time format easy as php strftime()
+ many features
+ works instantly (don't forget the jtml plugin)
+ it's the best - forget the rest
Reviews: 17
Very flexible and easy to use. Many filtering options. A Must have :)
Reviews: 5
I wanted a way to combine other specific feeds, twitter keyword search, and my own low-volume twitter feed into one timeline in a module related to the site topic. Excellent and easy to set up module (be sure to get and install the required plug-in as well).

Wish list: Twitter Account kill list (to curb spam), include the "- (search term)" documentation for open searches in the XML file so it pops up in the administration menu. Those are very minor quibbles. This is a solid, elegantly coded module.
Reviews: 1
Have been trying to find a Twitter module that worked AND supported multiple Twitter feeds for a couple hours now. Abivia Multi-Twitter does it, and does it well. Thank you for the great module!
Reviews: 1
Thank you so much !
This module is fantastic. Simple install, simple config and great flexibility. After trying almost every (non commercial) module i finally found the one i need.

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