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Latest Tweets Module

"Latest Tweets" is a sleek module by JoomlaWorks which can be used to fetch your Twitter statuses on your Joomla! website, the easy way and real-time.

Just set your parameters and publish the module. You can even copy the module to multiple instances and fetch the latest tweets from different users on your website (e.g. in a multi-author environment).

Unlike other related modules, this one does not require that you create a Twitter app for your site (a quite tedious process). Instead it uses 2 "proxy" services which provide a public API to Twitter's now walled garden of APIs.

The module is released under the GNU/GPL v2 license and you can see a demo here (frontpage, left column):

Enjoy one more fine release from JoomlaWorks!

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Reviews: 2
Thanks JoomlaWork for such a nice and simple module..moreover for free..!
Reviews: 2
Installs in a breeze, add twitter username, tweets count and a few other items, and yo're done. No hassle, adjusts nicely to the website's style.
Reviews: 2
It looks pretty good. The profile picture is necessary to give it 5 stars. Anyway, it's a pretty good module, thank you so much.
Reviews: 13
It is a nice looking module, and seems very straightforward. It performed well in Safari and Firefox, however for some reason it stopped IE8 from loading the page content 9 out of 10 times. After messing with the CSS (I have no idea why that should matter), it stalled making connection to Twitter, but only once- and it never repeated this behavior. I tested it using several Twitter accounts with the same result.

Turning off the module returned my web site to normal.
Reviews: 1
I tried 4 other modules before this one and it did the trick. Simple style yet exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!