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Latestweets Module

Multi Twitter Module :This is the best twitter Module In Joomla.This Awesome Multi Twitter plug-in display your(s) latest tweets on Joomla .You can display any twitter-user tweets on your Joomla site by simple adding the twitter user-name.

★★★★★Module works very well with updated twitter API version 1.1★★★★★


1 - It supports - Single + Multiuser tweets display,

2 - Compatible with all the latest web browser's Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer-7,8 .

3 - Its very easy to configure and handy to use .

4 - Mouse Driven Scroller .

For any query or suggestion please visit our support-forum .

* This extension is also available for Magento

Working Internet :)

Version 1.3:

* Number of tweets feature enabled.You can set no of tweets from the module admin .

* Set Width of the module from the module admin.

Version 1.4:

* Space is trimmed now , This extension will work now if you forgot to remove spaces between the user-name .

Version 1.5 :

* Now you can use this extension as "Twitter Search Widget ". As you can see here - the search string is "iphone"(

Version 1.6 :

* Now you can change the header background with any color

Version 1.7 :

* This version is also available for joomla 1.6 .(Please let us know if you want it )

Version 1.8 :

*Both the file (joomla1.5+joomla1.6) inside mod_latestweets .Unzip the folder and follow the documentation file.

Version 1.9 : (Major Release)

Now you can use latestweets module more than once on a same page , by just using the simple copy the module

Version 2.0

Link issue has been solved

Version 2.1 (Major update)

Now tweets will load automatically , no need to refresh the page everytime

*********Joomla 1.6 Version will also work with Joomla 1.7 and 2.5 ********

For any query or suggestion please visit our ticket support system :

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Reviews: 6
This is another great extension from Webkul. Easy to install and works perfectly. Their support is absolutely superb. I would definitely recommend this extension.
Reviews: 5
This Twitter module works good at what it does, but is missing some features that many other modules have.

I got Latesttweets because it is the only 3.2 compatible twitter module that will display tweets from multiple twitter accounts. This feature works well, and is simple to set up.

What is missing are options to customize the look, such displaying the avatar or not, choosing between displaying the twitter username or real name etc.

This would be worth the $$ if it had all the options that the free modules have, plus the ability to display multiple feeds. Responsive would be nice too.
Reviews: 10
This is a perfect module for adding twitter feeds to the site. It's easy to install,looks good, works perfect and it has very good support if it comes up a problem.You won't regret.
Reviews: 1
I had a js conflict after installing latestweet. The people of Webkul fixed It in no time. Thanks
Reviews: 2
These guys have FINALLY made an application which displays updates from MULTIPLE Twitter accounts.

We had a slight issue with gk_gaming_magazine template but their support was quick and they instantly fixed it. Well done!
Reviews: 3
This extension is simple to install and us. I had a little problem and the fix it. Excellent support.
Reviews: 1
Does what it says, it installs simply. I had a problem changing some of the font colours and was helped out and shown how to it myself. worth the small investment.
Reviews: 1
I had an installation issue, a jquery conflict apparently, but this was sorted as soon as I asked for help. I got an immediate response. Thanks
Reviews: 1
Wow, I wish all modules had this kind of support. As a novice in site development, it's nice to know that great support is there when you need it. Not only did I get an immediate response to my elementary question, they pasted the code changes I needed to make. Thanks Vipin!!!
Reviews: 6
I was looking for an extension that offered the facility of showing tweets from multiple accounts. Stumbled upon Latest Tweets and never looked back!
Very simple to install and configure, as well as a very neat. Had a problem with getting the scroll function to work, contacted the support team and they responded almost immediately!

Well worth the money!
Reviews: 1
Finally a multi-user tweets extention that works like a charm. Looks amazing works amazing.
The support I needed was very fast.

Little critism:
Perhaps an idea to publish the solution or an update because apparently a lot of people need help.
Owner's reply

Hi Brother ,

Thanks for Such a brilliant response , Highly Appreciated . For you concern i want to clarify that module is very much updated and ready to use instantly .


Vipin Sahu


Reviews: 1
An excellent extension that did everything I needed and looks great on my site. Full credit must go for superb technical backup that was efficient and fast. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
Used this great module on our website because it can display multiple twitter accounts. Something the other modules can't seem to do.
Support is also good and quick!
Reviews: 2
This is a great module for adding Twitter feeds to your site. What I like best is that you can have multiple sources/feeds feeding into the module.

When I had a brief issue with installation and configuration, I got immediate help to resolve the problem.

Great job!
Reviews: 4
the support was so fast i had my question answered and fixed, was up and running in no time. Very good support.

Keep up the good work
Reviews: 2
Sahu Vipin (Webkul) provided splendid support with an issue we faced within our site. We arranged a login to our test environment where he solved the problem after which we transferred the changed file to production. Really great! Paul
Reviews: 5
I wanted a simple twitter feed which would allow my client to show tweets from a variety of usernames. This was perfect. No hassle at all. I also styled it up with css in about 10 minutes to fit seamlessly within my site. Cannot fault it.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a Twitterfeed that could show more then one account. This module is exactly what I needed. Also quick respond on question.
Reviews: 1
I am glad I found this module that does exactly what I want it to do: display the tweets on my timeline.
I must say the support was swift. I posted a question and in less than 30 mins I got a response that solved the issue.
Thank you Webkul for this wonderful module.
Reviews: 6
Very quick in providing support. After reading the reviews, i decided to purchase this module. When i had some trouble installing it, i received support immediately and now it is installed, configured and working (in under 30 seconds). I'm very happy with this module :-)
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