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Tweet Display Back Module

Tweet Display Back is a simple yet powerful Joomla! module that allows you to display your Twitter feed on your site.

Features include:

- Four templates, each designed to allow you to quickly deploy the module on your site
- Twitter Web Intents helping to make quick actions even simpler without allowing external access to your account
- Display a list, user's favorites, or a user feed
- Display options to customize the position of various module pieces
- Choose to display tweets you've retweeted or not
- Filter @mentions and @replies from your stream
- Display your Twitter profile info, or don't
- Display as many or as few tweets as you choose
- Customizable language strings for international support and distributed with community contributed translations

Download version 3.0 for Joomla! 2.5 and 3! The module is distributed in a total of 12 languages, so check to see if your language is supported!

Click the "Demo" link above to see the module live, to include a preview of changes to come in the next release.

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Reviews: 28
Fabulous extension. I am using this on several sites.

I occationally had some problems with "Timed Out connection to Twitter", but since I upgraded to version 3.1.0 Beta, and added "consumer key" authentication, this has been flawless.

All the best to the developer.
Reviews: 1
I'm so glad that I found this extension. It took me months of waiting and searching before I finally this. Thank you!
Reviews: 12
It worked intermittently on one of my sites in 2013. I installed on a new site 2014 and no joy
Reviews: 7
I had seen this module no another website, wanted to use on ours. It looks to have good features but unfortunately on our site it didn't connect to twitter. Dev's support pages confirm similar issues from other people and had to move to another module. I hope the developer can iron out the issues if they get time.
Reviews: 16
After trawling through way too many less than average modules - simply looking for something that would show latest tweets - I finally found this module. Worked straight out of the box and does exactly what I need it to do (Show Latest Tweets!) WITHOUT a great big "song and dance" first. Fast to configure, looks great - 100% !
Reviews: 8
Good job, this is a super module to display tweets. Numerous display options easy to customize.
Reviews: 2
What can I say:
Easy download, no hoops or registration
Installed with no issues
In less then 5 minutes I had tried 3 different types of presentation (list broke my front end, no biggie, just selected another type).
Quickly sized it and colored it to match all within the module.
Really nice guys thanx.
Hope future updates are visible in the sites control panel.
Reviews: 1
Good job, this is definitely the best module to display tweets.
Reviews: 8
This module its just the best way to display tweets !
Thanks !
Reviews: 10
I found this excellent plugin on a template that wasn't working. So glad I found it - I've since added it to another site and just love how easy and customizable it is! Great job!
Reviews: 2
5 Stars ! This is a great easy to install and customize extension. I'v tried about four other extensions before I decided to go with this one. Absolutely great. Excellent job. Kudos to the developers, and always thanks for making these extensions available, without all you developers out there, we designers would be in a a lot of trouble.
Reviews: 2
Simple to use, lots of options, and works like it should.
Reviews: 8
I like this extension... I like it a lot. It responds to my 2.5 responsive template and gives some design variety without having to spend much time customizing css. Thanks for providing such a useful tool.
Reviews: 2
For free module it has plenty of options.
I do not remenber have found such a free module!
Reviews: 1
was searching for one good, customizable twitter display extension...but cudn't get it at all and then i found this.
This is the best extension ever...!!
Luved it..!!
Reviews: 3
So many of the Twitter modules out there either rewrap the stock Twitter module, or create fancy sliders, scrolling lists and other eye candy.

I used TweetXT for a long time because it generated HTML with links in the source code. Very happy that your module also does this. It's so important for SEO purposes!
Reviews: 3
As a developer of websites I have used many Twitter plugins, but this one is yet easy to start with and features many options to integrate it seamless into any website. Full score!
Reviews: 6
Lots of options to allow you configure what you want to display or not and great styling. I used it in a 2.5 site and had it set up the way I wanted in less than 5 minutes, perfect.
Exactly how the developer describes it, "a simple yet powerful Joomla module".
Heading straight back to make a donation.
Reviews: 1
I signed up for a login specifically to write a review for this module. It's amazing how smooth it works, and how much customization there is. Oh yeah, and it's free. Awesome work! You rock!
Reviews: 4
The work done with this extension is simply excellent.

Every display option is parametrized. You can show your Twitter exactly as you want with some clicks.

Thanks for your work. I work as developer and I know the effort involved in this module.
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