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Tweet Display Back Module

Tweet Display Back is a simple yet powerful Joomla! module that allows you to display your Twitter feed on your site.

Features include:

- Four templates, each designed to allow you to quickly deploy the module on your site
- Twitter Web Intents helping to make quick actions even simpler without allowing external access to your account
- Display a list, user's favorites, or a user feed
- Display options to customize the position of various module pieces
- Choose to display tweets you've retweeted or not
- Filter @mentions and @replies from your stream
- Display your Twitter profile info, or don't
- Display as many or as few tweets as you choose
- Customizable language strings for international support and distributed with community contributed translations

Download version 3.0 for Joomla! 2.5 and 3! The module is distributed in a total of 12 languages, so check to see if your language is supported!

Click the "Demo" link above to see the module live, to include a preview of changes to come in the next release.

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Reviews: 7
Wow, this author really went the long green mile for Joomla fans.

I tried 3 others and kept getting disappointed when things I'd try did not work (I have implemented about 35 Joomla sites over the last 5 years, so yes, I know how to clear cache) or did NOT really do what what the author programmed, or did not "really" work with J1.7.

This is a great module: Plethora of Options! And great CSS control!
Reviews: 10
Very flexible and very configurable, so many options that I have not been able to fully exploit every feature yet. But no worries despite its functionality this module remains very easy to use and very intuitive. The supplied styles look great. Thanks!
Reviews: 5
Installed on a festival site for a friend running joomla 1.7 and it's great. Easy install and perfectly customisable. Nice one!!
Reviews: 1
A wonderful extension. It does what it says it does. It has been updated since 1.5 and the support offered is top notch, quick, to the point and friendly.
Easy to install and configure, it is a must for a non-developer website builder like myself!
Reviews: 15
This is a very nice Twitter module, with lots and lots of options. I've used it at multiple sites and really love it!

The support is excellent and the module is programmed nicely and supports template overrides. I also love the Twitter action buttons (reply/retweet/favorite).

If you didn't installed it yet, you should really try this module. You won't regret it!
Reviews: 1
I never take the time to write a review, but I would like to make an exception for this module. This is by far the best Twitter display module I´ve seen so far. Especially the Twitter functions ´reply´, ´retweet´ and ´favorite´ are wonderful. Installing and tweaking the settings gave me no problems. The fact that the language automatically changes to my preferred one is also very good. Everything is crystalclear and I wouldn´t think of rating this module any other than ´excellent!´.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for making this mod, its really good. Met almsot all my needs.

The only downside is that, I cant display multiple tweets from different users on the same page.

Hope to see this feature in the future
Owner's reply

If you set up a Twitter list, you'll be able to display multiple users. Unfortunately, because of API limitations, it would be difficult to be able to display multiple users using the current REST API and the Search API is very limiting in information.

Reviews: 1
Like other said, great module, especially the css options.
However i have problem so i want to ask to developer:

1. "This user has reached the maximum allowable queries against Twitter's API for the hour."-->This error displays frecuently. I activated cache (from 2 hours to 2 days and still...

2. I dont find where to change this error message (the content and the css so i can style the message if it happens)

pros -> The best plugin for a one line news plain text twitter display - a function that many need.

cons -> The twitter errors appear fecuently, as in other plugins dont.

If developer fixes this it will be the best plugin out there (for me)
Owner's reply

Hi there,

I believe I have one of the few extensions that checks Twitter's rate limiting API when processing data, which is what causes this message to appear. Unfortunately, as much as I have tried, I can't seem to get this method perfect for reasons I haven't figured out yet. I'd say that getting tweets works at least 90% of the time for most, but it's that 10% that is still bothering me.

If you are using Joomla! 1.6+, you can change the message using the core language override system, since it is a hard coded language string. So far as the styling of the message goes, I will modify my code so it displays the message in the same "container" that tweets render in.

Reviews: 2
This was easy and straightforward to set up. I like the display with the avatar. Thanks for a great, free extension!
Reviews: 2

your module is really nice. It would be great if could add the ability to change the date format. Also the translation is difficult for those who have a number of a minute, hour, day or week in the middle of a sentence f.e. "3 hours ago" in my language would be "prieš 3 valandas".
I've changed these thing in the code, but then updates are quite difficult.
Owner's reply

In the next release, I'll make the change so that the value can be in the middle of the text area. As far as the date options go, you can either display times in a relative manner (X days ago) or as the absolute date which is formatted according to your site's configuration.

Reviews: 1
very good mod, works great, easy to install, the styles are a nice touch, like the icons for retweet etc, crosses the language barrier, but... only access to user feed, and i need a tool for search feed. is that option in the works? if so, will definitely use it. great work!
Owner's reply

Hi there,

I only support pulling data from the user_timeline and list endpoints on the REST API. Using the SEARCH API is a different implementation altogether and one I don't have plans for in this module. Hopefully you can find a use for this module elsewhere and that you find a module that gets you the information you need!

Reviews: 1
This module was just the thing for a newbie like me. It wasn't showing up at first, but once I uncommented the cURL line in the php.ini file it worked like a charm. I love it!
Reviews: 2
Excellent module , well done , does exactly what i want , it comes with 2 css styles and with no style option (this is what i wanted) , finally i have my twitter module that gives me only a single line , it has all important options :D thaaaanks
Reviews: 6
Great extension, lots of parameters and very easy to customize.

Reviews: 3
Excellent Module to display your tweets based on username. Lots of features. It took a few seconds to install it and configure it. I used the Tweet Display Module 1.1.10 on a Joomla 1.6 website
Reviews: 2
Extension have lots of opitions for posting in my site. I use for announcement. And developer reply very fast my problem
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