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Latest Tweets Anywhere Module

This module display the real time tweets in scrolling ticker.

Scalable width for easy integration with template module positions. Includes default style.
Enable ticker only option for not showing the default style. Automatically detects and hyperlinks links, @usernames, and #hashes.

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Reviews: 5
Found their site after Googled for Twitter in Joomla and found the product 'Latest Tweets'. Module looks like what I needed and bought it for as cheap as 10 dollars! Very nice and good looking module, a pity that this module could not display Tweets with #text in it. E-mailed them and the respons was great, almost directly! He tipped me to use %23TEXT instead of the username, but that would not work... Bought the Tweets Anywhere module (only 15 dollar) and due too a lack of good documentation I had to mail again, and all questions and problems where solved RAPIDO! Chapeau for the this perfect and awsome support, my tip for Prakash is to get some good/better documentation for the modules (demo's are fine but not enough) and if that's allright I would give SIX stars. Module is great Tweets on text and Tweet on username, work perfect in FF and IE, a tip for having Tweets on your site!
Reviews: 1
Super fast support!
I had a problem with setting up my website, and they have that problem neatly solved for me.
What a great service!
Reviews: 1
Very disappointing module. It promises to display multiple users latest tweets and yet all it does is search for their name. Therefore instead of getting just the users tweets you get a box filled with everyone else mentioning them. This is not what I paid for!
Owner's reply

What we mention and showing in demo the module is working exactly the same and we are also providing the support but if you dont know how to use the module or contact the support, if you face issue then its not a fault of module.

Reviews: 3
Fast support and gr8 twitter module.
I'd recommend everyone to get this module.