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Twitter Slider Widget Module

Twitter Slider Widget is the best twitter module in joomla. It is the multi twitter module which display your latest tweets. You just have to add your twitter user-name and then you can see any user’s tweets on your Joomla site. It is an awesome joomla module to display your twitter tweets.

Important features of this joomla module:

Single and multiuser tweets: It is an imagine module which can provide you single and multiuser tweets display. It is the easy solution for you and you can maintain your tweets in a proper and smart way.

Micro blogging: You can use this module for blogging purpose. Let the people of the world to know about your concerns and tweets. It is the perfect and constant way for you to share your world and tweets with your family and friends.

Finding a job: Are you thinking about to get a job? Don’t worry. This module is here to extend helping hand for you. Twitter Slider Widget can help you to get a new job. You can announce to the world that you are searching for a job. On the other hand, many companies are posting their job openings on the twitter using by this slide.

News update: Don’t worry about latest news update. Updated news will come to you first. Yes, you can get the latest world news at an instant time by this twitter slide. Joomla twitter slider module works like a news tracker.

Getting together: This joomla module can help your all twitter friends together. You can use this twitter module for arranging a time and place to get together. You can make a conference with text message using by this twitter module. You can make a notice to all of your friends about time and place to meet. You can done all of these by a finger touch and message.

Entertainment: You can get the latest movie news in an easy way by this twitter slide. Twitter is here to provide latest movies update for you.

Searching: Don’t worry when you need to find information about latest movies and news. You can use the search option of this twitter slider to find out more and more information about world news and world movies. All these information are in a click away.

Favorites: You can make a favorite world for you. It is very easy and you can do it by just a click. You can add news, movies, friends and tweets on your favorite’s lists.

Compatibility: This joomla twitter slider module is compatible with latest web browser’s Firefox, chrome, internet explorer and safari.

Fun and game: You can make fun and play game using by this twitter slider.

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Reviews: 5
It appears pretty simple and a well designed widget.

Unfortunately the installation is the only thing that worked. Can't get slider to appear. Tried to use their support area but that doesn't work either.

So you're on your own to get this working. Hopefully you can because it looks nice in theory.
Reviews: 1
The extension is great but I faced some problems to make it work properly.

I installed it on Joomla 3.1 and had to define manually the DS constant:

Then I had to specify manually in the code the top css style since there is not a parameter in settings with name "twitter_top" and the plugin is not visible.
Reviews: 6
Good Extension with effective features..Excellent work done by Developer.
Reviews: 6
The world just got even smaller with this gadget, Im able to get all news updates anytime all the time. And I love that I can conference tweet. Awesome!
Reviews: 1
This is a very nice extension. Very User Friendly. Many thanks to developer.
Reviews: 5
This is a great extension. it is very "Easy to Use". I have an extension before for Twitter but it is not users friendly but this one is the best. It can be used in all popular web browser. Thanks to developer and keep up the good work.
Reviews: 7
This Twitter Slide Widget is amazing! it has everything you need in one. If you are a Twitter fanatic this is the best component for you. You can tweet with friends as usual, getting the latest news, entertainment and you can even look for a job while using this module/component. One great thing as well is that you can use it to any web browser like safari, IE, chrome, fire fox.