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Twitter Widget Module

To use this module, please follow the steps given bellow:
1. Register at and create a new app.
2. After registering, fill in App name, e.g. "_domain name_ App", description, e.g "My Twitter App", and write the address of your website. Check "I agree" next to their terms of service and click "create your Twitter application"
3. After this you app will be created. Click "Create my access token" and you should see at the bottom "access token" and "access token secret". Refresh the page if you don't see them.
4. Copy to module settings "Consumer key", "Consumer secret", "Access token" and "Access secret"
5. You will enjoy many features provided by this module.

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Reviews: 5
I have been pulling my hair out looking for a good Twitter feed! There are a few others on here, but they tend to be expensive.

I was extremely disappointed to find that there was just no good free options.

Enter Twitter Widget!

I had it running in no time. It worked perfectly in my responsive design, and was easy to style to my tastes!

Cant say enough....great job on this module!