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KA Twitter Anywhere ModulePlugin

Twitter Anywhere integrates Twitter seamlessly into your website.

This plugin includes following functionalities all in one:
Linkify: Linkify allows your website for auto-linkification of Twitter usernames. It provides a convenient way to link Twitter usernames found in your web site or application back to a user's profile page on

Hovercards: A Hovercard is a small, context-aware tooltip that provides access to data about a particular Twitter user. Hovercards also allows a user to take action upon a Twitter user such as following and unfollowing, as well as toggling device updates.

Follow: Follow buttons make it easy to provide users of your site or application with a way to follow users on Twitter. See demo below
TweetBox: The Tweet Box allows Twitter users to tweet directly from within your web site.

- Unique Twitter API Key configuration
- Twitter ID configuration
- Display modes
- Exclude/Include Sections
- Exclude/Include Categories
- Exclude/Include Articles
- Enable/Disable Twitter Linkify
- Enable/Disable Hovercards
- Limit scope of Linkify
- Enable/Disable Twitter follow button
- Enable/Disable Tweet Box
- Configure Tweet Box label
- Configure default content for Tweet Box
- URL Shortener options
- Configure width for Tweet Box
- Configure height for Tweet Box
- Configure text colour for Tweet Box label
- Configure font size for Tweet Box label
- Enable/Disable Tweet Box counter

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Reviews: 7
I had made a mistake (that was completely my fault) with this software and the dev team came through and helped me rectify it without any questions asked. It was great support and really appreciated.

As for the product, it does exactly what it says it will and does it well. There are not a ton of pretty frills, it just works, and works well. The code is also clean and nice to work with if you are looking to make changes to the display. I was able to make the tweaks that I wanted with very little difficulty and no issuses digging through too many files or ugly code.

Overall, very well done. I will definiately be using this any time I integrate twitter.
Reviews: 2
The plugin was easy to install and configure. It looks very nice on my site.
The documentation helped with setting up the Twitter API key.
Support is excellent, great response time, even on the weekend.
Reviews: 3
So glad this developer took the time to put this together. Simple, comprehensive and works well. I highly recommend. Note: the current version (5/9/10) only allows the tweet box to be added to articles as {plugin}. I need to publish into a module position. The developer said that's coming soon. Excellent response time from the developer - I recommend this and his other SM plugins.