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Aggregator Platinum is Google Penguin/Panda safe Professional component to import Rss feeds in Joomla database with integrated Article Spinner and synonyms replacement:

Our Rss Feed Aggregator can aggregate, sort, import automatically meta, keywords and tags and process content for SEO optimization. Aggregator Platinum have robust cronjobs functionality with choice of hour, day, week and month and can work simultaneos with many rss feeds.

Every option is individual for every rss feed, are included options for:
- to import content in K2
- have Article Spinner to shuffle content
- have options to replace some keywords with synonyms
- insert texts with or without html in content before and after original content to make the content unique.
- generate meta and keywords automatically
- insert keywords before and after imported keywords (perfect for seo optimization).
- New seo function: Post tags directly in free tag component Advanced Tags
- insert keywords or phrases in title before and after original title to make the title unique
- can import videos from youtube
- download images local and import in content
- Cron to start every rss feed by your schedule. Component is robust and can work with over 5000 rss feeds in one site.

Real use scenario: In Your website You can have over 500, or 1500 Rss Sources - theoretically unlimited. Feed one is imported in Joomla database automatically every hour in 05 minute, rss feed two is imported every working day in 0 hour and 15 minutes, rss three in every monday in 3 hour 35 minute, rss feed four is imported every month on 3-rd day in 8:21 - all of this can be configured.

- Use our Aggregator for News sites or Business sites for growing Visitors and Impressions.
- You can make your Deep Links Directory or use it like Seo tool - to create automatically unique content in Joomla site and to use this content for seo optimization - to post links to other websites.

Requirements for Rss Aggregator Platinum:
You need latest Joomla 1.5.x or 2.5.x and PHP 5 or higher. Cron functionality is required for automatic work of web site.

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Reviews: 1
Hey guys great jobs...and really very usefull
Thanks a lot!!!
One of the best joomla component and one of the best support team..
keep going guys
Reviews: 7
It was very useful for some of my sites.
Reviews: 4
I use the platinum version of the aggregator for seo optimization primarily.
I do like its ability to spin and randomize the rss items' content as well as inserting some HTML in the article's body, which makes my work a whole lot easier!
Add this to the cron and the component works practicaly alone, piling pseudo-unique content for the search engines.
The "use synonyms" option makes the aggregator considerably slower, though. Probably it is because of the large synonyms database, I don't know. But I can live with that :)
The installation went smoothly right from the beginning so I did not felt an urge to call the support team...
Owner's reply

Thank You for this review. We constantly work on component to make it even better and also version for Joomla 1.6 is already published on our website.

Reviews: 1
Unlike other reviewers, unfortunately my experience with this product has been poor. It would be great if it would work as stipulated, but like other reviewers, I have found the installation extremely complex. I am still unable to get it to work. I have two correspondences from the author, but they have been merely to check the forum which I already did prior to my e-mails. I spend a good eight hours working on it, and I am ready to give up. Here is how far I got.

1. I got the Lite version; it installed okay, but I would get the error XML format invalid for all the feeds I would put in.

2. Then I saw the Pro version was free too, so I downloaded that, installed it and ran into serious trouble. I was told that I do not have ioncube loader. Well, I loaded that and made it work with SELinux (security enhanced) - that took me a while. Finally, Pro version installed. Then I got stuck at the same point - invalid XML.

I was reviewing this seriously because I need to get a lot of feeds from a variety of sources and we were planning to use ontology to do auto tagging, but I cannot get the feed to work. Nor can I save a feed. I am also getting error in the code when I turned on the error logging to maximum.

It would be good to have installation help properly documented and available. I never had this much trouble installing a Joomla component.
Owner's reply

taterway, We spent over three hours to support a free product and to communicate with you! Great thanks, no respect! You use some custom server installed on your own pc, ok. As I told you repeatedly in the emails, your server does not support the necessary requirements. In our Terms of service: is written that: "Your server must support reqired from exstension requirements! You will get free support for any paid extension but we cant configure Your server!" You cant expect that we must configure your server for free extension!

Reviews: 1
I had some problems during instalation but guys from 3Dwebdedign helped me within few hours.
Really great support and of course very good extension.
Reviews: 1
I just wanted to share my experience with you if are considering a component like this. I had some problems getting this up and running due to my lack of experiense (and a little different server config). The people behind this product was very helpful (they Really know what they are doing!), and fast when it comes to answering questions and giving support. I am very pleased with this product, it really does what it says. We have not been able to monitor any traffic or seo changes because our site is so new, but it does deliver fresh unique content, 100% automatically. I have not tried any other components like this, so it is hard for me to compare, but i am very glad we got the 3D aggregator. I'm not so sure we would have gotten this good help from someone else. My advise is, if you need something like this, you should get this one.
Owner's reply

coffeeholic, Thank You for great review! I recommend you to use our aggregator in old sites and on old domains to achieve best results. Just full often some category with unique content articles and your site visitors will grow fast.

Reviews: 9
The most important feature that other RSS extension have neglected is the ability to set a specific date for fetching content per RSS feed and Aggregator 3D address that very well, also we needed some specific modifications on the code and the developer work with us flawlessly and in extended hours for a very reasonable fee. We are very pleased with the results as well our client. Keep the good work!
Owner's reply

EFARMSTRONG, thank You! We keep the good work and we keep developing component with new features.

Reviews: 3
This component needs more reviews, IMO. Plain and simple, it does what it says. I've tried a few RSS-to-article components and this one really seems to work well. Many tabs worth of options. I had it running on a live site in less than 10 minutes doing what I wanted. I've been very frustrated till now finding a free RSS component. Now the only hard part is finding quality RSS feeds, and that's as it should be. All I can say is these guys "set the bar" for free components. Well done.
Reviews: 3
I try many aggregators, but all of these extensions just copy-paste content from rss feeds and generated content just receive duplicate content penalty from Google. I try from more than one month top version of this component - 3d aggregdator platinum and i was stunned that this component create unique content and place links inside content to your website. Google like so much unique content and my agregator site is with more visitors :)
I recommend this to every user that want more visits to your own site.
Reviews: 1
I was using the lite (free) version of this component for 3 months now, and i shall say that's the best component i've ever installed. I know there are similar componentes out there, but nothing is like this. It allows you to import the whole article from the appropriate rss feed to your joomla site in secs! And with a cron job too (automatically)!
I practically do nothing to import news to my website.

The most important thing's that it has the ability to create automatically tags for the imported articles. My Alexa rating dropped from 700.000 to 250.000 in 3 months! My current visitors are more than 1.000 per day. And all these, due to this great component!

Recently, I've bought the gold version with amazing SEO customization, local images storing and google translation. In 3 days my alexa rating dropped immediatly 5.000.

And as i've said before, i do nothing...and my site grows in population!

I absolutely suggest it to everybody. It's simple, very cheap, and amazing little thing. You can always try the lite version (as i did) and you'll believe every single word i am writing here.

Keep the good work on this amazing component.
Owner's reply

galanaki_m, thank You about your great review! We keep develop component - now in progress are two new versions and one multimedia aggregator specialized in video importing.

Reviews: 3
I've had the misfortune of having to purchase and use ALL the current existing commercial automatic article components available in this repository. And I can say WITHOUT a doubt that this component is absolutely the best available component out there for generating automatic articles.

Customer service was very responsive as well in fixing all bugs or issues I've raised.

The component is a bit pricey so be ready to shell out some bucks!

Also, for some reason, you have to wait for them to send you the download file after purchasing - it is not imitate or automatic like most of the commercial extensions here.

So, there you guy peeps. Let me restate, this is absolutely the best component - it even translates your feeds and you can set your own cron schedules for each feed!! - oh yeah, it works on godaddy, which is where im at.

Good job Mr. Dimitrov! Keep up the good work.