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FeedGator imports RSS feeds into your Joomla! database as content items. The import can be into any kind of content component as long as there is a plugin to support it.

FeedGator is the original RSS feed aggregator but it has been significantly updated with new features like full text importing. Please note: FeedGator does not display content items, that is done by the receiving content component.

Features Include:

- Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0 native
- PHP 5.4.x compatible
- Plugins for native content, K2
- Other plugins to be updated (FLEXIcontent, Kunena, Mosets Tree, Zoo)
- RSS feed content can be stored to any content component (with plugin)
- RSS 0.90 to 2.0, Atom 0.3, 1.0, Dublin Core, iTunes RSS and XHTML 1.0. For a full list check the SimplePie FAQ item on this subject. Now includes SimplePie over-rides to fix encoding issues.
- Full text importing using Readability port by FiveFilters
- Feed import preview to check your settings and end result
- Feed filtering based on whitelist/blacklist set for each feed
- htmLawed (X)HTML filter, processor, purifier, sanitizer and beautifier for imported text
- Filter HTML to exclude unwanted sections or tags
- Filter and replace text to edit/alter/censor where needed
- Enclosure support built-in
- Image and enclosure downloading
- Access control for imported content
- Variety of built-in and external metadata generation options (keyword tagging)
- Trackback (, supported) and link handling
- Import tracking and duplicate handling
- Automatic feed caching
- Automated imports using cron
- Easy to read HTML reports online or via email
- Automated Facebook posts or Tweets via AutoTweet NG

- Intelligent upgrade - simply install on top of any version of FeedGator higher than 2.0!


Latest Development: VERSIONS 2.4beta3hotfix1 and 3.0alpha3 - ALWAYS BACKUP FIRST

Major version release. Massive code rewrite. Change the plugins to Joomla plugins to ease install/upgrade issues.

FeedGator3.0alpha3 is NOT PRODUCTION READY - This is a functional alpha release for testing.

FeedGator2.4 version is compatible with Joomla 1.5 - 2.5
FeedGator 2.4 beta3hotfix1

FeedGator3.0 is compatible with Joomla 2.5 - 3.x
FeedGator 3.0 alpha3

The uninstall process for 2.4 and 3.0 still removes the FeedGator database tables. YOU WILL LOSE ALL FEEDGATOR DATA WHEN UNINSTALLING.

Many, many, many features and developments for 2.4 and 3.0 including:
-Revamped admin again with better workflow
-Revamped and reworked code for many areas
-Easy installer and upgrade path
-Better focussing of the source text parser for difficult sites
-Better HTM

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Reviews: 1
I have been using this extension over two years now to collect all news about my country from many different news agencies and present them as a one stop reading source. So far very success and really appreciate Matthew and team for good job and keep it as non-commercial.
Reviews: 1
first of all thanks for your great work it is an amazing component.
but i have one problem that i want the feed pic to be stored in my server so i can use it in another module so i set the option to save the pic on my server but still not working and the pic still get an out sever link (original one) how can i fix this
best regards
and great work
Reviews: 1
The only features that are missing would be as follow. It would be just great to have a feedgator plugin sothat Users can submit theire feeds from the frontend of owner website, people who submit a feed url will be stored for a specified period just like feedgator.
The upload feed form should have; such modules

- Send a email alert to administrator when a new feed is uploaded
- Module for languages
- Module for categories
- Approve system for url feeds
- Report Objectionable Content
- Purge old entries
- Check broken feeds url
Reviews: 1
Cronjob is doing ok in the latest (2.3.5 december 2011) version.
That makes it a 100% hit!
Reviews: 6
Using the software despite its few bugs has been great!! The only issue I had was getting the cron job working. Later discovered it won't work with J1.7, which I could set a bounty on getting that done.
Owner's reply

What was that bounty?

Reviews: 1
Great Extension, works very good inporting feeds. I have only one problem with the cron in Joomla! 1.7, I saw that many people ask for that in the forums, I hope soon you support joomla! 1.7 and fix this bug.

Reviews: 6
Very Very Very easy process which otherwise would've been a hard and long journey or transporting the blog! A very heartfelt thank you :)
Reviews: 2
The MOD works wonderfull, but is tricky to find out everything how it works! But when done it is perfect.
Reviews: 2
We have used FeedGator in its previous incarnations on other websites and do were excited to use it again. It installed fine, imported most feeds right away without issue. There was a small error on one of the feeds but this was easily rectified.

The reason we won't give 5 stars is that we feel strongly that customer service should also matter. Altho this is a free component right now, we are effectively testing it for free and providing feedback that will help the developer. Our experience on the forum was met with untimeliness, rudeness (from another board member) and more complaining. We pay for many components but the attitude we got is that we wanted it all for free, would never pay for anything anyway and were in fact inept. Unacceptable.

Overall, we would recommend FeedGator as a good Joomla addition. Order it without a side of rude and it will enhance your site.
Reviews: 1
Im very hapy with this plugin. This let me build some news page from rss. Some difficulty's with image import and keywords rewrite.
Reviews: 1
I have tested most of the products in this category including the paid version. But this is by far to be the best. Extremely well structured and written. Dont waste your time to evaluate other products, try this one 1st!
Reviews: 5
I had promised a client an RSS feed would be written to her website and when I tried a few extensions I found that they didn't work too well or I simply couldn't understand the setup.

Then I found this extension. It simply does what it says it does.

I had problems with the links and ACESEF but I simply had to delete the ACESEF URLs and let them be created again.

I also needed to change the layout for the menu option but that was nothing to do with this extension either.

If you're looking for an RSS feed into your website give this one a shot first and don't waste your time (like I did) trying the others first.

Mount Gambier Website Design
Reviews: 8
This is an excellent extension, probably the most usefull of all my extension. I thank the author for making it free.

I think I could not figure out is how to set the cronjob
Reviews: 2
Yet another component that truly surpasses all expectations.

A must have for any news and info site.

bit of an issue with cron but hey i was running beta haha....

super work keep it up!
Reviews: 6
I have been using this extension for about a week time and it's really very good! I advise anyone looking for a content feeder to try it. Easy to install and to configure.

I am looking very much forward for the automatic cron, i would say that it's the step that will make this perfect!
Reviews: 2
Very nice extension, does what it really says!

Just have something to ask about, when it gets the feeds from somewhere and publish them, people can't really access the full article if they press on the title/read more, I need to edit the articles one by one and make it show the read more to do so.

Also if I do that it will show double entries, the intro text and the full text. How can I solve this problem? I would be thankful if you guys help me out.
Reviews: 11
I just Love Gator specially when they are Feed Gator...This is an Excellent Extension Specifically for me because it provide plugins for K2, Flexicontent and Moset Tree which i use on different Sites
Thanx Dev
Reviews: 2
This is great job. But.. It need "date limit".
Owner's reply

Can you post in the forum because I'm not sure what you mean by "date limit". Thanks!

Reviews: 1
I love it works well! i just wish it allowd video imports ;)

Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

It will (and does theoretically) but the video code is generally stripped out... :(

Reviews: 3
Very good component, everything works perfect.
Thank you
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