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Dreaming of an Ultimate Tool to to grab ANYTHING from out-side and store it into ANY 3rd party Joomla! Extensions?

obGrabber's mission is making that dream come true, this grabber Joomla! Extension can collect any external data sources (RSS, XML, NewsML, Facebook, Youtube, Google Base, ebay, amazon, email, blogspot, Google Calendar,...) and store into any Joomla! 3rd party Extension(K2, FLEXIcontent, DocMan, VirtueMart, redSHOP) - see more FEATURES LIST section.

This grab engine offers you fully control of:

1 - Where to to collect content for your Joomla! site

2 - How to re-format the content before pass it to 3rd party Joomla! Extension.

3 - Where the content will be stored.

For examples, this grabber Joomla extension can:
- Grab Youtube videos and store into K2 or Seyret
- Grab Ebay products and store into VirtueMart
- Grab CNN news, spin the text, translate it from English to Spanish and store into Joomla Articles, K2 or ZOO
- Grab Yahoo Answers and store into Kunena Forum

obGrabber FEATURES

* Collect content from ANY external sources *
Imaging of a series of engines to collect the whole world into your Joomla! site. Builtin RSS-Reader engine is an example, it can be used to collect content from multiple RSS Feed sources.
> Available Engines:
- Built-in: RSS Reader
- Extras: Youtube, Text Folder, Email

* Re-format collected content with smart processors *
You normally want to re-format the collected content before pass it through 3rd-party Joomla! Extensions, tons of available Processors are lovely pieces to make your stored content looks perfect.
> Available Processors:
- Built-in: Alias, Cut Introtext, Duplicate, Get FullText, Images, Keywords Filter, Strip tags, Combine fields.
- Extras: Youtube, Translator, Text Spinner, Meta Data, HTML2BBCODE, Google News,...

* Store into ANY third-party Joomla! Extensions *
Collected content can be adapted into any Joomla! Extensions with optional to configure categories, keywords, publishing state,...
> Available Adapters:
- Built-in: Content
- Extras: ZOO, K2, VirtueMart, Kunena...

* Import / Export pipes: to share or use later (new from 3.1.11).

* Friendly Dashboard *
Help you to navigate to tons of adapters, engines, processors fairly straighforward.

* Logs system *
When you want to see how your grabber worked, the Logs system is available with fully logged information of saved items, date, link,...

* Easy to Use *
The extension designed for non-technical customers, making sure everyone can use it fairly straightforward.

* One click installation *
Express Tools for quick implementation of other modules, plugins.

* Auto run with Cronjob (Scheduler) *
obGrabber will be run automatically via a smart scheduler. You can decide how often this ultimate engine run with no touch.

* Extension Auto Updater *
At foobla, we have update-stream system for every Joomla! Extensions, it works with the Updater from Joomla! core.

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Reviews: 4
I have been looking for this functionality everywhere. I run a website that raises awareness of human trafficking.

I wanted to be able to pull in articles from RSS, including their tags and populate the tags field in K2. Couldn't find this functionality anywhere. The team at Foobla were able to supply this. Now I can can pull in articles and create menu items based on tags. I can use K2 more effectively.

I need some help from the Foobla team and they were very professional. Looking forward to subsequent updates of obGrabber.

Awesome tool. Just what I needed. Congrats to all at Foobla.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. Automatic K2 content is pretty easy with obGrabber, we are working hard to make it even better and better every day.

Reviews: 1
This really is a good extension... If used the correct way it can be extremely powerful.
By using this tool and RSS feed builders (for example, Feed43) I can sync content to my website without the other site even supporting RSS...

I have also set up a solution where people can use Pocket (Read it later) to publish to a Joomla website with the click of a button.

I did have some issues with setting article permissions but this was fairly quickly fixed by their support!

Currently I am having an issue with auto syncing, but I am pretty sure it is my server causing the problem since it worked perfectly on another server.

Highly recommended.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

This automatic articles Joomla extension is an easy solution to transfer your content from one site to another by using RSS.

There are two methods for setting up scheduler, by using builtin script or using server-side (cronjob). The first method will need your Joomla site to be visited from frontend or backend. You can find all necessary information on the Knowledge Base page.

Reviews: 1

this is a wonderful and complete extension that can satisfy you...and if there is not sth that you want, developers bring it to you

thanks guys
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

We offer custom development work in the case you need something special.

Reviews: 1
It's the best aggregator. You can really process your content as you want.
If you have some problems there will be an excellent team to resolve them quickly and patiently.
Maybe it's not cheap enough if you want to buy all extensions but anyway I'm really satisfied with the purchase.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

We do not make cheap extension, we make helpful Joomla extension to get your needs done :)

Reviews: 1
This is really one of my perfect product I have ever purchased... Very easy to use.. I'm sure this extension will be my favorite one and will recommend to anyone seeking the same.

Also, I have never forget to thank Mr. Kha for the excellent support gave me and for his patient...
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

We are spending huge effort to make the obGrabber Joomla extension more and more easy to use for end-users, even for dummy.

When you are our customer, you are our God, and we have no way but keep calm and make you happy ;)

Reviews: 1
I use this for seamlessly aggregating news feeds into the content management side of my website. I've been using Joomla for years and stumbled across this product. Given that no two sites are the same, It's remarkable that this concept even works, particularly with the Zoo content component, since it is so customisable. I had a few minor issues with data not hitting the right fields to start with, but the developers offered excellent support and quickly got me up and running.

Excellent component with top notch support (a bit of a rarity these days)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

We got a hard time making the ZOO adapter for the obGrabber Joomla extension. I agree people may confuse with fields mapping sometimes, we are planning to improve the fields mapping UI/UX to make it easier for end-user.

We always keep in mind that: Support Quality is Survival, and finding way to improve it every single day.

Reviews: 1
This really is the best product I found. Have tested several, but none reached the level of the same. It captures the feeds of news, features many options and support staff is very nice.

That was my first experience of buying extension for Joomla and I can say with all certainty, I am satisfied with the purchase and Foobla in this extension that delivers what it promises. I recommend everyone this extension.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

We are happy the one who keeping you stay with the Joomla! Community ;)

Reviews: 26
I use this to aggregate newsfeeds from other sites ino my k2 articles and it works great. Support is top-notch too...
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

Grabbing K2 articles from RSS Feeds is much easy and flexible with obGrabber Joomla Extension :)

It's good for business when you have someone to take care of problems.

Reviews: 3
Buyer beware - while the description makes many claims what is not made clear is that you have to purchase many additional add-ons to do all these things it claims to do. It's somewhat misleading because they talk about what is "built-in" and what are "extras" - I should've guessed the extras cost extra but when I read "…this grabber Joomla extension can: - Grab youtube videos and store into K2 or Seyret…" I just assumed that buy purchasing the extension I would be able to do those things.

But you can't. You have to purchase a youtube engine, a text engine, and an email - all separately for 10 Euros. Then you have to purchase a K2 adapter - 20 euros, a Kunena adapter 10 Euros, a virtuemart adapter 20 euros. And lastly, you youtube processor - in addition to the yourube engine you already purchased - for 10Euros, text spinner 15 Euros, Meta data processor 10 Euros - you get the picture - to do everything that is listed in the description of this extension costs 150. Euros.

Also, I sent two pre-sales requests asking questions and waited 6 days with no response. Today I finally just purchased the extension - and then discovered that most of the things I wanted cost extra.

There is also a problem with displaying your "pipes" after they are created. In their knowledgebase it states it is a known problem and you have to upgrade your php to 5.3 or above - but I'm running 5.3.17.

I'm still waiting for an answer to that - but it's only been about 10 hours.

All that said, I think the extension works and does what it claims - but it certainly isn't cheap :)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your details review at pricing table, everyone can read it at

We addressed them all out there clearly, just take a few minutes to read them all before choosing your plan.

Anyway, we don't do cheap Joomla extension, we do helpful Joomla extension to solve problems by time-saving solution.

Reviews: 10
I am uncompromising and unchanging, I have never seen such a dedicated and efficient team. I do not know if this is customary in Vietnam, but this team is extremely friendly, smiling, and always do their utmost to help, with a lot of efficiency. I know them since 3 months and I am ready to do my best to convince everyone of their professionalism because they really deserve it.

Concerning Obgrabber, this tool is one of my best tools. Just for me the best way to update my websites automaticatilly with very good content, and Foobla already improve it many many times, also when I needed it.

I also bought another of their component.

Owner's reply

Thank you, Jycs, for your review.

We earned one more happy customer who willing to share your success story.

Have a great day.

Reviews: 3
Obgrabber is for me the best Aggregator. The vietnamian team that devellops this component is just perfect, they always do their utmost to help. I would recommend them to 200% with closed eyes.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

Support Quality is Survival :) and we are working with that in mind.

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