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The Award Winning Blogging Platform for Joomla - WordPress for Joomla! is compatible with Joomla 2.5/3.x!

We’ve combined the most popular blogging platform WordPress 3.0 with the most popular CMS Joomla to create the most powerful blogging component ever made for Joomla.

Packed with all of WordPress’s professional blogging tools, you can now harness the power of Wordpress without ever leaving Joomla. It’s a Joomla blogger’s new best friend.

Here are just a few of Wordpress for Joomla’s powerful features:

- WordPress for Joomla is EASY to install!
- Can power multiple blogs on your site from multiple authors!
- Powerful Social plugins at your fingers tips
- Can run thousands of powerful native WordPress plugins on your blog. You can even use Joomla content plugins on your WordPress posts, too!
- Includes built-in commenting, trackbacks, and pingbacks.
- Comes with 8 exclusive Joomla modules that will broadcast your latest WordPress blogs (multi-users), latest blog posts, recent blog comments & more throughout your entire Joomla site
- Comes with a free default theme; and also works with most 3rd party Joomla! templates. WordPress for Joomla will inherit styles from your website template right out of the box ensuring your blog always matches yours site!
- Integrates with JomSocial--the #1 community-creation software for Joomla
- Can import “MyBlog” posts into your new WordPress for Joomla blog, so switching is easy
- Supports Ping-O-Matic, which helps you promote your blog by pinging popular sites every time you post a new entry

WordPress is feature rich with the following:

- Permalinks
- Allow authors to password protect their posts
- Having WordPress decide if comments are spam or not with pinpoint accuracy.
- Automatic saving of blogs
- Dynamic Pages
- Integrated WordPress Themes
- Cross-blog communication tools
- Comments
- Spam protection
- Import/Export
- Much much more...

'corePHP' WordPress Integration for Joomla! has a variety of features and enhancements:

- SEF WordPress Links
- Automatic user syncing with Joomla! users
- Add / Remove blog title
- Multiple widget modules out of the box!
- Different options for CSS style sheets
- Show / Hide Author name in posts.
- Easy Installation AND upgrades!
- Variety of modules
- And so much more

'corePHP' has been providing WordPress for Joomla for almost 5 years now delivering the best blogging system experience for Joomla users. Get the best blogging extension on the market!

Happy Blogging

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Reviews: 1
As a total newbie to Joomla! and to Wordpress, I've run into our share of problems, particularly when trying to do SEO (SEF URLS, in particular) which let to a lot of broken links, misdirects etc.

But once I figured out how to access tech support at corePHP, I was very pleasantly surprised by the help we got. Andy Poorman was absolutely wonderful -- always responded quickly, communicated well, stuck with us until the problem was solved, patient with our questions, etc.

He even wrote some new code to solve the problem, and its been fine since.
Reviews: 4
I first downloaded this just over a year ago and it has proved to be an excellent purchase. Was easy to import my wordpress blog into my joomla site and the support I've received from corephp has been first class.
Reviews: 1
I had my webmaster install the wordpress blog into my joomla website, but he was experiencing trouble with the search engine friendly urls. So he contacted the support, who was extremely friendly and helpful. The support fixed the problem and now the wordpress blog is running without any trouble. One thing I really like, too, is that the design of my Joomla Site was transferred without any problem to the wordpress blog, so it has got exactly the same look like my website. Great!
Reviews: 1
I use this component on my website now for several years and I am very pleased with it. But was is really outstandig is the support after sales by corephp. They are always very helpful and are able to keep your website with blog going!
Reviews: 6
In the last 2 years I've had to migrate a lot of clients to WordPress for ease of use but Joomla! is still the "better" product for advanced websites. CorePHPs Wordpress for Joomla! allows me to give my clients the best of all worlds - and it works! For anyone that thinks $69.95 is too much all I can say is it's worth every penny and I keep my subsription current. The support is great and I'm sure the time these guys have given me with my "oh geez I should have known that" questions has eaten up at least that much in their time.
Reviews: 2
Corephp is very helpful for any issue I'm having thus far. This is a great add to two of my client websites and they are jazzed since they are both familiar with Wordpress.

Nice product!
Reviews: 3
The component and team behind the component are one of the best teams creating components for Joomla. There are a handful of groups out there helping Joomla become the leader in CMS's and CorePHP is at the top of this group.

Seamless integration, beyond amazing support. They work all hours and reply no later than next day. I only needed support because of a stupid oversight that had nothing to do with the WP 4 Joomla component but they helped out anyway.

Wordpress is a great solution for clients to who want a blog in their website and you don't want to get into the inner workings of the Joomla Back-end with them.

A must if you need a blog in your site.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words and we're glad you enjoyed our component! I want to clarify for others reading the part where it says "they work all hours and reply no later than next day" that we are very dedicated to our support but our support center is open 9 AM to 5 PM EST, Monday through Friday so not officially "all hours".

We thank you for your review.

'corePHP' Support Team

Reviews: 1
A blog function integrated into our website was important to us. Having use WordPress, we were certain this was the blog tool we wanted and phpCORE was able to provide it. While it may be a bit more money than expected, it is money well paid. We had CorePHP do the installation on our site, which was done over a weekend. They also worked with us to fix a few issues that we introduced while playing with it. Finally, they helped us modify the php code to eliminate their branding. Nothing like great technical support to go with a great product!
Reviews: 1
WordPress for Joomla is the merging of two great platforms. CorePHP has provided a great tool that is easy to use. I've installed three instances of WordPress for Joomla. All three took less than 10 minutes to install, set up and make live. I ran into two small issues that ended up being because of me not understanding the product. They were quick to respond and provide clear steps to help me understand and resolve the issues.
Reviews: 2
After 4 attempts at adding a blog to my website; I decided to use this extension. All I can say is AWSOME.
You down load the component, Watch the Videos, Install as per the Videos And start BLOGGING!
It does not get any easier than that.
Blog Life is all well and good on the site now!
AWSOME! Well Worth the price!
Reviews: 1
If you use Jomsocial and are looking for a blog component for your members, this is the only viable option. I purchased this component about a month ago, and I am very impressed with the functionality of this great product.

All of the options of WordPress inside the Joomla CMS. You really do have to see it to believe it.

There were a couple of bugs related to the new version of Jomsocial, but the support was great and a fix was made available in a timely manner.

Now, I can offer my members blogs that they can completely design to look independent of the site, while still having their articles posted to the main site blog. Plus, all blogs and comments post straight to the activity stream on the main jomsocial page, and show in the users profile as well.

Thank you, core php for this powerful component that helped me take my site to the next level. The feedback from my members has been overwhelmingly positive as well.
Reviews: 1
I have purchased many products from CorePHP and I am very pleased with their support. Each time they respond quickly and have always corrected issues.

5 stars for CorePHP!!!
Reviews: 1
This is a great product the best blogging software available in the best CMS. Had a problem that turned out to be of my making. The support was almost instant and fixed the problem. Highly recommend both product and company.
Reviews: 1
Wordpress for joomla is typically a dream come true for web developers enthusiasts. It combines two very powerful components for a very powerful site. the product is far from perfect, but the CorePHP team is very consistent with releasing updates to their product to make it better. They offer great support for their platform. Their innovation sparks innovation. Who can find fault with that?
Reviews: 2
WordPress for Joomla does exactly what it says. It's easy to maneuver between the two and enables me to have the best of both worlds.

I did experience a problem with the installation; but customer support was great. They were quick and got me up and running.
Reviews: 2
I purchased this component based on several five-star ratings plus the fact there was a 40% discount running for a few days. No matter, it was still not a good decision. The five-star ratings must have been heavily weighted by the fact that WordPress standalone is a five-star program because the component itself is not five-star. I gave it three stars only because I finally got it to work. Also, everything that is available to WordPress standalone is not available to WordPress for Joomla. According to their website you can modify a plugin to make it work or for a fee they will do it for you.

Bottom line, WordPress for Joomla is akin to forcing a square peg into a round hole. Even after you get it to work you know it was not meant to be. Imagine a bridge to an external program. Well this is like a bridge to an internal program.

There is a fantastic blog component built from the ground up for Joomla. So sorry I didn't investigate it before purchasing WordPress for Joomla.
Owner's reply

I think most of the issues that were encountered with your situation were related to an unclear understanding of how Wordpress for Joomla works which is indicated by your comment "So sorry I didn't investigate it before purchasing WordPress for Joomla." Here at 'corePHP' we will answer any in-depth question about our products before purchase so you have a clear understanding of what you are purchasing. We also supply a workable demo site.

The product is working properly and we have spent many hours supporting the product for you. I would assert this level of support is greater than "barely average" but you are certainly entitled to your opinions.  

As far as the plugins go, we do not state that all plugins work with Wordpress integration, though most do. The issue that you were having with a plugin was due to the fact that your Wordpress plugin would not pull images from JomSocial. While the plugin would display Gravatar icons as the plugin developer intended, it wouldn't display JomSocial images because no Wordpress developer would go out of their way to code for JomSocial, which is a Joomla component.

We thank you for your review.

'corePHP' Support Team"

Reviews: 1
Wordpress Blog for Joomla is amazing. I did have a problem installing it and the support team at corePHP took over and worked it all out. I am very pleased.
Reviews: 1
Installed this extension, but made an error when doing it (still learning :-) ) the support I got was fantastic, they logged into my site and sorted the installation problem for me and, responded quickly.
Reviews: 5
I've been following this extension since if first came out. They have narrowed it to a science if you are on a good host. No hassle or fuss, set your upload limit set up to 4mb, install, enable rewrite, rename htaccess, AND away you go!
Reviews: 1
Wordpress for Joomla really combines the advantages of both CMS systems. As a Joomla user, it is really great to be able to use the superior blogging tools of wordpress. In addition, the developers have made it really easy to costumize and set up different blogs.

Also, the support crew at 'Corephp' is fast, efficient and great at solving technical problems.

All in all, five stars!
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