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The Award Winning Blogging Platform for Joomla - WordPress for Joomla! is compatible with Joomla 2.5/3.x!

We’ve combined the most popular blogging platform WordPress 3.0 with the most popular CMS Joomla to create the most powerful blogging component ever made for Joomla.

Packed with all of WordPress’s professional blogging tools, you can now harness the power of Wordpress without ever leaving Joomla. It’s a Joomla blogger’s new best friend.

Here are just a few of Wordpress for Joomla’s powerful features:

- WordPress for Joomla is EASY to install!
- Can power multiple blogs on your site from multiple authors!
- Powerful Social plugins at your fingers tips
- Can run thousands of powerful native WordPress plugins on your blog. You can even use Joomla content plugins on your WordPress posts, too!
- Includes built-in commenting, trackbacks, and pingbacks.
- Comes with 8 exclusive Joomla modules that will broadcast your latest WordPress blogs (multi-users), latest blog posts, recent blog comments & more throughout your entire Joomla site
- Comes with a free default theme; and also works with most 3rd party Joomla! templates. WordPress for Joomla will inherit styles from your website template right out of the box ensuring your blog always matches yours site!
- Integrates with JomSocial--the #1 community-creation software for Joomla
- Can import “MyBlog” posts into your new WordPress for Joomla blog, so switching is easy
- Supports Ping-O-Matic, which helps you promote your blog by pinging popular sites every time you post a new entry

WordPress is feature rich with the following:

- Permalinks
- Allow authors to password protect their posts
- Having WordPress decide if comments are spam or not with pinpoint accuracy.
- Automatic saving of blogs
- Dynamic Pages
- Integrated WordPress Themes
- Cross-blog communication tools
- Comments
- Spam protection
- Import/Export
- Much much more...

'corePHP' WordPress Integration for Joomla! has a variety of features and enhancements:

- SEF WordPress Links
- Automatic user syncing with Joomla! users
- Add / Remove blog title
- Multiple widget modules out of the box!
- Different options for CSS style sheets
- Show / Hide Author name in posts.
- Easy Installation AND upgrades!
- Variety of modules
- And so much more

'corePHP' has been providing WordPress for Joomla for almost 5 years now delivering the best blogging system experience for Joomla users. Get the best blogging extension on the market!

Happy Blogging

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Reviews: 1
After trying and using multiple Joomla extensions I can say that the quality of Wordpress for Joomla is excellent, had a few issues due to me making mistakes and the Support from corePHP was excellent. Can recommend and will chose their products over others where possible, thanks guys great extension and service.
Reviews: 4
Installed the extension, and although I had a problem with the installation due to a server misconfiguration on my end, Tech Support recognized the problem and fixed it immediately!

Amazing extension! Amazing Tech Support! A must have for anyone using Joomla and Wordpress.
Reviews: 1
It is great to be able to integrate Joomla with Wordpress on my community website. As an unqualified web designer with only 18 months Joomla experience I prefer to pay for expertise and support in the areas I am lacking and the support from CorePHP has been really useful. I am happily using Wordpress with Community Builder, K2, Kunena and Sobi2 among others so there are bound to be conflicts and glitches along the way.
Reviews: 3
i purchased wordpress for joomla recently. i had a problem getting it to work as i am new to wordpress, and unfamiliar to the way it works. but corephp support had been most helpful, and was there to help pretty much every step of the way. i asked a lot of questions but andy had been patient and helpful. and steven tested the plugins that i wanted to use on wordpress for joomla before i purchased it. wordpress for joomla has limitations (when compared to actual wordpress), but it's the best thing for those who want the best out of joomla and wordpress.
Reviews: 7
I bought the first version of this product 2 years ago and then decided to upgrade. For a $60 fee, CorePHP did the upgrade, since I'm too chicken/technically savvy to do it myself.

Installation was quick, about 3 or 4 hours after purchase. No problems with the install and Collin was super nice and did some Joomla tweaks that I don't think I could have handled myself.

I *love* this version since you can use about 90% of Wordpress plug-ins right out of the box! I am thoroughly pleased with the entire process and very happy with my new blogging platform :D
Reviews: 2
I've been using Wordpress for around 4 years now on my old photography website. Recently I discovered Joomla and thus decided to upgrade my website using 1.6.
Disappointed that the built-in Joomla blog feature didn't incorporate user feedback I looked for alternatives. Wordpress for Joomla! seemed the obvious choice and I've got say how easy it was to install. It took less than 10 minutes and I was done (I remember it took literally days to install on my old website!).
I was so impressed I've installed this on a client's website too and likely others will follow.
I needed to contact CorePHP a couple of times for minor alterations to layout but Jonathan obliged each time, no problem - excellent work!
Well done guys!
Reviews: 4
The quality of the product was topnotch and the corePHP support by Andy and Steven was excellent. They answered all my questions immediately and to my complete satisfaction. My goal was to add the best blog product, WordPress, to the best CMS product, Joomla. And to add the WordPress skills to my resume. But after reading a few negative reviews about this extension, I had concerns, so I decided to write corePHO first to explain what I wanted to do and to see if their extension would meet my requirements. Andy reviewed my site and gave me the encouragement that all would be fine and he would be there if I ran into any trouble. As he predicted, everything went just fine and my website couldn't be better. I would highly recommend contacting corePHP first if you have any doubts. Bottom-line, this has been fantastic experience!

Thanks corePHP!
Reviews: 1
The customer service was excellent. They answered all my questions the same day or the next day and went out of their way to help me, a non-joomla expert to use the extension.
The extension works great but their customer service is greater!
Reviews: 1
WordPress for Joomla is a great component. The only better than the component is supoort corephp gives for their product. They we most helpful in helping me implement the component on my site! Andy even offereed to make tweaks to my config to make things work better. Clearly above and beyond!! Thanks corephp!
Reviews: 4
I wanted to continue to use WordPress on my site so I purchased this extension so that I could integrate my existing WordPress content into Joomla. I am now actually considering abandoning WordPress and going to something else.

- I was very disappointed to learn that this would not use my existing Wordpress installation. Instead it installs a new copy of Wordpress and you have to export / import the data.

- Those cool WordPress plugins you have you can expect to NOT work. The company says it is supposed to work, but you may need to edit php code.

- I had to do a great deal of customization of the WP css files to create the look & feel that I wanted.

- This extension does not account for security patches in WordPress and you cannot manually install them. I tried several times to update WordPress to the latest security releases and was forced to reinstall Joomla to correct the problems.

Overall I am greatly disappointed and would be hesitant to recommend this extension to anyone who is not ready to dig their heals in and do some serious work.
Owner's reply


We're sorry that you are unhappy with our component and we will address your bulleted issues in order:

1. To believe Wordpress for Joomla is a bridge that interfaces with an external site rather than a version of Wordpress modified to operate as a Joomla component indicates that you have not read the product page or the information on our site regarding the component. The fact "inside" is used on this page as well as several times on the sales page should imply that it does not work with an external site. It is also stated explicitly on our site.

2. Wordpress for Joomla works with about 9 out of 10 plugins available from the Wordpress plugins directory. I see you have created a post in our forum, which we tried to escalate to our ticket system, but you never responded. You cannot provide an accurate rating of our service if you choose not to use it.

3. While many users choose to stick with the default theme of the blog (or the styles provided to Wordpress via the Joomla template), many people choose to change the CSS. As with any component, the amount of CSS work that will have to be done will be proportional to the amount of customization you would like. This is inherent in all Joomla components and is subject to an individual's taste in design.

4. Wordpress for Joomla cannot be modified with code from because of the modifications made to it. We provide regular releases of the component to keep it secure. Also, a large majority of anything that could be exploited would already be prevented by the integration with Joomla and its sanitizing of incoming data.

If you would like to contact us via our ticket system, forum or phone, we would be happy to assist in any remaining issues.

Reviews: 1
Can't say enough good things about the product and the people over at corePHP! I had a few issues installing the product and getting it to function properly with my other website extensions. Mr. Pignataro helped me on a Friday evening get this thing up and running. Can't beat that kind of service! Thanks guys and I would recommend you to anyone!
Reviews: 2
This extension missing the possibility to attach more then one blog to a menu. this make it's impossible to have a different module attached to different blogs.

This is normal Joomla behavior this extension is missing.

The support is slow, if they answer at all.

The old 2.9.4 Wordpress they have is working good but they not update anymore.
Reviews: 3
Ok, so after using Joomla and Wordpress separately, I was glad to see that there was a application that allowed me to integrate the 2 easily. Unfortunately, I don't believe that 3.0 is ready for Joomla 1.6. Keep in mind, that I have installed Wordpress Multiuser (MU) multiple times successfully, and have been working with Joomla and Wordpress for years. The Wordpress MU in this integration just didn't work the way I expected to. After spending several weeks trying to troubleshoot why MU wasn't installing correctly, I got support involved. The support level is slow, so don't open a ticket and expect an immediate response, because you will be disappointed. Support took a week in a half to troubleshoot my issue, asking for bits of information every day, information that was provided when initially opening the ticket. They finally concluded that the problem was my server configurations. Keep in mind, this server has multiple installs of Joomla as well as Wordpress in standalone environments, running without a hitch. The install that was provided to support was a clean install of Joomla 1.6, with Wordpress installed and waiting for MU to be activated.
There is a no refund policy on the $69.99 you will spend for this component, so be sure that it is what you want. I’m looking at this as a lesson learned.
The good news is, if you are using this for a single blog on your site, you shouldn’t have any problems.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comments on WordPress for Joomla!.

The comments are mis-leading a bit. There are issues on the server that are beyond our control and have yet to be resolved on your end for us to properly provide you the support that we provide.

The problems: The server is a Windows 2008 server that is incorrectly configured by your organization. File permissions are incorrect for the user provide to us and for Joomla! to delete or manipulate the file system. Support is also accelerated when direct FTP is provided and not RDP access. These are issues out of our control and have yet to be resolved for us to perform our job so we believe your statement provides a incorrect review of the support that our organization provides to our users.

While we do maintain and support Windows systems, there is a fine line between supporting our products and performing in-depth system administration. I guarantee that if you get a suitable hosting service, preferably from a reputable service that specializes only in hosting, we could get Wordpress for Joomla (and even multisite) running correctly.

Reviews: 1
I've purchased the module 4 days ago. After some trouble with the enable of SEF URL's I logged an issue at corephp. Within hours their support responded with a solution (uncommenting "RewriteBase /" in the .htaccess file) Mea Culpa my mistake ;-) & Thanks Andy @ CorePHP.

Overall i'm very happy with this module and the quick responds of their support department.
Reviews: 3
I have this extension running on several corporate sites both in single-blog and multi-user mods and am more than pleased with it.

Installation is a breeze following the video tutorials and I had no problems modifying the supplied Twenty Ten theme to meet my needs.

corePHP's support is up with the very best I have encountered with Joomla extensions (in fact, it's what drove me to submit this review). I have submitted several tickets over the last couple of years (mostly due to my own PEBKAC) and they follow up 7 days a week and don't quit until it's fixed.

The little guidelines blurb tells us to list pros and cons for the extension but I can't really think of any cons to this one.

Great job corePHP!
Reviews: 3
I wanted to integrate a CMS tool into my site, which gives me flexibility and reliablity - with Wordpress for Joomla I found it! This is really a great extension, I can recommend to everyone, as it combines the advantages of two great systems: Joomla & Wordpress. CorePHP did a great job. Love it! And recommend it!
Reviews: 1
After running a seperate Joomla site and Wordpress blog, I decided to integrate the two together to make administration easier. I looked at several blog modules but none had all the capabilities that I was used to. This module has all the capabilities of Wordpress (because that's what it is) and was overall very easy to get running. I've run into one or two issues but the guys at CorePHP were amazingly responsive and had me up and running really fast. Now things are working flawlessly and it's well worth the reasonable subscription. Fantastic module for people who want a top-tier blog without losing the power of Joomla.
Reviews: 1
I am very pleased with the WordPress plugin created by corePHP. I bought the plug in and really have no clue how to do any of this. The product came with a very useful step by step nearly child friendly user's manual, and when I got stuck Andy at PHP did a wonderful job of responding to my questions in a timely manner and even gave me phone support and then fixed the issue for me! Do to a lack of time and some understanding I then went forward to have them install multipages for WordPress and did so in less than 24 hrs!

I believe people leaving negative reviews never bothered to ask for support because I had no problem reaching the corephp staff and received very helpful responses.

I even was able to customize my WordPress templates!

Thanks corePHP!
Reviews: 1
OK, so you would imagine that wordpress "working out of the box" would actually support the installation of 3rd party themes but it doesnt and it only says so in the documentation.

This renders the whole thing pretty pointless as unless you want to use the already converted Twentyten theme that is supplied by corephp or you are a good php coder then you might as well just install wordpress on the directory that you have to link this component to.

If it worked properly so that you could actually install the themes and plugins then this would be great and worth every penny. But the sheer lack of support for 3rd party themes IMHO just spoils the whole point of the product.

If you search the forums the staff wont even assist in helping you get a theme going. There is a link saying we can provide a quote to convert a theme.... hang on! I would expect some help in making a product that works "out of the box" to work with a theme to which it is intended to work with.

Buying this component is only the start. If you are not a serious coder, which most of us arent... then by buying into this product you are simply buying into their support to make it work.

You only have to look at the woothemes forum to see how they brilliantly help their users and yootheme zoo works much better out of the box.
Owner's reply


About 90% of third-party themes do work out-of-the-box as they would in a Wordpress site. I want to clarify for others reading this that you may have been assuming that you would find things like Joomla module positions inside of a Wordpress theme which would not be included by any Wordpress developer in a theme meant for a vanilla standalone site.

Many people just install our modified version of the Twenty Ten theme which allows you to load Wordpress as a component in the main content area of your site (as any other component would appear) being surrounded by your Joomla template containing things like your Joomla menu, modules, etc. If you want to style the Twenty Ten theme after that for things like post names, you can do so by modifying the CSS file though typically many styles will be inherited from your Joomla template's CSS file.

For full integration of themes we do provide this as a service for our users that want to go this route because it is impossible to merge strip out tags like the head, title, body, and other duplicate HTML that are part of all WordPress themes and guarantee that it will look correct. We already provide a modified version of the default "twentyten" theme that comes with wordpress that auto-inherits your currently existing Joomla! template so that you do not have to go this route.

Unfortunately I feel that you may have a vague understanding of the system and our support team would be happy to assist. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns via support desk or by phone.

Reviews: 1
Download and installation of the extension are easy enough. Go back to the support site, login and download additional plugins (the modified all-in-one-seo and the system plugin were needed for our site).

For us, adjusting the theme's style.css file was the best way to modify the few areas where we wanted to stray from our Joomla look (font and link look/feel was inhereted by the WordPress extension, which saves tons of time).

I had one problem with the page titles within the blog. Any and all tickets I opened regarding this were answered quickly. I made the mistake of assuming that we were using the latest sh404SEF and suggested that page titles were a different problem altogether. Support was patient and looked thru my install, before pointing out that sh404SEF was seriously outdated... well, updating the sh404SEF fixed my issue. Thank you support!

The WordPress for Joomla extension is the perfect compliment to our existing site; it's easier to update and so so so much better for SEO that what we'd done in the past.

Highly highly recommended.
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