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qlwiki Plugin

Add qlwiki tag into article text. Via url parameter you can connect to a public wiki (e. g. wikipedia) or local wiki.

E. g.: [qlwiki url=] - of course with { instead of [.

If you use a local, private wiki (with private user access), enter the url in qlwiki tag or simply use the default settings of plugin in backend.

Every default setting can be overridden in tag itself; accessable params are:

* url - e. g.
action - e. g. 'render', I can't imagine a case* when to set action not to render; but just in case you need it set
* title - for local wiki to get entry intended; ! replace blank space ' ' by underscore '_' !
* login - set yes for your local, private wiki if locked behind a login
* user - e. g. 'wikiuser', for local, private wiki locked behind a login
* password - e. g. 'yourPassword$!??', for local, private wiki locked behind a login
* useragent - string
* edit - e. g. 0=never; 1=always; 2 = only Super Administrators

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Reviews: 16
For the few of us that need to embed wiki's, especially Wikipedia content on a website, I can only say this:

This is the ONLY extension that can do that, the only! And believe me, I have searched for others for so long before finding this one. Secondly, apart from being the only extension that can do that, this one works like a charm yet the plugin is only 17kb in size. My only tiny suggestion is that it would be 100 stars if it works by simply copying a link from the browser and pasting in content without adding the {qlwiki url=.....} this way users don't need to find it difficult but for sites without user initiated content we site admins have no problem.

Cheers to the developer!
Owner's reply

Thank very much for this review (*blush).
Thanks for the idea of {url= }. If it is possible to do that, it will be in the plugin's next version:-)