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MediaWiki Login Plugin

This plugin allows you to log into Joomla and also automatically be logged into MediaWiki (Single Sign-on). Don't forget to install and configure the MediaWiki extension.

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Reviews: 2
Excellent installation instructions, worked for me on the first try! Thank You for the great extension :)
Reviews: 3
I love this plugin. I yust need 20 minutes to istall this plugin! Works fine! Now i get no more spam in my MW, because the user needs to register on my head page, where i have some spam blockers installed for registration! Great!!!!

Reviews: 1
Provides good and simple installation instructions. At first, when I got to the last line I wondered "ok, so that was it but how do I use it?". There are no usage instruction or details of what it does except "This plugin allows you to log into Joomla and also automatically be logged into MediaWiki" and it really is that simple. The plug-in logs you in to MediaWiki, and you do not need to have an account on MediaWiki first. Also when registering at your MediaWiki site, it redirects you to your Joomla registration page.

Reviews: 3
Brilliant extension! As another user has said, it's an essential part of my "holy grail" for building community websites.

PS: Is it compatible with MediaWiki 1.17.x?
Reviews: 12
I usually dont post reviews, but this extension is awesome and works with Community Builder, many thanks!
Reviews: 1
Works flawlessly once you get it working. My only problem was our version of MediaWiki is quite old and I had some trouble getting it to work due to changes the newer versions. If you have MediaWiki versions 1.13.0 and older, in the AuthJoomla2.php, go to around line 55, find the text 'UserLoadFromSession' and replace it with 'AutoAuthenticate' and it should work like a charm.
Reviews: 1
its not working with subdomains.
I read this point late when i finish working all the settings :(
althought that its a nice solution.

Hope soon this issue will be fixed.

Thank you
Reviews: 1
Hi, This is an exellent plugin for joomla 1.5, but if you want to intergrate it with joomla1.6 , just change the function name in mediawiki.php file.
replace onLoginUser function to onUserLogin and OnLogoutUser to OnUserLogout. and it will work better in joomla1.6 as well
Reviews: 1
10 minutes, and it was set up! Have been waiting for that so long.
Reviews: 1
Had some trouble with the configuration at first. It turned out to be the media cookie prefix that was the problem. A look on the dutch instructions lead me on to the right path.

2.3. Cookie prefix: the same as the mediawiki Prefix (the default is the mediawiki database name + prefix (mw_))

Should perhaps be clearified:
2.3. Cookie prefix: MUST be the same as the mediawiki Cookie Prefix. The MediaWiki default is prefix (mw_) + the mediawiki database name (mw_databasename). Though it could be changed in the wikis LocalSettings.php with the string: "$wgCookiePrefix".

When I figured that out it worked as a charm.
Reviews: 8
Does what it has to do which is keep joomla and mediawiki synchonised. I installed it after I tried other options, but this is the only one that works... (as mediawiki bridge)
Reviews: 1
Once it is installed it works perfect. However, it took me some time to find out that the last row in LocaLSettings.php is not correct:

require_once 'extensions/AuthJoomla2/AuthJoomla2.php';

should be only

require_once 'extensions/AuthJoomla2.php';

Despite this, Thanks a lot, since this was exactly what I needed.
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension. Works like a charm.
Reviews: 5
This is a superb Plugin. Giving you exactly what you need if you need a fast an simple way to bridge joomla and mediawiki.

Super Features:
* Small - Just 1 Joomla Plugin, 1 in MW and some editing
* small install time in mediawiki
* Works with Community Builder

The documentation could be a little better.
But thats no major issue.
Reviews: 1
An excellent extension that brings my Joomla site into a whole new realm of functionality. I had a few small teething issues with getting the extension installed but Harold was very helpful and got me up and running quickly. You must have a username 'admin' to make the initial connection.

Nice Job Harold, thanks for your help and a great extension

Reviews: 2
I've been looking for an extension that can bridge joomla with mediawiki. Finally it's here. This extension works really great. All you have to do is pay good attention to the details in the installationguide. It is in english here:

1. Download
2. Follow the steps in the installation guide
3 Enjoy!

I think it was pretty easy to install this extension, and I am by no means any joomla-wiz.

Now, if only someone could make a descent mediawiki template that fits nicely within the default joomla template (milkyway), that would have been nice :) Then the wiki would really be integrated with joomla :)
Reviews: 1
This is another of my personal holy grail extensions that I've been looking for for some time. Works nicely with Joomla 1.5.14 and MediaWiki 1.15.1 .
Reviews: 2
Rarely do I compliment something that works without fault.

I downloaded the required files.

I followed the English Guide at:

Logged to Joomla and since I run my Media Wiki through a Wrapper, clicked on the Menu Item and hey presto, the username that I have not registered with the MediaWiki installation is in bright red at the top.

Seriously Excellent Work.

My biggest problem has been getting things like Joomla 3rd Party FAQ Extensions to work and Other Content out of the Joomla Sections/Categories as I do not wish to fill the Joomla Articles areas up with too much Content as I find it hard to browse and Control.

I had a MediaWiki Installation but have not really used it yet as I really wanted to use it from the Front End of Joomla. As it is in a wrapper I can now.

Reviews: 10
This Harold Prins fellow is a genius, however, mere mortals like me find geniuses a tad hard to follow...

Case in point: this is an awesome plugin but took more than just "snap, snap" to configure... it is NOT as easy as "install and publish".

Read Harold's instructions first to get an idea:

If I had seen this before I started I would not have taken the plunge... it is tricky.

After all my labours, I see a deflating: "Warning: This file is not build for a subdomain. The plugin works, but the auto return after login and logout fails. I work on a modified version". I am not sure what this means, but it would have been nice to see it earlier.

I am a NOOB and wanted to post this before I forget... I will give more feedback after testing thoroughly.

Good work Mr. Dutchman... too bad we are not as smart as you.
Reviews: 16
Works perfectly, very easy to install and instructions are very easy to follow! Thank you very very much!
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