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mod_hoicoi_radio Module

With this module you can add unlimited streaming mp3,mms,asx or any kinds of streaming radio station even can play your own mp3 songs. This module won't reload the full page but only the player so it's fast. It's very easy to install & configure. I used responsive MediaElement.js player with bootstrap cool CSS :). mms:// link also support but will need silverlight plugin installed. Popup playing function is added also.

Supported type: mp3,mms,asx or any kinds of streaming radio station or mp3 file.

If your browser don't support HTML5 then you will need flash player. For playing mms:// link you will need silverlight.

Troubleshooting & General Setup Questions:
1. How I can add station ?
> From Joomla module manager find out “Hoicoi Radio” open it & add station name separating by comma (,). By the same time add station URL in URL textarea corresponding station name separated by comma (,). Change other module parameter.
2. mms:// station not playing in mobile what's the reason ?
> mms:// station need silverlight plugin. Silverlight is available for windows,Mac & linux not for Android. As I wasn't able to play mms station in my Android Device :P
3. How I will add m3u playlist ?
> m3u playlist can't be added directly. Download that file & open by notepad. You can see station list. Just add those link in module from Joomla back-end.
4. Can I add asx format directly ?
> Yes, you can add that format directly. If not working then open that file using notepad & try to add station manually.
5. Player not playing what I will do ?
> Sometime player don't work. You can use one tricks. If your station format is http://XX.XX.XX.XX:PPPP then make sure that the station don't have any mount point. Try to visit the url by your browser. If you see that the station has more then one mount point then put the URL in first bracket “()” . Let's assume one mount point is “/live” then URL for player will be (http://XX.XX.XX.XX:PPPP/live) . If station still not working then try with different browser or player link VLC or windows media player to make sure that the station is really working.
6. How I will play if the station has more then one mount point ?
> See answer 5
7. How I will add my own mp3 songs ?
> Make one folder inside Joomla instillation directory & upload mp3 files there. For example: I have one folder called “mp3” in “images” folder. So you can upload mp3 files from media manager or by FTP. Make sure that mp3 file's name don't have any space like : not amar bangla.mp3 (incorrect) but amar_bangla.mp3 (correct). After upload the link will be:
At present mp3 playlist not support so you need to make separate link for every mp3 file.
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Reviews: 1
The only problem I faced so far is the lack of support for silverlight stations. But thanks to the developer for giving it out for free. And it works on Joomla 1.7 too.
Reviews: 9
It's a nice extension, pretty too. But is could have the option in backend to don't display channels list, if the admin would just have one channel to play. It could display just the player and have the Autoplay option, too. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension & it is free. I am ready to buy it even it is for commercial but it is free & very cool.
Reviews: 1
I like this module & this is really cool one. I just thank the developer for hard work.
Reviews: 1
I just love this extension. I have installed it to my 2 site & works just fine. I was able to add 20 radio channel with this module & all are working just nice. I was surprised to see that this module don't reload the whole page & very fast & clear to respons. Thanks to the developer.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. This will help me to hard work :)