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Bands in JomLand ComponentModule

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Bands in JomLand is a new component that lets you to add concerts information and affiliate program links to your website.

By adding Bands in JomLand component to your site, you get an immediate benefit of displaying live and up to date musical concerts data. It gives your site another tool of a rich and interesting data.

Another benefit of Band in JomLand component is that it integrates your site with afiiliate program, so when visitors are redirected to site, or book tickets for concert directly from your site, you earn a commission.

22/07/2011 J1.7 Released
28/06/2011 J1.6 Released
28/06/2011 J1.5 Version 1.1.2 upgrade:
search module fixed

Version 1.1 upgrade:
* Pagination
* Table view (additional to defualt view)
* Time format control (24h/12h)
* improve Artist and Venue views.
* improve fetching and caching.

Version 1.1.1 upgrade:
API improve

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Reviews: 1
I bought this component, which is sold at a pretty good price, and I ran into some problems installing it. I contacted the developer and within 10 minutes he replied, and guided me through fixing my issue. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Awesome component! Had a few issues, well not even issue, just my understanding and their Tech Support messaged me back in 10 minutes!

Working perfectly! Worth the money!!!
Reviews: 4
I have to say this is one of the best component that i used for joomla.

Easy to install, easy to use, and give you a easy way to earn money with the Bands in town affiliate program.

The fact that the component lets your visitors to search for concerts near them without you doing the job to add concerts, bands, citys, arenas etc is great, and the support is fantastic.

Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
This is a great component by joomland. Out of the box it did exactly what i wanted, with no coding required on my part. I would rate their customer service to be 5 starts, my email were promptly replied to and resolved. I am extremely happy with the purchase and service.
Reviews: 2
This is a wonderful product, I am extremelly happy with the results and the support is excellent. Good work guys! you can check it out in action on my site
Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
This component is great. It does exactly was they say. I needed some help due to my lack of knowledge and contacted support. They answered immidiately and has a brilliant support. Gret work!!!
Reviews: 5
I saw this product listed here on JED, checked the
demo site and saw that all of the items listed were in
Las Vegas. At first I wasn't all that impressed and then
I noticed the Events Search at the top left of the page.
Decided to give it a shot thinking this was some nice
little component that might be useful. Our website is
more of a support facility for our online radio station and
this little function just might be nice to have on our site.

We placed the order and almost instantly received an
email from support. Thinking it was from one of those
auto-responders I didn't pay much attention to the email
for about an hour or so and when I did read it I was really
shocked. It was actually from a "live" person, offering
any assistance we might need. I wanted to find out what
kind of support was being provided so I sent back a couple
of silly questions and before I knew it, received a reply
offering to help in any way they could.

To make a short story long, this component was installed,
configured, and running almost before I finished my first
cup of coffee. and the kicker here is this all happened on
a weekend. This is the first time in my experience on the
Internet where I have found such a powerful component,
doing everything and a little more than advertised, functioning
so perfectly out of the box, and being supported to such an
extreme it's almost scary. I really applaud the producers
of this program and give a standing ovation to their support.
I can't recommend this component highly enough.
Reviews: 1
I am happy with this component, it does just what I have been looking for, and just what the designer has described it to do. I had some small parameter setting incorrect in the beginning. I contacted the support and they responded ASAP, with just what to do to fix my problem. Very helpful people and a good products. I give them 5 stars :)
Reviews: 7
This man was very fast at getting back to me. 5 stars. Walked me through it and got it workin for me. Perfection. Thanks buddy!
Reviews: 1
Beside the fact that this extension is fantastic!

I must say that when i contacted Jomland with a question, i got incredible fast, and solid help - problem got solved in a jiffy, and i will keep an eye on the products made by Jomland in the future - i doubt they have seen the last to me.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
This component does everything it claims and more! We've installed this component on a handful of websites and all of them have worked flawlessly.

The support is the best I've ever experienced when working with a developer, Erez makes sure to go above and beyond to take care of his customers!
Reviews: 2
This extension does what it is intended to do out of the box. To save time and aggravation make sure your server is set up. This component requires php5.2 I had 4.4.9. It was a long search with an easy fix which was add an .htaccess file with 1 line of code AddType x-mapp-php5 .php .php4 inside the joomla folder This changed my php and finally showed the modules, however with no data. It came to my attention from Jomland email support that my server didnt allow file access from outside data. Once again after a long search there was an easy fix which was add a php.ini file inside the joomla folder with this code allow_url_fopen = On and voila everything appeared and was working as told. the Jomland support was patient and relatively timely in finding my problems and stepping me in the right direction to fix them. I've recently got the update and everything uploaded easily without fail. This is a good component and worth it. Best wishes.
Reviews: 3
First I had problems installing the component but support was fast and effective making a new installation file that works.

I think it is a nice component if you want/need to handle a lot of concerts data (artist, venue, city, date) and different ways to look for it with the modeules included. Mainstream and not so mainstream artists are included in the database and in most cases there is a booking link with your affiliate id from

I would suggest to implement facebook like and other social sharing capabilities but anyway it is a good start!