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JFBAlbum ComponentModulePlugin

This Joomla extension displays Facebook Page (also called Fanpage) albums into your joomla website. Use the powerful servers of Facebook to host and administer your photos and use this extension to display them on your site. You can display single album view (menu or module) or 2 level gallery view (only menu)

** new: responsive lightbox and layouts (note: slidergrid layouts are NOT responsive)


1. Page (Also called Fanpage)... where people 'like'

NOT supported:
1. Personal Profile (Where people add you as a friend)
2. Groups


Images are not downloaded in your server (only links are downloaded). Which saves your server's disk space and bandwidth

Image description is shown as caption

Ability to merge multiple album (just put multiple link in parameter) into one
Set width and height of the thumbnails

Set different thumbsize and other styles for each instance

Ability to set Sync Time (Time Interval after which it should Sync with Facebook)

Ability to Shuffle images (Randomize)

2 different lightbox to choose from. One fixed width (full size image) one responsive.

Total number of images can be set

4 layouts for Module view and 2 layouts for Component view

Component views support pagination

Horizontal and Vertical SliderGrid layout for modules with attractive sliding animation (30 animation presets)

Animation time can be adjusted for SliderGrid for faster or slower animation

Autoplay control for slider (in slider related layouts). Autoplay timer can be adjusted

Custom Row and Column input for SliderGrid layout. Make the grid you want

Single Installer for all supported versions. It will detect the joomla version and install necessary Plugin+Module+Component with just one click

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Reviews: 8
It's really a perfect extension, I just had a little problem but it was because of a restriction of the fan page I used. He answers me within few hours and it's working now like a charm.

Unlike the other extension with this feature, it's very simple to make it works, you don't need to create an apps and so on.

My customer will love it.
Thank you for your great work.
Reviews: 28
THE BEST. I am very happy to use JFB Album because this extensions is very nice and easy to configure.

5 stars!
Reviews: 1
Fantastic component that does what it promises and with excellent support.
Reviews: 2
The extension is a pleasure to use. Does exactly what I neded (I'm using it for a local climbing and moutaineering association). Easy to configure, I just had a small issue, resolved by the developer immediately (was just a matter of FB configuration). I'm already an happy customer of Mr. Hossain for JuserTube, also I've been helped by him with this extension. Thanks!
Reviews: 9
Easy to use
+ easy to install
+ Works fine
5 stars !
Reviews: 6
I like it when I can just install something and be suprised of how easy it was to configure and how great it looked on the website.
Reviews: 4
This extension save huge time. It brings the albums from Facebook fan pages in incredible way. very easy to use and configure, package contains component and model. Thanks developer.
Reviews: 2
I came across JFBAlbum when I was trying to solve two separate problems; 1) I needed a photo gallery that can be viewed on smart phones and 2) My clients expressed a desire to not be duplicating their work with social media and website maintenance. JFBAlbum solves both those problems. My clients love it! The beauty for me is that I don't have to spend my time updating photo galleries because my clients are now happy to do it themselves in the familiar facebook gallery. It was fairly easy to install although, I did run into a small snag because I did not completely understand the instructions to configure it properly. The developer was quick to help me out. I have given JFBAlbum full marks for excellent developer/client communication and a product that is truly useful for a good number of my clients.
Reviews: 1
This extension installs and configures quickly and integrates very smoothly with Joomla. I have tried many other Facebook photo integration extensions and none of them even come close to the easy and professionalism given by JFBAlbum.

The developer is very friendly and quickly responds to emails. A great extension from a great developer. – I highly recommend this extension to anybody looking for easy to use, low maintenance FB photo integration.
Reviews: 2
Product is great, nicely integrates with FB.
If you have issues... just drop the designer a mail and you get fantastic support and to the point !!

Reviews: 6
i came across this extension while looking for something else and it was a perfect solution for a client i was working with that had 6GB of images on their server in some other component.

i migrated the site to 2.5 and used JFBAlbum. the site is less than 100MB now. woo hoo!

JFBAlbum is super easy to install, configure and get looking good fast. I'm an intermediate to advanced experience level - yet, i'm confident a beginner can use this extension with ease.

since then, another client has purchased the component and it's working great on their site too (albeit, still in development).


they update this component as fast as they need to when changes at facebook come up. it's incredible. i wish every developer was as on it as afzal. he rocks. i never know there's a problem until my client forwards me the email that they send when there's an update. just awesome.

to those wondering - yes, it's the best $20 bucks spent ever. i am so grateful.

another 5 stars vote. thanks, afzal.
Reviews: 1
I must give praise to the developer as he has created a great product and has continued to fix errors and release updates, the support received has been top notch. The product itself is great and has simplified galleries so much. 100% recommended. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Saves hours of duplicated effort! Use this extension to create and keep current your website's photo album pages by displaying a gallery of the albums you've already uploaded & captioned on your facebook page. This extension creates the thumbnails, sets up the lytebox slideshow AND includes the captions. Syncing any changes made to your facebook albums can be set to a variety of schedules - I have mine set to once/day. The new version, 2.5, adds a feature to specifically exclude individual albums via their id - very flexible. Bonus - support is super fast and fixed my problem right away. Keep up the good work, A.H., your product is wonderful!
Reviews: 2
I love this extention, I searched and tried many gallery options to sync facebook page albums with ease with joomla but nothing was was I needed, specially if your end user has the only web experience of uploading images to their facebook account and nothing else, THIS is the perfect extension for that and is also very easy to setup.

I also like the support the developer has given after the purchase. He has sent updates and fixes notices almost inmediatelly everytime Facebook decides to change something in their code again.
Reviews: 1
This extension is perfect! It connects your facebook pictures to your Joomla website in a very easy way.

I had a small issue, but in no time this issue was solved thanks to te great support!
Reviews: 1
All Joomla Extensions should be this easy to use. Installed JFBAlbum, added a module and updated options, then added the module to an article (loadposition). Worked Great!! Had a question about default settings- emailed Md. Afzal Hossain - got correct answer quickly. Well worth the money!!!
Reviews: 9
This is a great module, does just what it says and the results look very good.

I made a mistake during configuration but I sent the developer an email and he responded right away with the answer. Very good service.
Reviews: 3
This plugin is now one of my favorites. I didn't have a single issue with installation. Setting it up was more simple than i could have imagined. i really can't believe how well this works. This is the best money i've spent on an extension by far. I had one question about the component and the support responded within minutes. components like this with support like this are extremely rare.
Reviews: 1
This is, quite simply, the greatest photo gallery available for Joomla, because it is not a photo gallery for Joomla!

I have spent YEARS trying to find something that works well, looks good, and most importantly is easy for my clients to use. PhocaGallery has been the best option, but it has still had its issues.

This is so awesome because it doesn't do anything except embed your existing Facebook galleries. Why have 2 separate galleries? Why upload photos twice? Facebook already has the best user-managed photo gallery system available, and this allows the user to work with their photos in an environment they're already familiar with, and have them available on their own website automagically!

I'd give it 10 stars if that were and option. Best $20 I've ever spent.
Reviews: 2
Great extention. Had a little problem with the component part of this one. After contacting the extentions owner he helped me out within a few minutes. Thanks and keep up the good work.
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