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JFBAlbum ComponentModulePlugin

This Joomla extension displays Facebook Page (also called Fanpage) albums into your joomla website. Use the powerful servers of Facebook to host and administer your photos and use this extension to display them on your site. You can display single album view (menu or module) or 2 level gallery view (only menu)

** new: responsive lightbox and layouts (note: slidergrid layouts are NOT responsive)


1. Page (Also called Fanpage)... where people 'like'

NOT supported:
1. Personal Profile (Where people add you as a friend)
2. Groups


Images are not downloaded in your server (only links are downloaded). Which saves your server's disk space and bandwidth

Image description is shown as caption

Ability to merge multiple album (just put multiple link in parameter) into one
Set width and height of the thumbnails

Set different thumbsize and other styles for each instance

Ability to set Sync Time (Time Interval after which it should Sync with Facebook)

Ability to Shuffle images (Randomize)

2 different lightbox to choose from. One fixed width (full size image) one responsive.

Total number of images can be set

4 layouts for Module view and 2 layouts for Component view

Component views support pagination

Horizontal and Vertical SliderGrid layout for modules with attractive sliding animation (30 animation presets)

Animation time can be adjusted for SliderGrid for faster or slower animation

Autoplay control for slider (in slider related layouts). Autoplay timer can be adjusted

Custom Row and Column input for SliderGrid layout. Make the grid you want

Single Installer for all supported versions. It will detect the joomla version and install necessary Plugin+Module+Component with just one click

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Reviews: 1
This extension is everything advertised and more, but I had a small issue (to do with my site's setup) and the developer was extremely quick to not only answer, but customize a solution for me. Best money I have spent on an extension and worth EVERY penny!
Reviews: 1
I purchased this when it was just a module and was extremely impressed with the module and the support from the developer (See my post below as Jason La Due). I just received the update with the component feature and installed it on a clients website and I must say, it is AMAZING!!

I have fought with several different photo galleries over the years and although I was able to use several of them, it was always difficult explaining to my clients about upload size limits, photo resizing, and the details of how to get complicated galleries to work. Facebook has a powerful and easy to use photo system and this Component and Module make it so easy to utilize and display your Facebook albums it is crazy!

Thanks for such an amazing extension!!!
Reviews: 19
I installed this extension so a client could maintain the photo gallery on the website via their Facebook albums, it works like a charm.

I also used the NoNumber Modules Anywhere extension to insert an album into an article. I was having a problem configuring the JCE Editor to use the Insert Module button to insert a module (containing a facebook album) in articles. It was not a JFBAlbum issue but a JCE Editor problem however the developer was very gracious and helped me configure JCE Editor to properly use the Insert Module button. Excellent technical support even when the issue was not with the extension. Well worth the money spent.

I am so glad I do not have to explain to clients about image resizing & optimizing for photo albums on the website. They already know how to upload albums to facebook!
Reviews: 1
This extension is just what is ment to be.
It's simple and the support just great.
This is the first extension that deserve my First JED review, and i allready tried hundreds of them.
So, if you need the features that it was developed to do, don't waist more time and aquire it.
Just great!
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension. Simple yet a lot of functionality. And what's even better : the support is excellent. It seems to me that these people never sleep. Configuration is easy and the results look great!
Reviews: 1
I used this extension on a photography website, the owner is very active on Facebook and loved the idea of being able to add photos on Facebook and have them appear on her website.

It is very easy to install and to setup, the website is very detailed in its installation and use as well.

After a recent FB change the website broke, I emailed the developer and he had a fix for us very quickly. Excellent support!
Reviews: 5
My Clients love this module and I love it because it is so easy to implement. It worked great right from the start.

No installation or implementation issues for most of the sites I am using it with except for my own business site and my issue is just because I am using SSL on my site but Facebook passes the thumbnail links via http, not https. I emailed the developer and received a response very quickly with an attempt to work around the problem but in the end, it is simply the limitations of working with Facebook itself, not a problem with the Module. The developer was very helpful and even though the problem was because of Facebook, he tried to help find a solution.

All in all, I highly recommend this module to everyone. My plan is to actually use this module to implement photo galleries on some of my clients websites. Most photo galleries have issues with photo sizes when you are on a shared hosting server so I can have my clients simply use Facebook's powerful servers and photo processing system to upload to and store images and implement the module to display them on the websites very nicely.
Reviews: 1
This extension is excellent, the integration and display is very good.

Some front-end additions might be ideal but the tool does what it promise and it does it very well.

I'm actually thinking on try the other JUserTube extension as well..

Thanks for develop this tool...
Reviews: 2
The extension is very easy to configure and looks really good on the page. Excellent value for money. Saves bandwidth with your hosting company and means clients can control their own photo gallery without needing to access the Joomla admin panel. Thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 1
2 weeks ago I bought it - installed smoothly on J 1.7 however it was not showing scroll bars at all and also miss-matched of image-description. Afzal was very quick to identify and fix every little problem in my site to run the jfba smoothly.
Great support and great app. Thanks
Reviews: 2
I downloaded and installed this module and had a view problems with integration with other extensions. Contacted the Developer and Excellent support! Everytime he came back to me within minutes. This is a small module, but will grow. Well done and exactly what I was looking for. Much easier to implement than other similar products and worth the money spend. Well done again.
Reviews: 1
Simple and easy to use extensions. Definitely worth a few euros. With Module-Anywhere you can easily integrate your facebook galleries anywhere on your page.
Reviews: 3
I like both the concept and implementation of this module. Now I can have all my Facebook album in my site without having to upload them again. Excellent Idea!
Reviews: 2
Very nice little facebook image module! Works great and support is fantastic. We love it!
Reviews: 1
I had an initial problem with using this, but the developer was very quick to response via email and got me working fast.
Reviews: 1
This is a great plugin to include facebook images to present fabulous slideshows. easy to include and configurate, upcoming questions will be quickly solved by the support.

many thanks, great job!
Reviews: 6
Great module, was looking specifically for something like this that would allow updates to albums on Facebook which would update the website. Perfect. Versatile and wow, what a value!
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